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Bertie Ahern on Giftgrub – Piece of Me

Friday, April 4th, 2008

Shame it got cut off.

Take Enda With You

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

Dear Bertie, we’ll miss you and all that but I think you could do us one final favour, if you could.

Take Enda With You.

You’re a ledge Bertie, a ledge.

Join the Facebook Group

Via Niall:
Mirror Babies and Enda

Fluffy Links – April 3rd 2008

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

All the recent RickRolling has gotten Curly K nostalgic. Well it could be called pissed off with me but we’ll collectively delude ourselves and call it nostalgic.

13 year old kid wearing a bullet-proof vest caught joyriding in Limerick. If he can drive and dodge bullets then he can join the army. Draft him.

Elly is celebrating her birthday and having a send-off party for Bertie. Do go along.

So they want to honour George Bush by naming a public facility after him. A sewerage treatment plant?

I think you might be the last person in Ireland if you haven’t seen this job advert.

Amazon launches SMS buying. Why has this not happened in Ireland (apart from We’re a nation of texters.

Sky falling sky falling. Piracy is going to make authors stop writing. What if they write maritime fiction? Yarrr.

The new sterling coins are genius. Sheer genius.

Principles of innovation from a Googler. Great points.

Via the Helevetica Blog a vid on the Gotham typeface:

Bertie Ahern resignation videos

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Yes, already.

Irish Nokia Music store opens but only for the Microsoft chosen few

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Firefox barred. MacOS barred.

Still, you can win vouchers ranging from 1 euro to 10 euros as well as an N95. Go here.

Nokia Music Store

Two Tribes: Jazz Biscuit Versus The Chancer

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Pop quiz hotshots, is it Jazz Biscuit or is it The Chancer? Forget Daddy or Chips, this is more important. Channel Highlander and all of that. Queuka bar lat.

Chancer V Soggy biscuit
The Chancer rose from the asses, er ashes of Blogorrah and started to reclaim the tiara of best pop/goss/stop on the web and they’re not dead yet but new kid on the block JazzBiscuit (known as soggy to some) has hit the ground punning and is finding all sorts of wonderful stuff. But you gotta decide now because Star Trek science says only one can exist in this reality. Choose!

Play this vid before you decide.

Note to Del and JB: none of this diplomatic shit of respecting each other and all of that. Broken bottles of buckfast and throats a.

Bertie Ahern is resigning – Tuesday 6th of May he’s gone!

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

And he’s going…

More soon.

Watch Live.

And now them’s fighting words. Live TV stream down. Listening to Radio1 instead. “One truth: Never personal interests ahead of public good”
Never received a corrupt payment. Some aspects of my finances are unusual.
I know in my heart of hearts I did nothing wrong.
Best interest of party and country to set out time of leaving.
I’ve decided on my own volition to up date of departure.
Tuesday May 6th he’s gone.

The Indo headline today kind was WRONG:
Indo headline

Another update:
Check out the puss on Sandal John: (Hat tip Colm)
Sandal John oooh

Fluffy Links – Wednesday April 2nd 2008

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Google “Munster Manager”, g’wan.

This was a good April 1st prank from Kieran.

While it’s a bloody shame this one is. I’d love a crowd who I can post docs to and they’ll scan em in and put them online.

For fuck’s sake this too is not a joke. Now glamour models are needed if you have cancer “up there”? Una covers it too.

Clever. I thought this was an April Fools. It’s not! Yes, do walk around your own constituency in a stabproof jacket. Sends a great message. Fecking eejit.

Brown Energy for the win.

Google says is a bit fishy.

Liquid Kiss. Cute.

Handy. Diary shower curtain.

I want a Pixel Couch.

VIA BB Sweet Home Alabama – Leningrad Cowboys and Red Army Choir


Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

It almost feels like a loveletter.

April Foolsfy links

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

Women? Who’d have em eh? I mean, er, Alexia makes some excellent points about mandatory gender numbers and women in tech. engineering etc.

The geeky/techy/nerd readership to this blog is big enough. Got some spare RAM? (that’s computer memory Mum) Then donate it.

Via Soggy Biscuit. K.C.s in Cork has a webcam.

Conor’s piece makes me want to be a scammer. Boo.

Adrian goes all Blogorrah on us.

UK newspapers driving traffic more effectively than Google.

Via Will Mcinnes, via Helenium

Web users are going to bands’ Wikipedia entries more often than their MySpace pages, or dedicated site, by a 2-to-1 ratio.

Really nice desktop backgrounds.

People give their Best Stories ever.

“Artivist’ Will St Leger placed £50,000 worth of fake ‘Bertie’ cash in the baskets of Molly Malone’s statue on the 31st March.” Ort. Yaw.