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Off to see Bruce

Sunday, May 25th, 2008

Back Monday evening.

Internet Marketing – Campaign Measurement with YouTube and Feedburner

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

This is the another in a series of posts about measurement. I’ve written previously about how to monitor what people are saying about you online and the tools mentioned are great ways of seeing what blogs, websites, people on Twitter and people on YouTube are saying about you. stewart Curry has also written a great post on it. These same tools are the same ones you can use to monitor and gauge the effectiveness of an Internet Marketing Campaign that you might be running.

But there are a few more ways of course. Take the previous post and the Facebook measurement post and the below into account when you are running a campaign.

Measuring your Internet Marketing campaign on YouTube

YouTube now has “Insights” for your videos. They supply some fantastic stats now that shows you how many viewed the video, where they came from, how they came to find it, their gender and age groups etc. With all these details you can give se exactly how effective you were and even amend live campaigns due to the data.

Here are some stats on my David Lynch on an iPhone video, 20k views and YouTube breaks it down for me which is great:

The four tabs for stats:
YouTube Stats

Stats the public can also see:
YouTube Stats

Graph goodness:
YouTube Stats

There’s a lot more stats too so log in and have a look. The Google Blog gives more details about YouTube Insights. This is a good Washington Post article on how marketing companies use it too.

Measuring your Internet Marketing campaign blog with Feedburner

Feedburner, also owned by Google helps you monitor your blog feed subscriptions. You can see how many people are subbed to your blog, where they come from, what blog posts they found most interesting, what feed reader they used and who is subbed to the blog via email. You can export data to Excel and you should be able to track growth rate and other stats over time with this.

Feedburner Stats

Feedburner Stats

Feedburner Stats

Fluffy Links – Friday May 23rd 2008

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

I’m actually not here. I’m in Dublin after seeing this guy play last night. Around for a while if you wanna say hello. There’s another Internet Marketing post going live around midday today if you want to call back 🙂

Getting around the block – Beating procrastination / writers block

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

A short discussion on Twitter got me to write this article about writers block and procrastination. I’ve found that the same techniques can be applied to both really and these are my opinions on things that work for me, they might not work for you.

Motivational Poster
Photo owned by Simon Davison (cc)

The biggest obstacle is that big obstacle.

Procrastination causes procrastination because of the sheer size of the object that needs tackling. Everything can be broken down into smaller parts though. The key for me is to get some momentum going again by doing something quick and small and getting an almost instant reward. Buoyed by that, start tackling other bits until the bits get bigger and that large object of tasks starts getting smaller. Eventually you’ll have enough momentum going to take on the core piece which is still weighty but you can take it on by then.

Writing is like this too. Forget the big long essay or thought-piece. Pick a subject and give a quick summary of it. Do the same for a few more subjects. Short snappy comments. After a while you’ll not be happy with the shortness of those and off you’ll go on a riff and a riff from that riff. Many of the longer blog posts I’ve written started off as a single sentence comment from a Fluffy Link but I found I couldn’t stop after that first sentence. Funnily once you get that long piece done you have enough positive energy and momentum going that you want to write more and more.

135 of 365
Photo owned by GIRLintheCAFE (cc)

Do not plan your attack too much.

Planning is a trap there in itself. You’ll put all your thoughts and energies into planning how to tackle the obstacle insteading of shaving pieces off it and then you run out of time. Study is the classic one. How many people who put off their study started off by cleaning their room? After the room is cleaned then comes sorting all the notes into nice sections. It’ll make the study easier certainly when you eventually get around to it but that pile of notes will sort itself eventually if you dive in to tackling one subject head on straight away.

Well that works for me. I don’t have a step three or four or five. What works for you?

New Fine Gael website on Europe/Lisbon

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

From that FG email mentioned already today is also news of their pro-Lisbon website – Heart of Europe.

From said email:

Enda will launch a new campaign website on Friday morning – – and in conjunction with this, we will have banner ads on most of the breaking news websites. Our Dublin Campaign will be formally launched on Friday also.

All those breaking news sites also do Google ads. The No people can just run their ads next to yours.

There’s nothing on the site just yet, though Google does throw up some pages behind the splash screen. G’wan, have a nose. It’s not hacking…

Green Ink had his way with their logo:
Fine Gael Heart of Europe

Beating the Heart of Europe.

This is the original: Fine Gael Heart of Europe

But lads, exists. People are going to Google Heart of Europe and that will come up. Or type it in forgetting the hyphens.

Fluffy Links – Thursday May 22nd 2008

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

Firstly, happy birthday to Pat Phelan, a friend, an inspiration and a mentor (without evening knowing it).

From Debz: Frugal Ireland.

With the Celtic Tiger crumbling around us, it is time to tighten our belts.

This site aims to bring tips, advice and tricks on how to do just that. From ways to save on petrol to the latest supermarket deals, we aim to bring you the latest news.

One post is on a dining card for good enough restaurants where you’ll get 2 for 1 deals.

Excellent WordPress SEO tips from Frank.

New blog. Fictional Sheep.

Samuel Bowman’s Tumble blog. With added penguins!

Put your lifestream on your website or blog.

Mmm, sexy skin for my iPhone.

iPhone owners pay attention.

Good call UK, one life spared.

Kid Rock – American Badass, so bad it’s … stupid.

Last min Springsteen tix on right now

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

Off you go if you want some.

Another reason to have a pint with Brian Cowen

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

He says “fuckers” with conviction. I can just see Enda’s microphone being left on and him calling Fianna Fáil “those scallywags”.

Mp3 link hijacked from the Irish Times, it’s the last 5 seconds:

Photo owned by Editor B (cc)

Fair Play to Enda Kenny and fair play to the Greens

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

Enda Kenny called out the Church the other day for the insidious funding for a No vote on the Lisbon Treaty. Many right-wing Church funded groups are campaigning for a No vote because it will give European Courts more power to decide on local issues like abortion, equality, children’s rights and gay marriage. They don’t like that as they would prefer the much more conservative Irish Court system to use our dictated by the Catholic Church constitution to knock back anything which the Church is against. Bertie would never make such a call since he was in the pocket of the Church.

Also fair play to the Green Party who yesterday broke ranks to ask for less road funding and more funding for public transport initiatives outside of Dublin. They launched their sudbmission on a bus going around Dublin. My favourite Green Ciarán Cuffe (there wasn’t sarcasm there, he’s cool) was all over the radio talking about their submission to the Sustainable Transport Plan and really it made me harp back to the intelligence and logic the Greens had in bucketloads before the election. The old Green Party were out yesterday. It’d be nice to see plans like this turn into reality though.

A hippy bus, but not the Green Party hippy bus.
Photo owned by BusGreg (cc)

If the news is that important, it will find me

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

Welcome to the Bebo generation. If you’re in the news business and the blog post title doesn’t scare you half to death then you’re either fucked or you already knew this and are ready for it. If you are in the news business and you think that statement is moronic then you’re beyond fucked. You’re already dead. The line “If the news is that important, it will find me” comes from a New York times article that created a buzz very recently.

According to interviews and recent surveys, younger voters tend to be not just consumers of news and current events but conduits as well — sending out e-mailed links and videos to friends and their social networks. And in turn, they rely on friends and online connections for news to come to them.

Ms. Buckingham recalled conducting a focus group where one of her subjects, a college student, said, “If the news is that important, it will find me.

I’ve seen a few newspaper people talk over the past few years and listened to some of their private views and they seem to think that people are going to come to them because everyone knows that they’re the people that cover news well. People no longer care who the paper of record is, they’ll listen to a friend or read an email from them about news. They’re the papers of records. As we connect more and more to our friends, they’ll have more and more of that power. Fergal’s blog post about the guffawing of journalists because the Lisbon Refendum Commission decided to advertise on social networks says an awful lot about the disconnect Irish media has with the younger generations:

Feargal Keane reported on RTE Radio 1’s Drivetime that the Lisbon Refendum Commission were spending large amounts of money on advertising on Facebook and Bebo. Keane described the journalistic reaction to this at the press conference as one of guffawing and barely controlled mirth

Photo owned by Sputnik world (cc)

News orgs and everyone else that wants attention will have to be where the crowd is and unfortunately for them it’s not in a newsagents and street corner or on the TV or radio or even on a newspaper’s website. The crowd are always going to be moving now and media orgs and businesses are going to have to be there too.

Here the Indo get it ever so slightly allowing you to use social bookmarks to bookmark stories with Digg, Delicious, Reedit, Google Notebook and Stumble Upon. This is great because people will read what people they’re connected to are reading and these services offer that. (You can subscribe to what people bookmark) Still the numbers that use the above social bookmarking services are tiny compared to the Bebo and Facebook population in Ireland alone. Where’s the integration with those sites? Big fail there from the Indo.

I don’t see integration with Facebook and Bebo either in the upcoming website remake of the Irish Times either. It’ll be social bookmarks and the paywall will come down so it’ll give them an SEO boost, which is great in one way and crap in another as it’s about four years too late for the basics of what the web is doing today. Yes, in case you didn’t know the paywall is coming down.

I think both the Indo and the Irish Times now need to start talking APIs like Reuters are doing and let other people redistribute their content to not just 1000s of people but 1000s of spaces where 1000s people are now congregating. If they were thinking about what to do with the present congregations they’d be doing deals to get into Facebook and Bebo, if they were future gazing they’d be considering at least APIs.

The Paper Boy
Photo owned by from a second story. (cc)

Still they also need to consider Web 1.0 basics too. How many people subscribe by email and get news alerts by email from the Indo or the Times? Getting your presence into the mailbox of someone have having them read you is both powerful and valuable. Where’s the ability on any of the newspaper sites to subscribe by author? Where’s the ability to subscribe by keyword? There’s another step here to be taken though. These news organisations need to become the premier dealer for all news, not just their own. They should be including news from other publications and blogs as well. The Indo again are kind of getting it with keyword underlining in articles that brings you to articles with the same keywords but they need to improve on this. Then of course there’s crowd sourcing of news with the Business Week blog where they ask the public to send in story ideas.

But with the ground staff guffawing at where the people hang around these days and probably the decision makers too, maybe the last man standing will be the group that gets what the future is about and feed their breed of news to that future.