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Fluffy Links – Friday September 28th 2007

Friday, September 28th, 2007

And we’re back. Thanks for missing us.

The Centre for Criminal Justice and Human Rights, UCC now have a blog.

Jim celebrated his 6 months blogging this week. I must say the Irish Times staff that have started blogging have certainly made an impact on the blogging scene in Ireland and I’ve learned a lot from Jim and Shane and Conor and it is wonderful to see some personality on blogs from the mainstream press. More blogs from the Irish Times staff please! And of course Harry McGee from the Examiner is a fantastic read too.

Barry follows up on my ad post and points out an Irish blog that has ads. Porno ads.

HP have a photography competition for school kids in Ireland. Get your kids and siblings or yourself to submit photos!

Net Neutrality simply explained in a diagram.

Via BoingBoing is the new book from Oliver Sacks (Remember the movie Awakenings? He wrote the book.) The Amazon book page has videos of him talking about music and the mind. Great short videos. Fascinating stuff. Wiki entry on Sacks.

M.I.A. performing Paper Planes on letterman.

Catchy and clever song from a kid: My whole family thinks I’m gay

Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip: ‘The Beat That My Heart Skipped’

Fluffy Links – Tuesday September 25th 2007

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

Today I’m going to ask McGyver to sign my Swiss Army Knife and then ask him who’d win in a build-off with the A-Team.

National Consumer Agency = fucking joke.

This Speed Nanny thing is catching. Anymore photoshoppers?

The perfect place for my secret lair.

Overheard in Cork. I pictured the Swearing Lady in this.

Why did so many people not go to BarCamp when they said they were? Can we blame Eddie O’Sullivan for that too?

We’ve got the Jesus Phone and now a Cross MP3 player.

Twitter T-Shirt.

Enough is enough:

De new face of Irish Rugby for the Rugby World Cup

Monday, September 24th, 2007

How many Irish men does it take to get a paddy out of a french loo? No, not a joke:

He overcame the massive obstacles the french put in his way, he got around their watertight defenses, he communicated with the rest of his team and he executed it all with perfection. Put him on against the Argies. The new face of Irish Rugby, take a chance on him Eddie.

Face of Irish Rugby

Who’s your nanny? In memory of Blogorrah – Lovelygirl pics courtesy of Speed Nanny

Monday, September 24th, 2007

I got sent these today as part of a PR promo for a device called the speed nanny. Nothing like promoting child safety like having the name of the product displayed on a low cut top of a model while she straddles a fast car. Stick in a few kids wondering what the feck is going on and you have perfection.

Speed Nanny 1


Satellite positioning combined with intelligent software gives drivers critical safety information when they need it most; when approaching accident risk locations such as dangerous junctions, bends, schools and pedestrian risk zones as identified by the Irish Road Safety Authority.

But if I read this right, it’s a handy device for warning you where coppers normally operate speed traps:

Speed Nanny monitors your speed and location as you drive and provides an alert approaching dangerous bends or junctions, school or pedestrian zones or a Garda identified accident risk zone. Accident Risk Zones are the stretches of road where Gardai are particularly concerned that people do not speed. The objective of Speed Nanny is to assist drivers in reducing their risk of accident and of inadvertently getting penalty points on their licence.

Speed Nanny 2

Speed Nanny retails at €199 is available by calling 1850 930 304 or from The girl on your hood is extra. Oh that last sentence could be misinterpreted. I should change that.

Update: Via Nat the ledge:
Nat is a ledge, no fucking seriously, he is

Update: More from Green Ink:
Speed Nanny 3

And from Gamma Goblin:
Speed Nanny

Fluffy Links – Monday 24th of September 2007

Monday, September 24th, 2007

Loving this idea from Primal Sneeze. A shopping unlist for Aldi and Lidl. What not to buy there as well as what to buy there.

Jocks. Never again. I got a four pack for €3 and can’t wear them. A bit like the village of Sallins in my parents’ day – no ballroom

So Rob is writing facebook apps in Lisp. Nerd!

In case of inflight emergency, reboot the plane.

Like this blog related t-shirt. I blog therefore … I am of questionable employment status. Personally ironic for me.

Why on earth would Microsoft allow people to roll back to XP? This would make me think the company is of the belief that the bugs in Vista will not be able to be remedied quickly. Scar

A facebook app so you can search Google from inside Facebook. I said they’ll eventually turn on outside search in their own search box. I still think they will and it’ll cause murder with Google. 🙂

I like this. These guys print t-shirts for SMS Campaigns. They own a shortcode and you buy a word on the shortcode.

Every recent Internet humour mutation in one video.

Scott Adams really seems to have wound people up this time with his post which includes a swipe at Israel.

Al Pacino – Inch by inch, from Any Given Sunday:

Hugh Macleod on Social Objects:

Fluffy Links – May 8th 2007

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007 review. A site that encourages anonymous comments about your company from your employees. Then charges you to address this bunch of anonymous people. They’re selling this as some kind of HR tool. Uhm, right. I don’t think this could survive more than a day in Ireland. RateMySolicitor anyone?

Greed is good and Gecko is back!


Via Of Laws and Men, it seems the PDs want to watch the watchers or at least make regulators more accountable.

This is Sparta. Cleanup on aisle 5.

6 Drummers. First time seeing this but it has done the rounds. This is like Stomp but inside an apartment:

Via Metafilter, it seems authors are now making video ads for their new books.

I wonder will Twenty Major do one for his book? With millions looking at YouTube every day it makes great sense to do something like that. Course you still need to make it interesting enough for it to become viral and get you millions of views.