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Fluffy Links – Monday October 29th 2007

Monday, October 29th, 2007

Piaras gives a summary of what’s on during Science week as does Conor from a Cork perspective.

Alexia talks about how easy it is to influence our buying decisions in the new hyper-connected social world.

Pat points out a dual sim touchscreen phone is on the way and costs less than 100 euros. Nice.

No to Google’s streetview mapping vans.

Sigur Ros’ new movie Heima is showing in the IFI, I so want to go.

The new way to spot gay men.

Via Ewan McIntosh – A school that does regular videocasts.

So this youngfella makes his own Apple iTouch ad. Apple or someone close to it see it and love it. So they’re using it now as an official ad. Here it is (quality seems to be iffy):

Fluffy Links – Friday October 27th 2007

Friday, October 26th, 2007

Donal now lives here.

You remember that short film from Ireland called “Underworld”? Download it now for free or watch it online for free.

Where do you hide yours?

Google block ads on websites that report on Google.

Oh no, oh my.

This is how you get all your data out of Facebook without being someone who plays with APIs. What you need now is something to extract all the data and then write over the old data and THEN delete your account. People give out Facebook but at least you can get data out, I still think it should be a section under the Data Protection laws for all providers to have to provide that.

Get a Dell laptop for 300 quid ex vat.

Ahh Uncov. Ahhh bitterness.

Labour Youth are having a conference this weekend. They’ll probably once again celebrate Che Guevara but ignore his murder campaigns, while taking swipes at Sinn Féin being terrorists and they’ll probably also wear their ban Coca Cola t-shirts as they are wearing here. Free Lenin caps or Lennon caps too (bless them, so many icons to crotchrub against) at the door and I hear there’ll be lots of special helpers on the day to train people on how to grow scruffy beards, how to give oneself a double-barreled name or use the Irish version of it. I’m not a member but I do enjoy the Che Guevara was a murderer and your t-shirt is not cool facebook group. 14k members so far.


Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

Around Dublin til Wedn evening. If you want to meetup, give me a call or text. Number is on my facebook.

Fluffy Links – Tuesday October 23rd 2007

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

As is the trend, another great blogger has left the O’Sphere. Slán Grandad. Enjoy the blog retirement.

And as one goes, another returns. Via Mick. Aine is back. Aine Chambers mofos. With her own Halloween themed new website and welcome video. The old site has a fun pic too.

And again, via Mick, fun graffiti.

Seán reaches 200.

Mashup Camp is in Dublin on November 10th now. Have a look at the impressive lineup. Get yourself to it.

Seedcamp tips.

New blogs on the block from yesterday.

Two sims, one phone. Handy.

Of course there were going to be t-shirts.

Renegade Master with Final Fantasy clips:

Renegade Master with Fast and Furious clips:

Fluffy Links – Monday October 22nd 2007

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

Fluffy links are back and here are a few more than usual to keep y’all happy.

He’s back and he’s been bloody prolific since the start of October.

Nadine O’Regan’s blog.

Another view on Rigging the Irish Election.

Deborah has updated the list of Irish Food Bloggers again. And yes, there will be a category for them at the Blog Awards.

Antoin will now be your driver. He’s launched a bus service for Swords.

Reasons to Boycott People in Need.

Rabbit the Programmer.

Via Laura Papworth an Acer laptop in a sea of Macs.

Via Rob of no blog fame. Lincoln shot first.

Visualising European Politics.

Via Ben Hammersley, this new course on using the Internet:

The Wire – Final season

Best dialog in a cop show ever:

The guilt of not being fluffy

Friday, October 19th, 2007

Blogging volume has been down this week due to many deadlines and my trip to London. I’ll get back to doing fluffy links next week. Here’s a review of the Facebook debate. Last post in the Rigging the Election series goes out today at 1413. I’ve gotten some VERY interesting private commentary about it. 🙂 Talk soon!

Fluffy Links – Wednesday October 17th 2007

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Via Nialler, MIA remixed into Battles. Brilliant.

So obviously Microsoft has something with “Hyper” in the name, either a programme or a product.

Via Tom Murphy, some backlash for one PR person.

A startup weekend in Dublin, I wonder will it flounder as much as the dumbass Mashup camp. Free clue people, engage the bloody locals when planning these events.

Check out Cork band Hooray for Humans.

That auld fella on YouTube is now going to be talking at the World Economic Forum. User generated content and people power, nah. A new way of gaming the public is all, the marketers will soon catch up and spam the new genuine web.

If you not done so, check out Play Rewind.

Another Sony Bravia ad, this time with the Pyramids:

The Top Ten Reasons why Rick O’Shea should come back to Facebook early

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

He’s taking a week off. Why am I reminded of “The Contest“?

So, why not give reasons, silly and otherwise for why he should come back early to Facebook. The sillier the better. Rick will read them out on Friday on his show. Or maybe he won’t. What do you think Rick? Oh and Rick, don’t read the comments please as it’ll be a nice surprise.

Any comments like “It’s shit, he shouldn’t go back” while true, are redundant for this argument. Meanwhile if you are on Facebook. Please read this note.

Rick, this is for you:

Update: Facebook Status from Suzy. Rick on Facebook

Fluffy Links – Tuesday October 16th 2007

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

Rick has banned himself from Facebook for a week and so is full of creative ideas, like a cinema blog. Meanwhile can everyone txt and email in to his show pointing out really cool stuff (make it up) that just has to be seen on Facebook this week. Can’t make it too easy can we?

The Irish School of Motoring has a blog. Stick me on the blog roll! What a great domain –, wonder do they have any unusual subdomains. 🙂

Gay Priest gets found out because of his Interior Decorating. Of course.

After many a long year, the Golden Spiders have released their criteria.

Fantastic post from Joe on Getting an R&D Equity grant from Enterprise Ireland. Brilliant comments after the post too. Loving Joe’s transparency about his business.

UCC are doing some good Chinese movies on Wednesdays.

Via Shel. Nice map of top level domain extensions relative to population.

Shitty vid with annoying fanboy at start and end but still, wow. Bruce Springsteen & Arcade Fire live: “Keep the Car Running”

Via You Ain’t No Picasso: Seabear – Teenage Kicks:

Seabear – Hands Remember:

Fluffy Links – Monday October 15th 2007

Monday, October 15th, 2007

Muahaha. If you don’t get it, you’re going to heaven.

Get the feeling I dislike Student Unions?

Via Metafilter, Ninja Nuns, well no. Karate Nuns actually. Brilliant.

Saw this via Bernie. 24 great films that are hard to watch again. I own and have seen too many of these.

How to dress like a Tenebaum.

Didn’t take long. Fanmade versions of the Cadbury Gorrila ad.

If you want a fluffy link, let me know. Happy to link.

Via John Maguire‘s Facebook: MOTOROLA (RED) – Unaired ad by Jonathan Glazer

Beirut live in France – In the Mausoleum. This just rocks, not a huge fan of the new album but this live version in an apartment makes me want to stand up and sing with them: