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Fluffy Links – Tuesday October 21st 2008

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

The new and young kids on the blogging block have new domains.
Tommy, Alan and Enda are now all domained up.

Conor is nice about it, I won’t be. No fucking sales pitches at Barcamp. Whore your shit somewhere else. We want people to contribute to overall learning. Buy a paying slot at a conference if that doesn’t suit.

Rummble at FOWA. Our very own Ina is part of the Rummble crew now. So you know, ALL of them can play for Ireland now. Love the giant letters.

New Irish blog (new to me) Peas be with you.

Stu has Arnold. Remixed. Just er, listen.

Who was that white guy on the podium when the Olympians made their Black Panther salute?

Free Linux training notes.

I want a Memory Cloud for the next Web Awards. Deffo.

For all your movie streaming needs – Pirate City.

So Firewire is dead yeah?

Loving these wine bottles. Great design. And these are even better in my view.

Bjork -All IS Full Of Love (Live in Riverside Church NY)

Fluffy Links – Monday October 20th 2008

Monday, October 20th, 2008

I can blog it now. Congrats Sarah, she’s now writing for the Irish Times. Send Johnny Waters our love!

Nialler made IGIF. G’wan!

Check out the graph by Rob on o2 iPhone data costs.

Finetuna is getting some fine mentions these days. Well done Alan and crew.

No landing gear? Yes problem. Mattresses might not work well.

Horse feathers are playing this side of the Atlantic. Shame they’re not coming to Ireland. Well worth a listen to.

Congrats to Simon Collister on his new job.

Robert Francis Wine doing videos now. Yay.

Someone years back put Steve Jobs in his place.

The CAO is a private business? Is this not anti-competitive? Never seen a tender to run the CAO.

What a fab piece of art.

Sam Sethi has a blog type thingymajig going now. Eh oh Sam!

If you’ve read the Frank Miller Batman graphic novels you’ll appreciate it more. Text from Miller’s Batman put on to the camp 60s show screenshots.

How to fix the Firefox 2 second video issue. (It’s actually a flash issue) Doesn’t work for me.

Go NY Times. API to campaign finance data. I wish an Irish news org would do something like this.

Bjork – Human Behaviour (live)

Fluffy Links – Thursday October 16th 2008

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Have a look at Look Around Ireland, a website that has a hell of a lot of 260 degrees views of various places in Ireland. The Newgrange one is nice.

PollDaddy was sold to the makers of WordPress. Another win for Ireland. Why not big up the lads over on TechCrunch too?

Debz’s daughter got hold of her makeup. Why so serious?

Get the Lotto results on Twitter now.

The Nora Dunne Gallery
website is now up and running.

Have a gawk at, a social networking site for Irish dancing and music enthusiasts.

Obama campaigns inside XBox360 games.

Then 7-eleven has a clever campaign tie-in with cups. Choose your Obama or McCain cup.

A guide to Google Analytics from a Googler. Nice overview of what Google Analytics can do for you.

Details about the new ad system from mySpace. Google still controls contextual ads on the site but anyone can run ads that target people by their interests, age etc. A bit like Facebook’s older ad system.

Start embedded YouTube vids at any time.

Irish Web Awards intro thanks to John Williams:

Fluffy Links – Wednesday October 15th 2008

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Want copies/replacements of your Web Award Trophies?

The Official Web Awards photos.

Suzy has a list of more of the cuts, more like stabbings.

XKCD’s idea of YouTube reading your comments back to you becomes a reality.

The Irish Times now has a Business Blog. And a Twitter account.

Nuntastic. Fantastic photo by Red Mum.

Piaras has a list of the Science Week lectures. Patrick C is giving one.

In defense of piracy. A great Lessig essay.

Irish Bloke’s blog.

Stephen Fowler’s recruitment blog.

Jimbo C said to check this out. So do.

Una Rocks was Una Right. This is a brilliant TV review from Patrick Freyne.

Want to write for traffic to your blog? TechCrunch shows how.

The Beeb start turning some of their newsroom over to the public. Jeff Jarvis will love this.

Want to watch Hulu TV but not stateside? This will work.

The Flaming Lips have a movie coming out.

Martin from Interactive Return interviewed me for their Online Marketing video show. They were aiming for 5 minutes, never going to happen with a Mulley being asked questions…

Fluffy Links – Tuesday October 14th 2008

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

They’ve not gone away you know. The fluffy links that is.

Web Awards summary of summaries.

Post the Roast is up too.

Like David, this is my fav Web Awards picture.

David Behan has a good post about the Internet being good for recession times.

And it seems now *is* a good time to be building and working on the web.

So, what is effective blogging? If you’re a hired hand or blogging for business, can you have unrestrained passion which sets your blog apart?

Mick’s Garage have a blog, well done lads.

Alex also has a blog too!

Graphs lie.

Gary Vaynerchuk on ROI and online spend
and marketing in today’s world. Guy is a ledgebag.

Google give tips on how to generate more inbound links.

Via Enda: Antony and the Johnsons – Another World

Web Awards Intro:

Fluffy Links – Wednesday October 8th 2008

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

Now you can print off your own A3 Web Awards and 300 mashup poster.

Marc McCabe has a blog. Yeah, loads of quips can be made.

Check out Victoria’s site.

Via Mick Marriot Fail

Hollywood is coming after creches!

Another new blog, to me.

Jeff Jarvis says it right. It wasn’t Citizen Journalism that made Apple stocks tank.

This is one brave and strong Catholic priest. Well done dude.

Geode looks interesting. Maybe it will mean you plug your GPS coords into your browser and you get far more localised search results and ads because they know where you are? And all opt-in too.

So just being in Silicon Valley on a frequent basis might be enough, besides having a fulltime office there.

Rolling Stone mag takes McCain apart.

As seen on – Aha – Take on me (but where they sing what’s happening in the vid)

How many Dark Knight mashups have there been now? I like this one though:

Fluffy Links – Tuesday October 7th 2008

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Post the Roast for 06/09/08 is up and going now.

Via Keith: Freetext ‘Autism’ to 50308 and, if you’re an O2 customer, they’ll donate 5% of your bill total to Irish Autism Action at least until the end of the year.

G’wan The Ken, Devious Theatre are now doing War of the Worlds.

Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa by Vampire Weekend was covered by Peter Gabriel. A song where they namecheck him and he does his own take on it with his cover. Phantom FM play it now and then. Not heard it anywhere else. Try and get it!

David Byrne is playing the National Concert Hall next April. You can only get tickets via their site. Plenty left it seems.

Aircon repair in Russia. Shesus.

Alan has a great post on eWrite and his take on a redesign for it.

The Link Economy. Interesting idea.

LinkedIn is doing well in these harsh financial times it seems. Lots of job seekers around these days.

When I come around

Fluffy Links – Monday October 6th 2008

Monday, October 6th, 2008

Potentially blog post of the month in the wake of the Twenty incident?

Congrats to John and his wife on the new addition.

Suzy has a nice breakdown of Irish blog posts on the Irish financial meltdown.

The Last Rewind was on Phantom again yesterday. A show about the days of taping and mixtapes. I recently bought an old cassette Walkman from eBay.

New blog: The Hawthorne Effect. You may remember him from such blogs as…

This is a blog about my own work as a social researcher and how the things we often take for granted in the public sphere are more complex than are reported in the mass media.

Today’s ad men talk about yesterday’s Mad Men. No women to answer the questions?

Yeah it’s morally wrong but this is a fascinating way of getting money from people. It scares me at how easy it is to dupe people. Hello politics!

from here: What the Brick really is, according to Weintraub’s sources, is a block of high-quality, aircraft grade aluminum out of which Apple’s new laptops will be carved using robot-controlled lasers and high-powered jets of water in Jobs’ new factory.

Shel Israel has a nice post on the Power of retweeting. New version of pass it on but this time the rebroadcast keeps the original message and each pass sends it to dozens or hundreds of new people.

The Internet of things.

Life is hard:

Eels – It’s a Motherfucker

Fluffy Links – Friday 3rd October 2008

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

7 reasons why the recession could be a laugh.

Via Roger Nick Thinks

everyday i play a record for my dad and transcribe the conversation we have about it.

O2 Blog Post of the Month.

Woah, Kieran is running a military operation, not a food awards.

Neil Gaiman is on a book tour. Each night he reads a different chapter from the book. It’s videoed and out online. Oh yeah.

How do you make a gay pride t-shirt with rainbow and all even gayer? Here’s how.

Wicked use of Craigslist.

Kevin Mitnick carries a lot of tech with him. Shesus. Utility belt anyone?

Ecuador’s new constitution gives Nature some rights.

Fun Italian car dealer.

Halo 3: Instant Karma. Only saw this ad now. Fun.

Fluffy Links – Thursday October 2nd 2008

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

Barcamp Cork II – November 1st. Do come along, it should be fun. Sponsors sought too but do remember this is massively non-commercial. pays tribute to Twenty
on his retirement. I guess if Bertie can go, so can Twenty. Should we call him iar-blogger?

Emily Tully has a new documentary series on the Wives’ of GAA stars. It goes out on Today FM each Sunday for October.

Pat Phelan, not a pirate though he does allow consumers to relieve telcos of their fortunes.

Win two tickets to the Future of Web Apps event in London.

Leaning on a Shovel, the blog for

The Tuesday Push – in numbers.

Via Enda iPhone Coasters.

Never been to this place. Sounds interesting and so very old school. I like old-skool cafs, they have character and interesting characters.

Anyone remember this ad? Genius