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Fluffy Links – Wednesday November 19th 2008

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

The Pat the Baker campaign on Bebo, was it effective? My take over on Hint: NO

Markham’s take on Gladwell’s Genius piece.

Congrats to Chris and everyone in SensorPro for being shortlisted for the e-Consultancy awards.

Niall doesn’t want to be in the restaurant business. Tough work.

The Morgan Hotel is crap.

Via Conor P, the French sure like to strike.

Enterprise Ireland spam people and now Tourism Ireland spam people. Assholes.

Students blow Martin Cullen’s opportunity to do his job.

Hourly search trends from Google – a feed.

Treehugger must be desperate for pageviews. Best sex positions in “green” cars.

Barack is a total nerd. Star Trek, Superman comics and more.


Interesting stats about kids and the Internet. Safer than they want you to believe.

Holy Fuck – Milkshake

Fluffy Links – Tuesday 18th of November 2008

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

Genius. Via Phil: Paddy has taken Web 2.0 logos and turned them into Origami.

Lest we forget. A blog post on miscarriage.

A rake of new blogs (at least to me)
Make A Map of What You See.

Conor Reidy

Ciaran Parker

Mamma Bella

Malcolm Gladwell has a new book out called Outliers. Nice piece from him in the Guardian about the 10,000 hours rule of work even the geniuses need to do before their work is good.

An interesting way of advertising your circumcision business. Would people seriously hire this guy since he advertises in this way? Surely such a service is all about personal recommendations?

This Oblong interface is just pure amazing.

Nice clever interactive ad for doggy products.

This is an ad for tequila. Guess how it ends.

Via Garr Reynolds – D-PAN (Deaf Performing Artists Network) have done a visual interpretation of the song “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera:

Fluffy links – Monday November 17th 2008

Monday, November 17th, 2008

The Manky Toy show for 2008 is coming soon. Don your dodgy sweater, get out your bingo cards and get ready!

The Italian Foodies have a new home.

Calling all fashionistas. Want to go to the launch of some model thingy? Jason has some details.

Competition to win a meal in the lovely Fenn’s Quay restaurant.

Keith points out how Irish people are being screwed again for a most wanted phone, this time it’s Vodafone and this time it’s the Blackberry Storm.

Very interesting post from Michael Hanley on the propaganda model and how social networks and the Internet might have prevented it being used on Obama.

New blog – Party Down and Go Fuck Yourself.

Pat points out this shit hot application from Google for the iPhone.

Via Charles – Miley Cyrus and Stephen Baldwin are best buds and he has Hannah Montana initials tattooed on his shoulder/chest after she dared him. Oddness.

The SEO starter guide from Google is well worth reading.

Halfset – At This Moment Video removed

Fluffy Links – Thursday November 13th 2008

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

Blogger/Webby get together on Nov 27th in Dublin

New blog new blog! The very cultured Fergal who created a fantastic soundtrack for Obamanight on now has a blog devoted to music. I think this might result in me finding a lot more music I was unaware of. I was going to do the “checka check it out” line but I won’t. Oh.

Speaking of which, Sabrina’s latest blog cracks me up.

LinkedIn workshop with it@cork on December 10th in Cork. I’ll make you get better value from your LinkedIn profile.

Via the IIA Twitter feed: Join the Irish Internet Association for half-price. You can join the IIA here and use twit200 to get 50% off membership to end 2008

Check out the list of deleted .ie domains. Nice big list there. Nice domains too.

Gordon demos his latest sex toy.

I wonder what this lecture on the Wii in Galway was like?

This is what engagement should be about. Figure out what your customers like and do. Know as much as you can and then offer them something they can use. Oakley’s iPhone app.

The woman behind the fantastic and witty and fun Mars Phoenix Twitter account. A lesson on how to captivate the minds of geeks and space fans everywhere.

Via Alexia This Toshiba bullet-time ad takes things to the next level:

Ratatat – Mirando (Fanmade vid using Predator caps)

Fluffy Links – Wednesday November 12th 2008

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Fergal has a good post on Irish politics and Obama stylings.

While it’s advice for those interested in Civil Partnership rights, Suzy’s excellent advice should be used by all campaigners.

Michael Knight – Youth Is Wasted On The Young, now available for cheap download.

Donncha shows us who the noisiest Irish Twitterers are.

Nice post from Alexia on the idea of a desktop app store. Adobe should be creating one of them for Air developers and Photoshop plugin developers.

Indeed, this is very funny.

Congrats to all on the launch of Gadget Republic.

Getting married soonish? Care to take the Wedding Budget Survey for Ciara?

Krishna is doing a master class on LinkedIn in Dublin on Nov 21st. Have a looksee. it@cork should be doing one around December 10th too. I think I’m down as presenting.

Chuck Norris. Still crazy.

Facebook now allows booze companies.

Martin Murray in Interactive Return covers: Brand Reputation and Management

Bob Dylan – Huck’s Tune. (fanmade vid so ignore)

Fluffy Links – Tuesday November 11th 2008

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

Congrats on the Swords Express for kicking Noel Dempsey’s ass, it seems.

Congrats to Pinstripe too who won Best Internet & ICT Award at their Chambers awards.

Bennigans, Mahon Point, Cork
. Pat Phelan has worst meal of his life there.

We’ve had BarCamps, now one more focused on business – Bizcamp.

This might have legs:

Enda Kenny as Eddie Hobbs. Seriously. Can you imagine if Enda did a sort of Hobbs voiceover to Oireachtas Report? I’m Enda Kenny, and today I’m meeting Brian Lenihan, who works as a government minister. Brian’s having trouble with his budget and I’m going to help him by showing him where to cut back. Later in the year, I’ll go back to visit Brian, to see how he’s getting on.

Close the border quick!

Movies on YouTube, soon.

The most downloaded (legal) song in history is this? And all because of a TV show. What does that mean dear sociologists?

Wind turbines and lasers!

Crikey, this teenager is one brave soul.

How many guys in Spider-Man suits can fit inside Jamba Juice

Dan Ariely goes to Google to discuss his book “Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions:

Fluffy Links – Monday November 10th 2008

Monday, November 10th, 2008

Nooked now allow you to subscribe to Twitter feeds for bargains on Ryanair routes. Neato.

Win a cookbook over on

Fianna Fáil TD Mattie McGrath. Interesting character isn’t he?

The Japanese Film Festival.

in Cineworld Dublin on 15th and 16th November before travelling on to the Kino in Cork on 22nd and 23rd and reaching the Storm Cinema in Limerick on 26th and 27th….

There will be four films showing at the festival; two animated features – The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2006) and Mind Game (2004), and two live action – Hotel Hibiscus (2003) and Go (2001). Ranging from the whimsical to the positively head-spinning, these four titles take the measure of Japanese national cinema as it is today.

Via is a Bargain Alert: A Series of Unfortunate Events – 13 Books in a Box for €35.99.

Speaking of, they now have a 2008 Photography Year book for sale.

Irish Times Business blog briefly mentions Twitter.

Scary. Using just photos, scientists can make copies of your house/car keys.

The elements of a good speech, Obama style. Oddly this page doesn’t load from this link but if you go to the main page it does.

Girl Talk does the “I’m a PC” ads. With Microsoft and the way they destroy anyone when it comes to software patents, it seems ironic they’re paying this guy who works soley by sampling the works of others.

Via Paul. Just keep watching, keep at it:

Fluffy Links – Friday November 7th 2008

Friday, November 7th, 2008

Value Ireland now on their own domain. Yay. No more blogspot.

Suzy takes a bogus press release to task about 1 in 6 Irish people skipping work due to the elections. We didn’t do that for the General Election!

New blog (to me) Paddy in Buenos Aires.

Lee sent this on. Great idea. A site for showcasing Irish Web Designers.

Irish Rail, again. Great crowd aren’t they?

Fine Gael Cork have their own Sarah Palin? Love this photo from her gallery of Peter Barry afraid of being touched by Captain Boring.

I think GI is right. Harney might not last.

Via WillAC/DC in Excel.

Nice stats from the Irish Medical Times:

90.1 per cent of all Freedom of Information applications received by the Health Service Executive in 2007 were from patients. Out of about 4,000 requests in 2007, less than 4 per cent came from journalists.

Irish Times rechecks Leo “send them home” Varadkar.

Little Boots on Later with Jules
. Just her and a piano. Nice.

New Sigur Ros video – Við spilum endalaust


Whale – Hobo Humping Slobo Babe

Fluffy Links – Thursday November 6th 2008

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Cork, Ireland

Fountain surfing, photos by Phil.

Gordon is giving a talk called Take Control of your Website for SoHo Solo on November 12th.

Dear Green Party, your new web person? Alexia is spot on about what needs to be done.

Oh Ireland does have postcodes.

Half day from Microsoft about their new advertising products. On this Monday in Dublin. Register here.

Via Justin. Bank of Ireland loses more customer records, Data Protection Office says it’s fine really. How nice of them.

Love this blog title: Black Man In The White House Now Also Visible From Alaska

Enterprise Ireland is looking for feedback on their sites. Less Gerry McGovern pimpage please.

The poll was devised using Gerry McGovern’s unique Customer Carewords technique. McGovern is widely regarded as a worldwide authority on managing web content as a business asset. His Customer Carewords method enables users to tell web owners in precise, statistical terms why they visit their website.

You can bet that cost a few pennies. Come back in a few weeks and you’ll probably find out how much 🙂 The survey is wank. Please choose from the following mountain of choices…

Brilliant. Teenager starts her own Internship website for cheap!

Surviving the Phelps family.


Gore Vidal on the Beeb. Weird….

Fluffy Links – November 5th 2008

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

This was written when I was tired and emotional.

Revolution Cycle (worldwide charity cycle) presentation in Cork tomorrow night. Go along if you can.

No, thank you Niall.

Via Niall too is Ray Foley’s reaction to the Brand and fuckface thing. Pretty spot on.

Markham Nolan (feck’s sake stop being linked to) asks are the RTE blogs being ghostwritten?

Fianna Fáil had a bad day yesterday. One TD was in Court for the assault charges. One was sentenced for drunk driving. The rest are just…

Amazon kinda go green packaging Damn.

Uncov guy writes for the Register, takes apart Microsoft’s Azure civil service in the cloud.

Top designer on Threadless now has his own store. Glennz.

Outside Line did Diesel’s 30th gig. Love the tech they used in it.