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Fluffy Links – Monday April 6th 2009

Monday, April 6th, 2009

Treasa has a fantastic project. Taking pics and making a book of abandoned boats. Even has Gogole Maps!

Manuel points out godlike breakfasts: Bacon Cupcakes.

Blogger and Twitter meetup in Cork on April 25th.

Some upcoming business blogging events.

Ciara O’Brien is the latest Irish Times blogger. Godspeed.

New blog: LeFournier.

Honesty. Hangover cure.


George Hook’s most used words on Twitter.

EC business help. Saw this in a GMail ad!

Via: Smooth to the wall post-its

Chemical Brothers – Believe

Fluffy Links – Thursday April 2nd 2009

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

Very bloggy day today.

Sinéad’s research on Irish blogging is out. It rocks. She does too. Have a gander.

Genius. Use Twitter and a shortcode to leave a comment on a blog.

New blog. Basis Erased.

This is why blogging is great. Different eyes. Not so tired eyes. Covering a conference by being in another igloo doesn’t work.

The National Concert Hall are quite deep into this web thing these days. Great and useful website. Facebook, a blog and Twitter. Go them. Blog should obviously be on their website but still great moves from them.

Reverb studios show traffic stats due to their blog.

Rundown of April Fool’s pranks.

Beamish is for Ireland only from now on? Boo.

Written on this it says: I don’t mind how you paint my soul, but get the tie correct

Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead teaser

Fluffy Links – Tuesday March 31st 2009

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

New Irish blog: Never Mind the Logic. Comicy goodness.

The Philips store during Earth Hour in Dublin.

Puddle Ducks have a Facebook prize draw. Last day!

via it@Cork PFH in Cork and Galway are giving free tech training to those made redundant.

Via Jim, new Irish Times blog by Tom Doorley called Megabites. Great name.

Conor O’Neill models Brian Cowen’s willy. Small w.

Cybercom are looking for a designer.

Review of the Revai Electric Car.

TV Presenter wanted.

The web has made kicking ass easier to achieve, and mediocrity harder to sustain. Mediocrity now howls in protest.

Hugh MacLeod.

Takedown of Gordon Brown by Daniel Hannan MEP. Simple but powerful.

Via Jim again, Department Of Eagles – No One Does It Like You

Fluffy Links – Monday March 30th 2009

Monday, March 30th, 2009

Bock gets a reply from Michael Kennedy.

Yer man Gray Wright from Skinful Karaoke Paper is writing some great content of late. Well worth a read.

Some Blind Alleys is a blog featuring emerging writers who live in or are from Ireland. Check it out.

Nice site:

Via Patrick the website of super web dev Noah Stokes.
Another blog by Irish economists. Progressive Economy.

Win a Wacom tablet from Blacknight.

Irish site: People Love Presents.

The Real Alan Partridge is on Twitter. Currently in Australia.

Paranoid about Google yet? Now you are.

Vids picked by Alan:

Womanizer – Sign Language version

Can’t Stop – Violin + Piano Cover – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Fluffy Links – Friday 27th March 2009

Friday, March 27th, 2009

Been very lax with the Linkos De la Fluffeos.

So here we go:

New blog. Jackaheart.

Win two tickets to the Comedy of Errors in the Abbey. I saw them do rehearsals today and got to peer around the set. Looks like it’s going to be great.

You can now buy the Objectified poster. Before the film comes out.

My Little Pony is My My expensive.

Wantsies. 13 Most Beautiful… Songs for Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests

Sigur Ros do the stripped down thingy. Musically.

Pat Kenny, some of his best friends…

Declan Kidney. So say we all.

Want a Digital Media Strategist job?

Cathy from My Munster has cool new business cards:

Via Irish Times business blog, Goodbiz market themselves using a barbershop quartet:

MC Solaar – Nouveau Western

Fluffy Links – Tuesday March 24th 2009

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Enda has a rant about O2. He’s gone though 4 iPhones now with them.

Where are O2 customer care? Do you guys exist? Do they even want me as a customer? I want to switch to a phone that works

Kathleen Barrington from the Sunday Business Post has started blogging. Say hello to her.

A few more comments and I’ll announce the winner of a free day-long Online Marketing training course for you and up to 11 of your friends/colleagues.

More details on the iQ Prize. Including a website.

Jim C tells us of some great new bands to look out for.

Justin has the skinny on a talk on Computer History in Ireland.

Via Annie Mole: Doner Kebab Pot Noodle.

New blog: Pint of Unspecific.

Squid now blogs here.

And another new one: Certain People Say…

Me, escaping from Alcatraz.

Eels – Beautiful People

Eels – Fly Swatter (play it at eleven on the scale)

Fluffy Links – Monday March 23rd 2009

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

Private jet to a Man United match? All for charity!

New site:

People talking about Alan’s hair. Twitter, really expanding minds…

Facebook remove the Gerry Ryan Group.

Blue Screen of Death and the Spiders of Mayhem

Chun Gaelcholáiste Nua a cur ar bun i nDeisceart Átha Cliath.

There are two “Taster session” in Cork on March 23/24 where business people will be discussing Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers.

March 23rd: Cork International Airport Hotel, 6-7.30pm
March 24th: Imperial Hotel, Cork, 12.30-2pm

What do I have to do to join the conversation?
1. Reserve your complimentary place at one of these special taster events by
contacting Aodan Enright at 086 608 9498 or
2. Get your hands on a copy of Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell and read Chapter 7 –
‘The Ethnicity of Plane Crashes’ (available in all bookstores)

A resignation cake. Now that rocks.

Via Manuel – In the Loop.

Via Spherical Notions: Jay Brennan – Body is a temple

Fluffy Links – Thursday March 19th 2009

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Almost fluffy links anyway. Fl links maybe.

Want to go firewalking? Ciara has details.

Tommy was on TV again. Pfft media whore.

New Blog from Cllr Mary Roche. Politicos are really getting into this now.

Want to attend the following, if so contact cerskine < at >

Fifty people, selected to reflect a cross-section of Irish society, will gather for a weekend in Dublin on the 21st and 22nd March 2009 to answer this question: “What do you think the EU can – and should – do to shape our economic and social future in a globalised world?”

They will be taking part in a Europe-wide consultation of citizens on this most topical of questions. The Irish event, which is being organised by the National Forum On Europe, will be in Dublin Castle with similar consultations happening in each of the 27 EU countries.

The event will be webcast live by RTE.

Horseshit. What kind of dumbass statement is this? Why are we measuring it in time. Is there some kind of threshold?

“If employees misuse email or the internet for only 10 minutes each day, then the cost to Irish small business is approximately €580m a year, in pure productivity terms.”

Paddy’s Day Fluffy Links – Tuesday March 17th 2009

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Greetings from an overcast and dark San Francisco (it’s around 6am here)

I finally mention new orts and culchore website with loads of faces we already know. Fantastic design, even better content.

Alan and Spoiltchild are doing email marketing workshops both free and paid. Check them out.

Kevin did a quick interview with Joe Rospars from the Obama digital campaign.

Speaking of which, change can be big.

AJ takes to task.

Alexia mentions you can be a DJ for the day on Phantom. Could we just nominate Pearl to take over the station for a day?

Mine. Nobody else allowed. No.

Love love lovvvvvve the packaging.

And on that, is packaging design more important than advertising now?

And now off for Brekky, so here’s Suzanne:

Fluffy Links – Thursday March 12th 2009

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Peninsula Ireland, come on down.

New blog, Adrian Russell.

Daragh Lally has a new site, how’d I miss that?

Treasa is making a map of shipwrecks to photo.

The Golez Guide to Snakeoiling.

The Lives of Others c’est ar ais.

Calvin is doing Photographic Wedding Invitations.

Good post from Adrian asking should Irish Tech Startups get grants.

Pay per performance advertising is here.

Google ups their online stalking of us.

Bebo get all mobiley.

Via Cian, Clinton Docu – The War Room:

Enigma – Return to Innocence (Naruto vid version)