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Fluffy Links – Monday 23rd of November 2009

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Giving a one day blogging course on Wednesday with the South Cork Enterprise Board. I think it’s open to non-clients too.

Futureproof 3 is on November 26th. Russell Buckley, Vice President of ADMOB (just sold to Google for $750m) will be a keynote speaker entitled: The Business Of Mobile – Engaging Consumers through Apps, Marketing, Social Media, and Entertainment. Tickets for the day are €139. Shame I’m in Cork when this is on, something to definitely go to.

it@cork events on December 11th for members and non-members. International Web Based Business Success. Two good speakers at this.

Fantastic article from Dave Davis on using Google Adwords to do SEO work on your website.

Head of Amnesty International makes fun of Susan Boyle’s mental health. Ah sure it was only a bit of fun.

New pics of the Swansea Cork ferry interior. Very fashionmodely.

About time but well done. Free online access to Dept of Comms GIS data.

Developing Silverlight Windows Desktop apps for Faceboook. Silverface eh?

Cops in the UK using Twitter and Facebook and doing a good job.

Via everyone: Official – Mark Knight & D.Ramirez V Underworld – Downpipe

Manchester Orchestra – “I’ve Got Friends”

Fluffy Links – Thursday 19th November 2009

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

If there was only blog to vote for today it would be Kerry G’s one. Please vote for it (Niff, Naff n Triv blog) here (takes 20 seconds)

What a great name. Red Nose Wine have a new website, they blog and are also on Twitter.

Nice coverage of the most excellent it@Cork conference yesterday and Liam Casey’s talk.

Word Snatch. This is a friend’s Facebook App. Installing it for the name alone.

Owner of a second home or a first? Click2 launched this week, the site brings owners of residential rental accommodation together with local authorities to procure accommodation for the social housing schemes of the Department of The Environment, Heritage and Local Government.

Congrats to the folks in who were namechecked and screenshotted at the Forrester Research EMEA 2009 in London this week.

via Panti – Lady Gaga before she was more nuts:

Fluffy Links – Wednesday November 18th 2009

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Happy Birthday Stephen M!

Congrats to Stephen on his new company O’Leary Analytics.

Adrian points to a very interesting ECJ ruling on adwords and buying ads aligned to the name of a competitor.

Not got a website for your business yet? KRO IT doing hypercheap domains and holding pages while you decide on what to do on the website.

Paschal on Twitter. Good on you.

Not one but two Irish website for those dodgy Gay Byrne style Christmas jumpers.

What a great website. Noticings.

Jacks roll in Dublin hotels. via Discover Ireland

Fucked life?

CSNY – Down by the River

via White Rabbits + Britt Daniel – Instant Karma

Fluffy Links – Tuesday November 17th 2009

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Eolai has more paintings for sale. I have 6 in Corkgaff and 1 in Dublingaff at this stage. And I think I’ll get more.

Okey blog. Bill O’Herlihy is blogging.

Conor lobbies for a Cork History Museum.

Finally set the date for that Online PR workshop. (The free one)

Ian has another blog project: Bands I’ve Seen.

Good post from Iarfhlaith. Busy being busy is not good. Less stoked and buzzing and more looking after your customer needs and your business needs.

New blog (to me) Quality Waffle.

Autism charity called Autism Speaks that has few fans.

Via We Make Money Not Art: Regretsy, the worst of Etsy. Some gobsmackingly awful stuff.

And also: Ten Days for Oppositional Architecture

Marina and the Diamonds – Mowgli’s Road

Fluffy Links – Monday November 16th 2009

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Food and drink in Cork on Dec 3rd. Bloggers and online folks and offline welcome too.

Some Blind Alleys is throwing a Christmas Poem Competition. The filthiest, most miserable, and funniest poem wins a t-shirt and inestimable glory.

I’m looking for Facebook Ad Managers, Page coders etc.

The Unemployed blog is to be no more since the author found a job. Not in Ireland though…

Grab Radio is a radio application for the Apple iPhone™. Listen to Irish radio on your iPhone, hear a song you like, purchase it immediately from iTunes.

As many people access the BBC iPlayer on a PS3 as a Mac.

Esquire mag, webcam and you have an augmented reality issue.

How to pose. In case you wondered.

Bloody hell. Some amazing places to see in Russia.

Free Avery labels.

Growing up is optional

Donkeyboy – Ambitions

Fluffy Links – Friday 13th of November 2009

Friday, November 13th, 2009

Before you head out of the office to get blitzed, some late Fluffies.

John Cradden has an article about death and your digital bits. Well wroth a read. As is his blog.

Analogue mag now in another form. The next episode.

Forfas as a lonnnng doc on creativity and innovation.

So men leave a kiss in their texts to other men? So they’re Metrotextuals

The hidden Mafia War (facebook game) scams.

How fast do you gain and lose trust online?

Creative destruction.

This new Nokia ad reminds me of the old Playstation ads. A talking point but not for the damned product. Another adland fail. The ad is about the product not the creative or agency. The phone is going to be brilliant. Show me the phone!:

Fluffy Links – Thursday November 12th 2009

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

There are still speaking slots and arse spaces left for Barcamp Cork this weekend. G’wan, go.

Free tickets to the RDS Arts Fair this weekend.

Irish Online Shopping Directory, run by An Post.

Justin has created an iPhone optimised MET Office page.

The Living Room. Passed this on Clarendon Street the other day and noticed a sign in a window asking to observe the silence. Interesting concept: a silent space in the middle of a city to quietly reflect.

Dear Unions of Ireland

The Irish Future Internet Forum is on December 3rd in Dublin. Free in. Some interesting speakers.

This cartoon from Hugh Macleod says it so well. Lots of people in business do nothing more than clone. Copying businesses models, exact site designs, marketing campaigns from elsewhere. In the short term that works but a creative business (and I mean way more than a business that designs art) is the one that will have the opportunity to last longer.

Amazing paper video.

Massive Attack and Portishead – Glorybox

Fluffy Links – Monday November 9th 2009

Monday, November 9th, 2009

Another good post on innovation from Brendan and this post from Shane on the cost of innovation is really interesting.

Everything happens on Twitter right? Well if involves booze. Twebt – Twitter blind wine tasting test. See the Bubble Brothers post on it or Brian Clayton’s post.

A new Irish Music Marketing Blog.

How much for a day’s work? How to calculate your freelance rate via Mary.

Upcoming Irish IT security conference. November 19th. Annnd a capture the flag event!

Congrats to the companies that made the Internet Growth Acceleration Programme list. A fine list of Enterprise Ireland backed companies. Shame there were no surprises though!

Saw these on Later with Jools. Good band: Stornoway.

Pedestrian friendly transport. Love it.

Via Pat: JED We Can – Ghostbusters

Fluffy Links – Wednesday November 4th 2009

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

Great post from Brendan Hughes on Innovation in Ireland. Don’t forget the IDA LinkedIn group on Innovation in Ireland.

Cork and wine. Karwig Wines have a stonking new website which will also I’ve read have a blog.

Email is still the biggest social connector online. Alan is doing a workshop on email marketing for Hotels, B&Bs and Hostels.

Science Week is this week. Loads of events on, check em out.

MediaCube have a nice business competition: office space, cash, mentoring and more.

Want 5k for your business? Outvesting is there.

Via Karen Glass Society of Ireland Blog.

Preparing for death. Changing a Facebook Profile when death becomes you.

What every music video needs: Brian Cowen, man boobs, builders arse and NINJAS!! And Bill thought himself flash and put this video together in a month. Well impressed!

Bill Coleman – Welcome to the Breakdown

Fluffy Links – Tuesday November 3rd 2009

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Yes. Mulley is back.

Nice to see the Irish defence forces on Twitter.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, do Irish people Christmas shop online on a Sunday?

Eoghan has a great breakdown on the Irish Web Awards winners this year. See who are the heavy sites and the svelt sites.

New online game created by Engineers Ireland: Engineers Challenge. The idea is to promote engineering but also to generate healthy competition between the different engineering disciplines – give it a go, it’s good craic. Prize is tickets to England V Ireland in Twickenham on Feb 27.

Outstanding Dublin Bikes and Stormtrooper pic.

Georgina Campbell’s Ireland Guide now has an iPhone App which is available free in the App Store. Hooray. And also via Adrian I note the Indo has an iPhone App. While‘s iPhone App went to number one in Ireland!

Handy resource about online payments in Ireland:

Despite IIA Board members on Twitter suggesting the judges of the Digital Media Awards are sellouts, as a judge I’m going to post the below video, well produced and interesting stats for the layperson:

Pat Kenny gets angry. Still does nothing for me: