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Fluffy Links – February 14th 2011

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Rabbit in your headlight by UNKLE

Lot of Irish political parties into attack statements for the election.

I’m doing a workshop and giving a talk at the Mash Conference in May. It will also be my last public talk for 2011.

Measure It! is on March 2nd in Dublin.

Also, what digital skills do you want from marketing/pr interns? now getting into the deals market. Good.

Data mapped and trended based on nominations at the 2010 Blog Awards. Interesting but skewed perhaps!

Congrats to Haydn Shaughnessy, now writing a blog for Forbes.

Another reason why Google is fecking up more these days.

Fluffy Links – Friday February 4th 2011

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Sunday Business Post have a politics blog. Oh yeah.

What’s the best social media tip you’d give to your political candidate/party?

Love this story of living life in such a great way from The Little Cheese Shop:

Now, several years later, they live together, with their three children and a dog, in a house on a little hill near the sea on the Dingle Peninsula. Maja has opened The Little Cheese Shop and Olivier runs On the Wild Side

Nice debate for the Sligo/North Leitrim Constituency. The Big Ticket.

Talk: The UK Open Data Initiative – Nigel Shadbolt UK Government Information Advisor. Tuesday, 15 February 2011 @ 12:45

Facebook Places Ireland launches. Quick take.

LinkedIn Skills a response to Quora by enabling people to show off expertise.

Want 15TB of storage for your GMail. You can get it.

Tom Vek – CC

Fluffy Links – January 31st 2011

Monday, January 31st, 2011 – a collection of minimal themes to quickly kickstart your company, business or blog online.

Eireball 2011 – Convoy of classic Volkswagens winds its way around the island of Ireland.

Don’t forget. #mulleybucks are still working for discounts. Let me know if you want some.

Measure It! is on on Wednesday in the Science Gallery. Do come along.

Irish primary schools using Twitter. One on hope and the future.

True Grit comic released to coincide with the movie remake.

Google censoring suggested searches. Oh dear.

Freelance Whales: “Generator 1st Floor” (Tiny SXSW Concert). These guys play Dublin on Tuesday. See them!

Fluffy Links – Monday January 24th 2011

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Still finding myself type 2010 and not 2011.

Measure It! is on in the Science Gallery on Feb 2nd at 10am.

Via Tommy, James Eggers does a fantastic YoungSci project on emotion and sentiment on Twitter.

New politics/election site:

Dave Winer gives advice to Keith Olbermann. Going to the Internet, I dunno. Conan needed very traditional media to get nice leg up online which he then channeled back into traditional media too. I do like the idea of using all channels/platforms though. Mutually exclusive are both oldskool ways of doing things.

Wine bottle labels with 3D bits. Wonder if you leave your 3D glasses on when drinking, what happens.

Iron and Wine stream their album on the TeamCoCo website. Nice alignment of Conan and bands.

Brian Rossi emailed and asked to mention some of his songs.

Fluffy Links – Friday Jan 21st 2011

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Some great posts from Darragh on getting to know and getting used to his new guide dog.

Love this post about spaces and navigating even the ones you already know. allows you yo analyse the purchasing and operating costs within your business and generate a report outlining potential savings.

The Washington Post opens a Facebook Marketing agency.

Good post about Facebook ads and cost of acquisition.

Via Swiss Legacy. Visual accoustics docu.

Nine Inch Nails – Dead Souls

Fluffy Links – Monday 17th January 2011

Monday, January 17th, 2011

MulleyComms bits:
Survey of Irish Teens and how they consume media and what they pay for.

As a follow on: How to get into the Irish Times for €500.

Cork course not taking any more bookings but Dublin Evening Social Media Course is still game for bookings.

Other bits:
UCC also offering a course in online media, have a look.

There are things to do in Dublin. Besides pubs! The Dublin Event Guide.

List of Irish video production companies.

Banter & Barry’s Tea: ‘Well Done Steak: Irish Food in 2011 & Beyond” 27 Jan @ TheTwisted Pepper

90 min lecture from the guy that did the titles for Spiderman, Iron Man and more.

Alex Ferguson talks Michael Collins and more to Colm Murray. Audio.

Irish Politicians app. More a dig at em than a polnerd app.

James Blake – Limit to your Love. I like this song. Rest of his album is far too much of autotune.

Fluffy Links – Monday 10th January 2010

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Another business startup type programme. Endeavour.

Been offered a fortune to mention this blog: I Don’t Like Cricket.

Great story on a local pub and how it is run.

Maybe it’s more knowledge economy bluff but IIEA upcoming talk entitled The Digital Single Market. Jan 31st.

Reset Ireland. Jan 15th and 16th in Galway.

Reset Ireland is a grassroots initiative to facilitate conversations for real social, political and economic change through developing an action plan for open government and media reform.

Trains on Storyful. Choo choosing to read it.

Arts collective plans to do something creative around the spaces normally where election posters goes.

Roll Up You Sleeves. Bought five copies of this ages ago and gave them to people who I thought might be inspired by going off and doing your own thing. Play it at the Young Scientist event!

Roll Up Your Sleeves: A Documentary About Do-It-Yourself Counterculture (2008) from Dylan Haskins on Vimeo.

Fluffy Links – Wednesday December 22nd 2010

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

I have about six blog posts in draft ready to write over Christmas. More long-winded meandering shite is on the way, guaranteed.

9 week Social Media/Online Marketing nightclass by MulleyComms in Dublin starts Jan 24th 2011.

9 week Social Media/Online Marketing nightclass by MulleyComms in Cork starts Jan 12th 2011.

Tweet #xmaseveryday and Strategem will donate a euro per tweet up to 1000 euros to Focus Ireland.

Trocaire asked me to mention their Christmas gifts campaign, see their Facebook here.

Showing how the solar lights are being used in Uganda:

Hanna, maybe what Kickass could have been?

Fluffy Links – Monday December 13th 2010

Monday, December 13th, 2010

Social Media/Online Marketing nightclass by MulleyComms in Cork starts Jan 2011.

Beat the earworms.

Moral compass Joe Duffy says Gerry Ryan’s cocaine habit that gave money to criminals didn’t harm anyone.

Flahavan’s is looking for funny morning photographs for its ‘Stir Up a Smile’ Facebook competition.

Fisticup. A cup that helps people with weak grips but also looks like a knuckleduster.

Got asked to pimp Eric McGrath’s music. So I have,

Some solid ideas on PR/Marketing trends for 2011.

Facebook and how it operates, from a psychology perspective.

Not exactly nero on his fiddle but a harpist plays from Shandon on budget day

Fluffy Links – Monday Dec 6th 2010

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Looking for new Irish business social media case studies for my presentations. Want to feature? Fill in this form.

Sigur Ros online store is a go! Woo.

Adrian Weckler goes over some great biz apps for the iPad. My fav apps are Osfoora and oPlayer though.

Via Ben. A website that shows you how high the Thames is in a visual manner. Leave the site open and you can see the rise and falls. From the same guy that allowed you to print a book of all your tweets and other insanely clever ideas.

Put your tweets on a tea towel.

Via Jim Carroll – The Unthanks

Reachout have done an anti-bullying video. They have not called it a viral. Thank feck.