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Fluffy Links – Tuesday November 6th 2012

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Seti The First play Triskel Christchurch on Thursday. Worth seeing in my view.

UXPA Ireland “The Place for UX, Usability & Accessibility Professionals in Ireland” official launch takes place on 8 November 2012 — World Usability Day — at the National College of Ireland (NCI), Dublin.

So the Web Awards seemed to go well. Thanks for all the help everyone.

That Night Follows Day is in the Everyman until Saturday. A play for adults by children. “catalogues the many ways children’s lives are determined by that of their carers.”

Regulating Cloud Computing: Clear Skies Ahead? UCC, Friday 16 November.

Mr. Blanchfield says Start a Startup. Can you say no to this man?

So bands make sfa from selling music, the impression was touring is where it’s at. Seems not there either

Killer Mike – Big Beast (Via Jim)

Fluffy links – Sunday October 21st 2012

Sunday, October 21st, 2012

It’s been an age since some updates.

Businesses, check out eircom’s Digital Boost initiative. Monthly chance of winning free resources from eircom.

I really like this alternative The Gathering posters.

iphone app. Spots – search a location for Instagram photos taken there.

This reads like someone trying to start a legal test case. Guy building a 3-D printer to make a gun.

The most expensive and fastest Michelin-starred sushi you’ll ever have. Worth it?

Got sent a Microsoft Project file the other day. Found this PDF site converted them into PDFs so easily readable in a few short steps. Not just for making PDFs from Word docs!

John Kelly played “Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet” the other week. Well an excerpt as it goes to 74 minutes. Bren has previously written about this piece.

Fluffy Links – Sunday October 7th 2012

Sunday, October 7th, 2012

Two good gigs coming up in the Triskel. Seti the First and The Gloaming.

For kids, boo, win a Lego bedroom.

Personaised wine labels. Of course! Ugly website though.

Stream the new Freelance Whales album from NPR.

Some thoughts from Online Marketing experts on what next for this area.

Can we get Mary Meeker to Ireland to give a talk/visit?

The National College of Ireland are offering two courses under a Government ICT initiative; a Higher Diploma in Computing in Software Development and a Higher Diploma in Web Technologies.

Social product design with Facebook. London. Scholarships being offered.

In case you never saw it before. You can search by image in Google Images.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Fluffy Links – Wednesday September 19th 2012

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

Digital Media for Business training in association with Cork Chamber.

Robot competition in Cork schools. Yeah!

All the last shows from Phantom. Sadface.

There I am, down the back.

What the Internet was built for. Busting Irish Psychics live and their stock photos.

Reminded of The Dark Knight. Control your fan’s smartphones screens at a gig. Love the idea.

Via Broadsheet Water Towers of Ireland.

Amazing lineup for this TV Drama conference in Galway in October.

William Gibson on The Stars, my destination.

Cloud Nothings – Wasted Days

Fluffy Links – Friday September 14th 2012

Friday, September 14th, 2012

The Google Maps team, largely driven by Street View, is publishing more imagery data every two weeks than Google possessed total in 2006.

Dublin Laptop Orchestra. What a great idea.

The Women’s Aid Don’t be Afraid campaign is running at the moment. Powerful radio ads.

Do you want to have an input into the running of SpunOut? The SpunOut Youth Leadership Panel might be for you.

Nice visual breakdown of events on for Culture Night Cork on the 21st.

Roaratorio: an Irish Circus on Finnegans Wake was composed by John Cage in 1979 and realized in collaboration with sound engineer John David Fulleman

No Spill Blood – Junior. As played by James on Phantom.

We’re looking for sponsors for the Web Awards too btw.

Fluffy Links – Tuesday September 4th 2012

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

OffSite. Tech Conference in the Celtic Ross Hotel. Thursday 27th of September.

Handy tool from Google to give you some marketing insights.

Hack4Europe Dublin 2012, Monday, 24 September.

The Dublin hackathon will bring together up to 30 developers from Ireland and other European countries in a two-day event. They will have access to the diverse Europeana collections – containing over 20 million records – throug

The more you buy into this Heaven idea, the higher the crime rate in your area, apparently. (Too easy a comment “Just ask the Vatican”)

Dublin Talks. Want to find out what Ireland’s next big idea is?

Each of our speakers will have just six minutes to tell the audience what their big idea is without the use of PowerPoint, notes or podiums.

Making something people love.

Hans Zimmer, where the magic happens. This is some creative space. And it gives us things like this that he did with Patrick Cassidy:

Fluffy Links – Sunday August 26th 2012

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

Culture Night Cork September 21st, 2012. (PDF of activities). Too many things to see!

After the well received courses in August, there’s another Digital Marketing course with Cork Chamber in October.

Like our page and we’ll add you to our Lotto syndicate. Legal scholars would love the idea that they won and someone that unliked the Page wanted their cut….

Nominations are now open for the 2012 Realex Payments Web Awards. We hit over 100 nominations in the first 24 hours. Youch.

via What Consumes me, wristband to monitor UV levels.

On that, a heart rate monitor that just uses your iPhone camera.

I would have ordered the Pigs Head Croquette but it seems many customers were put off by it.

Hacking an important weapon by the American military now. “We hacked their nets” sounds a bit too close to “all your base are belong to us” though.

And also, have been annoying you with this on Facebook but for those that have not seen this Toyota Auris video…

Fluffy Links – Saturday August 11th 2012

Saturday, August 11th, 2012

They’re now funded but The Exley in Brooklyn was looking for Kickstarter style investors and your small investment gets you x amount of goods (Beer and Food) back for your investment. It’s all part of Smallknot (check out the case studies) that is Kickstarter for local businesses. Love the idea. Imagine to have been able to invest in Crackbird or a business like that here?

And on that. StartupWiki for Ireland. List of Irish startups. If you don’t know how to add yourself, well that was a test.

Six mega-trends from Casual Connect Seattle.

Here’s a handy document from me on Facebook for Business.

The truthiness of fonts. Seems some fonts can actually make you trust the content you are reading more. That is until every scammer uses that font.

Olympic wireless hotspot police.

Vincent Browne and Denis O’Brien, not exactly up a tree.

Webelevate are looking for a new crop of students for their digital tech + gaming course. It’s part of Springboard.

TNGHT – Higher Ground (Hudson Mohawke x Lunice)

Fluffy Links – Monday July 30th 2012

Monday, July 30th, 2012

I hope the Nexus Tablet 7 is a success because it should make the iPad better, even if only in a small way. No competition means there’s less urgency in Apple.

Unemployed? UL Kemmy Business School running free courses to help people get experience in the Aviation Leasing industry so they have better opportunity to get a job in the sector. Closing date now extended until Friday 10th August.

Some amazing growth stats from Well done folks.

A creche, with a co-working space upstairs. Love the idea. Would love to see more conferences with creche facilities. (I’m guilty of not providing those too)

Fascinating. The next iPhone and iPads will use fingerprint scanning for mobile payments? Apple just bought the best fingerprinting scanning company around.

Custard Cream gigantic mode. Nice branding for a certain large retail company.

Carried By Waves have a trailer up for their new album.

Sign me up Apple. Great recruitment video, makes you want to be part of the “movement”. Or cult.

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – Love Comes To Me

Hack a topia. This device can be dropped into your company and it can be operated remotely to hack your network. Has own 3G connection. Commands can be texted to the device. Stealth mode. Scary. (Via William Gibson)

Fluffy Links – Monday July 23rd 2012

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Experimental film festival in the Triskel. Black Sun Cinema: A Day of Experimental Film at Triskel Christchurch – Sun August 12th.

Hilary Hahn and Hauschka have an album.

Like trains? Got a fortune to blow? Orient Express is here for your money.

Only available for American politicians. A search engine to find deleted tweets from politicians.

Cork solicitors offer free services to Glanmire flooding victims. They’d be my solicitors too.

Ah, so this is where the Irish tobacco lobby is hanging out online.

Stewart Brand is some man for one man.

Seems like a smaller iPad is on the way from the data this post is showing. Also renaming the iPad 3 to just IPad suggests that there will be an iPad “something” out in the next while.

Distant Green Valley – Silk Road Journeys