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Fluffy Links – Sunday January 27th 2013

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

“We do a poor job at communicating futility”. Doctors don’t want CPR, ventilation, surgeries if they’re terminally ill. And do not want to die in a hospital. Journalist ends up interviewing his Doctor father who is very explicit about Do Not Resuscitate.

Hillary Clinton in GIF form dealing with Mansplainers.

Powerful statement about drugs and cycling and lack of support for female cyclists by Nicole Cooke.

The odd ways we interact with digital tools. e.g. walking in circles on the phone to someone.

Stripe Checkout is amazing.

Isolated vocals for The Ronettes – Baby I Love You.

How to write sticky copy.

Mobile chip van for all events. Yeah.

Fluffy Links – Thursday January 10th

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Go on Conor O’Neill, Raspberry Pi and cheese.

Terry O’Neill photo exhibition in Cork. Some iconic photos from this man over the years.

20k downloads for the Supervalu iPhone app so far. Well done them.

Innocent Drinks co-founder is in National College of Ireland next Tuesday.

Well done Skynet Labs and their investment. Oil is still huge, making money from software services around it makes a lot of sense. And a lot of money.

Thirteen Virtues from Ben Franklin. Ben, those in the know call Benjamin.

Guardian comments. Small amount of people making most of the noise. But then there’s the 90:9:1, 1% make content, 9% comment, 90% say nothing.

Bookmarklet to give you the tweetable content on a webpage.

The Art of Changemaking, happening in Cork.

This is like a scene from Network. The Flogsta Scream. At 10pm in a Swedish town college kids stick their head out and…

Fluffy Links – Thursday January 3rd 2013

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Bluetooth stickers. With your phone, you can find a device that has a sticker on it. Isn’t it normally your phone you can’t find?

Some great iPad App recommendations from Adrian Weckler.

New Year Resolution to sort your Facebook Business Page? There’s a training course for that.

Really! Art School gets students to buy a 180 dollar art history book. That only has placeholders for the images due to rights issues. FFS.

Doctor Who stamps. Ooooh.

I saw the V+A exhibition on British Ballgowns when I was in London in December. It was shit. I’d probably skip it if I were you. This Valentino exhibition that’s in Somerset House until March 2013 however might be the business. I saw an Yves Saint Laurent exhibition by accident in Paris a few years ago and it was spectacular. And inspiring. I wanted to own a lot of tuxes for one. A gigantic movie-set style staircase displaying some of his dresses and a huge wall of his tuxes were just some of the beautiful pieces.

Actually, on that, the Hollywood costume exhibition also in the V+A was very disappointing too. The whole thing was frustratingly laid out and can’t handle the crowds it seems. Some great costumes not spaced out together and the last room seemed totally rushed with great costumes that deserved more breathing room. First time in the V+A and two exhibitions that disappointed. Also! Snotty staff in their restaurant/cafe.

This could be an X-Files episode. or Scooby Do. Or X-Scooby Do thing. Someone is going around the world vandalising/destroying cave paintings/sketchings. The clues that are contained in them about our future and our past are being kept from us. It’s obviously a secret plot by aliens already living amongst us that don’t want us to look at certain stars and gain inter-stellar knowledge. Yeah…

Naomi was right. Oh.

Via Ain’t it Cool, when TV sci fi was scary and cool.

Fluffy Links – Tuesday December 18th 2012

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Got some tree decorations made for Christmas. Twitter birds Rick, not a prawn.

Wayra are looking for more companies to join their very cool incubator. Sign up here.

Good advice from Arnie on politics and business, no really.

Treasa is trying to document all those “Eire” markings on coastal areas around Ireland during World War II.

Smile Exchange. Not sure was it Hooley or someone else but one of them used to collect all the tar from factories for free and then came up with an idea on how to use it.

The premise behind the SMILE network is that one businesses waste or unused resource could become another businesses raw material resulting in a mutually beneficial relationship which saves both operating or disposal costs and procurement costs.

Batman, evolution of the logos.

Jimmy’s End from Alan Moore (yes that one) and Mitch Jenkins.

Video from Young Chef of the Year:

Such Great Heights:

Fluffy Links – Sunday December 9th 2012

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

Beaumont Hospital Foundation has launched “Silver Bells”. People can buy a silver bell on their website, leave a message with it and the bell and the message are shipped to the address you designate.

The Improvised Panto in the Cork Opera House is fantastic. Jaw-achingly funny.

In Dublin? Why not go see the Pony Panto.

Open Source and constraints. Constraints are good.

Bubble wrap to ease the pain of waiting for buses. Distracting people so they don’t get frustrated as much.

After watching a few episodes of Mind of a Chef, have to say I found it particularly boring. Chang is a crazy, creative guy, this show seems to be him tasting food and doing product placements.

Voices from the Front Line is being streamed tonight on RTÉ Digital.

The Secret History of Secondhand books.

Radioactive Zombies and Gung Ho snowmen, yeah it’s Sufjan Stevens and a Christmas video:

Fluffy Links – Monday December 3rd 2012

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

I Hate My Voice. Radio documentary from Rosaleen McDonagh. It’s worth spending the 15 minutes to take this in.

TG Lurgan app “has selection of contemporary Irish language music videos alongside tutorial videos on learning Gaeilge”

How Obama raked in $250M in donations.

Seven Courses of Pig. Yes yes yes. This would also be a great band name.

Hill she or won’t she? Hillary 2016 or doing a last lap of her supporters? She’s here on Thursday!

Nobody is stealing the Pepper Pots. Theft shows you people like your stuff?

Robotic overlords. Now in mini spy-drone sizes.


DARK SIDE OF THE LENS from Astray Films on Vimeo.

Fluffy Links – Sunday 25th November 2012

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

Ballymun Lullaby is on the RTÉ for another few days. Do check it out.

Want to research the food industry in Ireland? Fantastic resources from Bord Bia.

We’re unloading the beast of the Money Grabbing Machine that we used in the Web Awards over on, these things retail for something like 5k. (Cost about 2k but we ain’t got the space for it)

Salt Hotel. Yeah, actually made out of salt. Would probably prefer the Ice Hotel though.

Top 50 Cork albums. 50 – 40.

Sinéad Gleeson on Illness and Art

TechTeams links SMEs who are looking for some dev work with Irish dev companies. (Yes, a second Fluffy link for Mr. Blanchfield, people will talk)

58 Christmas songs from Sufjan Stevens. Silver and Gold. Mega.

And a crazy ad (one of a set) for it:

Prep for the Unthanks in the Opera House:

Fluffy Links – Sunday November 18th 2012

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

Golden tickets to Young Chef of the Year.

Finally! The I Shot JR t-shirt from Father Ted is officially released.

I’ve heard there was a secret chord, that David played and it pleased the Lord, but you don’t really care for music, do you? Via Kottke. Birds teach their chicks a secret chord, in a way.

Funding drive for a web initiative called. The Wild Geese “a leading Internet gateway focused on furthering understanding of Irish history and heritage.”

How the money flows in tech companies.

Anglo the Musical in negative review equity. But those that got freebies to it loved it. What’s with that. Oh.

Another wakeup call for bands, this one about the likes of Spotify. Though I think this is well known.

Facebook’s take on their Presidential Election data crunching.

David Chang, the Mind of a Chef. Looks like a good show.

The Twinkie defense.

Hudson Mohawke

Fluffy Links – Monday November 12th 2012

Monday, November 12th, 2012

If you build it, they will come. If you don’t build it right or at all, the modern world will route aroun you and build if themselves. James Eggers’ is an example of that in my view.

Maybe you can start with using robots.txt on your website to block Google? It worked for the Times… right? Then maybe you can remove the Google (DoubleClick) ads on your site and the article itself. The Examiner and other Irish papers are getting shitty with Google showing their content in their index. You know, the search engine that brings about 80% of traffic to websites…

Lot of people (some with agendas) knocking The Gathering. However bringing a load of travel bloggers to Ireland is a great idea. Once they don’t do what they did with some recent food bloggers where they ended up showing them the tried and tested tourist traps. We are more than a building with pictures of stout.

Not exactly tweeting reactions while a movie is playing but at the Cork Film Festival you are encouraged to tweet your feedback after watching some shorts.

Temboo, handy list of APIs you can use for your web project and an interface to them.

Bjorktastic. Remember her at the Oscars? Love this top.

Photographing historic moments. And again. And again. Scout Tufankjian got some great ones of Obama.


Fluffy Links – Thursday November 8th 2012

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Teenagers on Facebook and Mobiles. Some stats.

7.24% of teenagers on Facebook are accessing Facebook using an iPad

The Glucksman’s new exhibition on The Experience of Illness in Art looks to be fantastic and with that there’s a symposium on the same subject. People from science, the medical profession and the Arts are going to be at it. Mega lineup. Wish I was around for it but I’ll be in Cardigan learning about denim…

One person’s experience of running the Ireland account on Twitter. Not positive.

How to deal with insomnia. You can also get amber glasses to block blue light. Not sure how effective they are.

RedFly are now giving away their keyword tool away for free. (This is dead handy for anyone into SEO)

Facebook used by Obama to get out the vote.

The campaign found that roughly 1 in 5 people contacted by a Facebook pal acted on the request, in large part because the message came from someone they knew

And related: Liquid Democracy and the German Pirate Party.

Pantone prints, yes please.

Katharine Philippa – Whiter Than I