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Be your own hero

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

Some thoughts as 2008 gently comes to a close. This is the sister post to And?

Why look up at sports gods, business giants or famous entertainers? Be your own hero. Expect excellence from yourself. Expect a high standard. What you expect of those giants, expect of yourself. Line yourself up for challenges and work really damned hard to make sure you carry them out and you won’t be disappointed even if you don’t manage to complete them. Why should a stranger get your adulation when you yoruself should get it? Love yourself. (Not in the making-you-go-blind-way) I see so many people reading business books and biographies of business people and hear them recounting to everyone how these business people are brilliant and worthy of praise. They are but feck that. Why not do and create and build and compete with them? It’s not a monopoly that they hold.

Be your own hero in 2009, you all deserve some adulation. You might be my hero for being your own hero. (Begin infinite loop)

And then there’s this:

Maybe they should be called

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

Director of communications company tells me about C U Next Tuesday on Twitter and how that bad word is in my Twitter profile url and it’s obscene. I act shocked and confused. What ever does she mean? The penny eventually drops and old-skool type deleting of the mess happens (Aside: Oh yes and after finding out Rupert Murdoch owns Facebook, she deleted her profile):

Director of telling Damien what C U Next Tuesday really means

Director of telling Damien what C U Next Tuesday really means

So after that, she deletes all those messages to me as if it didn’t happen. Liam makes a comment and she thanks him for his support:

Liam is thanked for his support

Liam is thanked for his support

He says he didn’t support her. She deletes that message but they still show up in the Twitter timeline.

So the nuclear option is taken, the whole Twitter account is wiped. I’ll leave it to Liam for his take:

Liam's take

Liam's take

There’s a case study in this on how NOT to engage with an online community. I dunno what rule number it is but Rule No. Yellow is: Don’t join an online community and tell them how they should behave on their space especially if done in your language not theirs. Understanding a community takes time, you need immersion. If someone has Cuntfuckistan as their URL then there’s a strong chance it was put their on purpose. It’s not like I bent down to tie my lace and someone changed my profile URL.

Don’t forget those mobiles!

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

Now that you or a family member got a phone for Christmas, donate the old one and win another!

Well Wishes From Friends
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And let us not forget the media in our thanks

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

The wise men have gotten their praise but despite blogs and twitter and all this “citizen journalism” it is traditional media that connects those with the technologies and the new business ideas to those with the money and the power. In Ireland especially, the media still have a strong role when it comes to a business getting custom, name recognition and connections with possible investors, suitors and partners.

Isaiah thanks Santa for his gift
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A few people in the media (but they’re not the only ones) got my attention this year for their tireless work in spreading the news about Irish Tech companies.

We have John Collins from the Irish Times who is a wise and patient person and who has gone out of his way again and again to give Irish companies coverage in his paper. John is a very decent guy with a thorough grasp on technology and business. It’s great to see that they have made him acting Assistant Business Editor in the Irish Times now. Something he has more than earned.

We then have Marie Boran and John Kennedy in Silicon Republic who again work very bloody hard at giving exposure to many Irish companies and are always happy to chat on the phone about what you’re working on. They’ve also given up work and personal time to come along to events too. A lot of companies are quite grateful for the coverage they got. SiliconRepublic also contribute to the Irish Indos coverage of tech too so they’ve really spread the news far and wide.

In the Sunday Business Post we have Adrian Weckler, Emma Kennedy and Dick O’Brien who between them cover technology and business.

Useless Data Protection Commission talks tough while wearing sheep costume

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

Baaaa. More continued bullshit from one of the most ineffectual entities in this state. The Data Protection Commissioner, the one that releases a report with go-faster stripes each year and makes a mini-celebrity out of one case while doing nothing for everything else is now saying they’ll be getting tougher on spammers. Complete and utter bollox. They have a “new weapon” against spammers. Which they’ll keep well polished and stored away for safety no doubt.

2008 they let people reoffend again and again. 2007 they let someone go after harassing thousands because it was their first offence.

How many companies were fined last year after being investigated? How many were dragged through the courts? How many got away with blue murder?

Clown 2
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I’d FOI them for this information but their smug press officer got great kicks telling me a while back on the phone that they don’t come under FOI. It was suggested I send in an information request when I asked for details about the Bank of Ireland laptop thefts. So this is what I sent in:

RTE last week reported that the Data Protection Commissioner’s Office delivered a report to Bank of Ireland which included recommendations to prevent future data loss. Bank of Ireland said they would not release that report. I was looking for said report but obviously with the commercially sensitive information removed. I doubt that all the report is giving away BOI’s IP.

I also wanted to get details of the costs involved in putting that report together. Numbers of staff and manhours involved.

This is what I got back:

As you are aware, no regulations are currently in force specifying this office as a body to which the Freedom of Information Acts apply. As a matter of good practice and with due regard to the privacy of the parties involved, we endeavour to keep both data subjects and data controllers informed of the progress of investigations. This does not apply to your request. Having reviewed your request, I won’t release any of this information to you.

The DPC blow taxpayer money to advise a Bank but refuse to disclose how much it cost and what advice it was. Course there’s a trend when it comes to using taxmoney to keep banks happy. It’s a shame this shower didn’t get culled in the budget cuts because sometimes an expensive and out of synch clock is more dangerous than no clock.

Bloggers and their readers win prizes

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

If Pat is Santa, I’m an elf. I’ve been given four prizes to give away on this here blog in exchange for promoting the Jack and Jill Foundation who recycle mobile phones. Just to note Jack and Jill didn’t provide the prizes but a supporter of theirs and it was thanks to Santa that they contacted me about this.

What does the Foundation do?

The Foundation provides early intervention home respite to families with children up to the age of 4, with severe neuro developmental delay and palliative conditions requiring extensive medical and nursing care at home.

Here’s the deal. For everyone that donates one or more mobile phones to the charity, they’ll be entered into a draw for three prizes (First, second and third out of hat) – a Nokia 5220, a Voyager 815 bluetooth headset and an Elextex rubberised portable keyboard for phones. The blogger who gets these people to donate phones will also be entered into a draw for a Nokia 810 Internet Tablet.

Nokia Tablet

Donating a phone is dead simple as you drop the phone and charger (if you have it) in a jiffy bag and send it to their freepost address: The Jack and Jill Mobile Appeal, Freepost, Ratoath Road , Finglas, Dublin 11

If you collect 10 phones they’ll even send a courier to you.

So if you’re a blogger/run a blog, send your readers this way (this is not a link building thing so nofollow away) making sure they have you as the referer (as in “JohnnyBlogs sent me”) and you could win a Nokia 810 Internet Tablet and if you want to donate a phone leave a comment on this post with the make/model of the phone you’re donating and which blogger sent you this way. Yes, you can donate a phone and refer your own blog so you can be in two draws.

It’d be interesting to see which blog sends the most referers. Game on blogger people!

Me and Irish Rail

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

I should get like a golden seat or powerpoint for all the money they made off me in 2008. These are all my tickets for my Cork-Dublin journeys:


The four wise men of Irish Tech

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

Over the past year and even longer there’s been four people who have devoted a lot of time helping out others in the growing Irish technology scene. They’ve given their precious time without charge to encourage and help as much as they can and it has resulted in a greater body of shared knowledge when it comes to business and tech.

Those four people are Pat Phelan, Joe Drumgoole, Keith Bohanna and Conor O’Neill. At Barcamps, Open Coffees, on blogs and on the oldskool phone they’re regularly dispensing advice and helping people make connections. I’m not sure how much people appreciate these guys but this is my little thank you card on the web for them as this year comes to a close. The Irish startup scene would be a lot poorer without these guys giving their time. Thanks Pat, Joe, Keith and Conor. Maybe we should give thanks back by talking up their work or do what they do and help out others when we can. These guys are heroes.

abacus and words of wisdom
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Made in Hollywood website relaunches, got photos?

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

Made in Hollywood, the people behind the Web Awards props recently relaunched their website and it’s very impressive. They also have a blog but have a look at the props they’ve made for other events. Nice. Fran Hollywood from Made in Hollywood is looking for some good pics from the Web Awards of the Ws that he made. If you have any then email them on to him and he might use them in the gallery on his site.

Made in Hollywood giant choc bar

1 minute survey on mobile usage

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

Dave Kelly has a survey out about mobile phone usage. Just a few short questions are asked. Why not help him out with the survey and fill it out?

Glastonbury Tor
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