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Link love – March 21st 2007

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

She was fucking robbed. It was all a setup. Yer man that runs the Awards is Twenty’s brother like. Of course he was going to win. Shafted she was. The Swearing Lady, ladies and gentlemen. This brilliant woman deserves more attention and if any press people are reading, suggest her to your editors. Original talent is needed and she has it. This has been a party-political broadcast on behalf of Sweary.

Joe Johnson is staying sane while in Germany. He has done this by turning the heart-rendering lyrics of Haddaway into mathematical equations and writing basic maths books for school kids. This has rightly pissed off the other 4 publishers in this strangely enough not-so-niche market. But what is love? Feedburner feed. Twitter profile. LinkedIn profile.

Red Fly is the ointment for your SEO itchy bits. Let me try again. Red Fly at night, SEO delight. Red Fly makes you get found when Googled. So there, you know now.

Adam Maguire was not seen on the grassy knoll. The answer to his motivation is not in Catcher in the Rye. Check out his blog, just in case, you know… Also check out his fab Dail30 project where he hopes to interview every one of the “representatives of the people”.

Fluffy Links – March 21st 2007

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

Seriously now. You’re Microsoft. You want to get a blogger to check out Vista. If you are going to send it to a blogger, don’t send it to the guy who accused you of destroying Christmas. But if you do, make sure it works. Then make sure it works again, then once more and only then send it to him.

Petrol and matches.

The Flattening of Politics conference – May 18th, stateside. I want to go but I do have exams and there’s meant to be an election around then too. Damnit.

Via ICT Station is the IT Facts blog.

So many people just had babies or soon will. Might bulk buy this book.

Best one so far.

Link love – March 20th 2007

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

Nothing to do with Queen Elizabeth and her obsession for wardrobe accessories. Take flying your own plane. Take transgender and you get Hangar Queen. Yeah yeah, mile high jokes.

Staying with the flying theme. Nick Whittome flys naked. That’s what security has come to in this day and age. That’s been the plan from day one. Ok, I’m picturing what kind of searches will be returned for Nick’s name now. Oh dear. Anyways Nick is a Microsoft Small Business Server and Flight Simulator MVP.

Jochen Lillich is a lumberjack. He’s a lumberjack and he’s ok. He’s a lumberjack and he’s ok and he sleeps all night. This is his Twitter. This is his feedburner feed. He cuts down trees, skips and jumps, likes to press wild flowers.

Flirty something‘s blog. Men adore her. Women wish they had hair like that and in 1976 a crack commando unit escaped from a top security military prison to get her attention. Instead they got a TV deal.

Fluffy Links – March 20th 2007

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

I sometimes feel like this.

WTF. Mick points out this horribly placed disabled parking spot. Name and shame I say.

Free because of John Inman.

Euan Semple mentions Reboot 9.0. Anyone been? Looks quite interesting.

Thank you Newswire. A great Limerick blog is gone but at least the archives remain. Well done for a worthy and useful blog service.

Bye bye Ze Frank. Phil has a nice tribute post. Who’ll be our Ze Frank methadone? I just found Nick Douglas’s Videoblog via his Twitter. Nick used to ne the main guy behind Valleywag til management swooped in and pushed him out, though he seems to be back in a way again now. I like this clip of him talking about the Nick Douglas Valleywag persona compared to the real Nick Douglas.

What did the Poles ever do for us? Well, actually, this is an open invite for Irish people to give their views on the Poles.

Love this quote from Sliabh:

And I can tell you you I rarely see a man drinking on their own in a hotel bar. I only used do it in the days before high speed internet access in hotel rooms

How modern business people are changing.

Via TerSuperyacht Chef Niall Harbison was asked to do a video demo of one of his specialist dishes for some video production companies who are interested in possibly doing a show with him. Here’s the results. I think this is the one that tips me over the edge and gets me into the kitchen to try it myself. Now I’m hungry.

Frank is Evil

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

Here is why.

Last chance for tech to be an advantage in an Irish Election?

Monday, March 19th, 2007

Simon McGarr has honoured me by asking me to check into now and then while he tends to one of the future leaders of our country. Hopefully I’ll start posting stuff over there soon. I think it odd that this election might miss out on using video and web tech in general to execute an election campaign while the next election in 4 or 5 years time might actually have people going “Duh, of course we are using the web. Everything we are doing is tied in to the web.” Next election we are not going to be seeing newspaper articles about “blogs” and the shiny new fad of “web videos” and candidates in Mayo uploading videos with the Saw Doctors singing in the background. Blogs and videos will be tools just like leaflets are tools now for campaigns. Seen a newspaper article about pamphlets lately? (Some guy is going to link to one now I bet and prove me wrong!).

There’s been meagre efforts from most of the parties at this stage but nothing spectacular. Labour’s “But, Are You Happy Video?” and the website tie-in was a bit of fresh thinking but that’s surely just a start? The PDs have started doing some videos too and I note Dan is pissy because the Sunday Times didn’t mention him in an article on them. Dan, who cares? The Sunday Times don’t seem to have an Irish website anymore for their articles. The ones who’ll find the YouTube probably won’t be the ones reading a print version of the paper. A political consultant recently told me the average time for reading the Sunday Times is now 14 minutes. If they’re not uploading all that content so it can be found by the great Google then they’re fucked really. What’s the average time spent watching YouTube in an Irish office these days?

As Dan notes, his video has been watched way more than the PDs one. But Dan, your video is still clobbered by another politician. Guess who’s been the most viewed politician though? Trevor Sargent. And where? A YouTube clip of him on Podge and Rodge. 8175 times. 7-8 times more than the next best video. (Roughly) He still comes across as a boring shite though. (Staying with the Podge and Rodge mentality.)

Some Video viewing stats:
Harney asking to give her back her job after the election. – 661 times.
But are you happy? – 696 views
You pay taxes so we don’t have to – 1,100 times (Done twice, viewed 800 times and 300 times)
Enda Kenny looking like a cast member of Trigger Happy TV done to the music of some daytime soap – 1,353 times
Pisstake of Bertie – 1,432 times.
Trevor on Podge and Rodge – 8,175 times.

Irish Bloggers on de tele – 970 times.
The banned Trocaire Ad – 6,401 times.

But Video and blogs are just two bits of technology that can be used and exploited and really are not. This election I think there’ll be some advantage for the party that starts using more web technologies where next-time there’ll be no advantage. They’ll be used by all. So, my glorious and intelligent readers, what off-the-shelf tech do you think politicians should be using to interact with the voters and to run their campaigns? No vapourware shite now please.

Bonus Video. Apple fan? Remember their amazing 1984 video? Now it’s been remixed again for Obama and takes shots at Hilary Clinton:

Morning Edit: Votetube and Simon were name-dropped on Morning Ireland this morning but an interview with Simon was unfortunately bumped. He’ll have his day again though!

Link love – March 19th 2007

Monday, March 19th, 2007

A short while ago I asked who wanted to be added to my blogroll as I was definitely lacking some essential Irish blogs and I said I might do short summaries of your blogs too. I didn’t mention whether they’d make sense, if you recall.

First up is Matt Verso’s and his sisters and his cousins and that nice dog down the road’s blog and according to Matt from one of his posts:

“I’m not really The Man, but I do have his e-mail address”

Well what can you say after that apart from Life Without Toast is a reference to what happens to the Rocky Horror Show if someone thinks about the starving kids in Africa. Feedburner feed. Twitter profile. Delicious profile.

Now over to sligo for Strandhill Online. Being really shit with geography, I never knew that Strandhill was in Sligo, home of the lovely Aine Chambers. Nice to see more regional blogs starting up.

Now over Waterford way for Jonathan Brazil‘s Weblog. This ex-formula one racing star is now laying low in Waterford and working in technology research where he is working on a prototype to make a digital version of the tick you hear from analog Swiss watches. This ground-breaking work could one day win a Noble prize. Feedburner feed. Twitter profile. Flickr profile. Delicious profile.

Former cocker spaniel gymnastics trainer Elana Kehoe walked away from the soon-to-be Olympic sport after a plane crash in the Andes left herself and her team stranded and she had to turn her doggies into a nice fur coat to keep her warm while she awaited rescue. Elana is now a very famous mommy blogger though can still skin anything in less than 3 minutes. Be warned and be aware. Flickr profile. Twitter profile. – Another Rob Synnott creation

Monday, March 19th, 2007

Two days ago Rob signs up for Twitter, less than 24 hours ago he starts playing with their APIs and 9 hours ago he releases Rob, you’re a fecking genius.

It’d be great if the TinyUrl and urls got turned into the final urls so we can see what the sites are. Also, seems to me a Digg like service via Twitter could be made from this too.

Rob also built Irish Politics Aggregator Politics In Ireland and

The over-reliance on one website – Come back

Monday, March 19th, 2007

Apart from GMail, Meebo and Bloglines, the one site I visit the most daily is and now with it down all weekend there’s a gap in my web life. I guess I should log off and go out and try and catch pneumonia or something… Hey Roger. you should set up a tipjar so we can contribute to what is now an essential web service for some.

Fluffy Links – March 19th 2007

Monday, March 19th, 2007

These are fun bears. No Will, not that type.

Via Tim W

Ireland is a micro-state that steals other countries tax revenues. It is not capable of being compared to the UK. It can only survive under the shadow of the UK (and I say this as an Irish citizen).

Interesting perspective.

Via Where’s the Salt? Arthaven in Crosshaven are going to be showing Baraka on Friday March 23rd. Cool idea.

That Government VC fund seems to be gathering dust.

Bellamy doesn’t actually exist, claim scientists.

Tony and Lauren are not bothered:

Gervais is a God:

Borat isn’t as good as the above Gervais bit: