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Fluffy Links – April 12th 2007

Thursday, April 12th, 2007

This lad gets married today and I’m there to feel all single and miserable and get drunk afterwards and become abusive to random strangers and then jump into the water fountain outside. Well that’s what the invite said is expected of me.

7 is the magic number.

Don’t forget to register for ShareIT on April 28th in Dublin.

Don’t forget to come to Silicon Valley in November. Register your interest.

Democracy they deliver or might!

More flashy advertising.

Meanwhile, they want us to be a knowledge economy but we run Windows98 in the schools. FFS.

Children of Men, long shots explained:

Top Gear, where would my fluffy links be without you? Eh?

Auto-pilot engages in 5, 4, 3, 2 … | 400k visits

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

Off to a wedding in Knock, ceremony is tomorrow but heading there this evening. Fluffy posts will be on auto-publish. Heading to Dublin on Friday some time and there til Sunday. Going to see a concert on Sat evening. If you are about Friday or Saturday and want to meet up, give me a shout. By shout I mean text or ring me as email is probably not going to be checked. Must visit the Spar near Jervis for Hortons and see what this fuss is about.

This morning the site ticked over to 400,000 unique visitors since June 2005. In November the counter showed it was at 300k. Here’s the graph: Mulley Stats april 2007

Thank you to everyone that reads the site and leaves constructive comments. Again, as before, thanks to Blacknight and the obsessive compulsive Michele for keeping the site up.

Political Thicko Outguns the real election candidates

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

Edit: It seems YouTube is down or having hiccups.

Going back to this again. People use YouTube for one thing and they use the space in between newsbreaks for another. Party political broadcasts are like some kind of thing you have to suffer through in church, people expect more online than that. If elections were won on pageviews and on YouTube views, well, this lady, er gent, would romp home.

Mary Harney video, 2,265 views.

Political Thickos “interpretation”, 2,281 views.

And now add on the Enda video, 1062+ views.

A fun fact about this is that Mary’s video has had a drastic increase in viewers, ever since the PoliticalThicko was unleashed. It might just have stayed under 1000 views without the help from the bearded Mary.

Fluffy Links – April 11th 2007

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

Don’t forget to register for ShareIT on April 28th in Dublin.

Also, don’t forget to come to Silicon Valley in November. Register your interest.

Seems one of the kidnapped/sell your story to the Sun sailors has a Bebo and bebo are encouraging people to “share the luv” with the guy. How patriotic.

I still miss the Show with Ze Frank. Bring out the DVD already!

Colin Whittaker works for Magnet (who despite their assurances, have abandoned consumer Local Loop unbundling) and is giving a talk at BarCamp Dublin about Local Loop Unbundling. He gave a talk on the same subject in the UK recently and his slides (7MB pdf) are a must-view on how unbelievably fucking complicated and expensive LLU is. I’ll be sending the presentation to some journalists I know and I’d recommend they go to this talk actually. Pity some politicians can’t be made go.

Seems a cheap beauty cream from Boots is so in demand in the UK that people are paying 5 times the retail value on eBay for it. More on here.

Real fake watches. Woo.

Oops, instead of swapping porn, some idiot swapped the designs of a missile system.

Marketers don’t need ads or ad agencies anymore? Having direct conversations with customers instead.

Nice stats on American political websites.

Joanna Newsom in Olympia on Saturday – Anyone want a spare ticket?

Tuesday, April 10th, 2007

I’m going to see the harp playing Mizz Newsom on Saturday, if anyone wants a spare ticket let me know by email. Seating. Here’s an older post about her and a nice video.

EDIT: Still available!

Who watches the watchers, if we had watchers, at least

Tuesday, April 10th, 2007

We need more campaign groups out there. Amazing how little we have. Not Government funded hamstrung groups that spend all their time kissing ass so they can ensure their future funding. Far too many of them about. We need more groups like Digital Rights Ireland for example. Here’s a few I’d love to see:

From my side I’d like to see a group that is dedicated just to ComReg and all the nefarious stuff they do. I don’t think IrelandOffline alone has the resources to tackle this brainless monster. A lean group which just monitors this regulator is needed.

Staying with the theme of regulatory capture, think ComReg are bad? Try the energy regulator. Captain fricking Caveman and co. This is the guy who let Bord Gais raise prices through the roof and then Bord Gais turned around and said “nah, not really” or something like that and made the guy look like a complete wally after he justifying why the full increase was needed.

Cut the Bullshit in IT – CBIT
I’d really like to see a tech representative group to counter the complete bullshit that comes out via press releases from security companies warning about high levels of spam, or viruses, or the fact that right this very second paedophiles are on Bebo waiting for your child to come online. Oh and these groups just happen to be pimping some product that promises to nuke this kind of activity but like any good “product” it isn’t 100% effective so sister products will have to be bought.

Be great to see people brought on to the Last Word who tell these marketing cluetards to shut up. We all know some managers are really stupid and will sign the company up to some new service without first checking with the IT guys, perhaps if CBIT was about, the salesman would get less unchecked airtime. Adrian Weckler can’t be cloned, so we need more people with tech credentials but with a cynical streak. We don’t want the cynicism turned up to 11 though, cos there can only be one John McCormac. And we love ye JMCC!

National Consumer Agency? Celia Larkin looking after your consumer rights? Really? You’d be happy with da? The Consumers Association are a business who sit on far too many Government funded quangos to be independent or to give too much of a fuck. Well-intentioned they may be but I have no respect for a group that is given 1500 quid to attend ComReg “consumer” meetings and then when asked by the EU how everything is in Ireland, spouts the LIES that ComReg fed to them at those meetings. This is what I experienced a few months back when the EU came over to check out the telecoms situation in Ireland. Shame on the Consumers Association.

Teleworking Group hasn’t been updated in years and appears to be offline now. With broadband availability finally becoming a reality, it might be good once and for all to have a group that will guide and represent the needs of Teleworkers. A recent survey said the number of teleworkers doubled but a massive proportion of people who want to work from home and who are allowed to by their empolyees still can’t because of the broadband situation. These people deserve a voice.

The Data Protection/Privacy Commissioner. 6-12 months to investigate a spam complaint. Will they prosecute? Will they feck? Will they follow up on SMS spam? Seems no. Data proection is a good idea, as is data privacy, but is the Data Protection Commissioner doing a good job? Or would this group step on the toes of Digital Rights Ireland?

So, any other groups that are needed? Won’t someone create some flatpack type software/product so groups like this can be created?

Well done John Collins

Tuesday, April 10th, 2007

I thought a blogger other than John would have scooped this!. Well deserved. Send all your tech news his way. So will you also be tech blogging on the Irish Times website?

Just when there’s Paddy Valley – ISA suggests software trade mission to Ireland

Tuesday, April 10th, 2007

IBEC underling, the Irish Software Assocation says in the Sunday Business Post that a trade delegation to Irish businesses is needed. Specifically the public sector. It certainly is a cashcow for road builders and e-voting machine makers. Good idea. How many of the new breed of companies are members of this group? Any benefit?

Nice quote:

‘‘Bebo is software, Google is software, Stockbyte [the Kerry company sold for $135 million last year] is software. Software is not just something that gets delivered on a CD – it is embedded knowledge, whether it is in computer chips, in website, or in more conventional methods. This is an industry that is driven by creativity and innovation.â€?

So while, they have a delegation going to Government buildings, another tech delegation heads to Silicon Valley.

Fluffy Links – April 10th 2007

Tuesday, April 10th, 2007

Fianna Fail are putting DVDs instead of leaflets in our doors? Snazzy.

Walter gives a Cliff notes version of the “Microsoft is dead” essay. Please buy Snipshot – it’s going for a song.

The Union of Students in Ireland cut their links with SIPTU and instead align themselves with drink industry astroturf group MEAS and also with IBEC. Jesus. I can’t stand IBEC for their eircom sponsored crap through the years like: 2″we are the cheapest in Europe for telecoms prices and that those official EU reports are wrong” or “we’re not second last for broadband” or the real doozy: “we are poor for broadband because nobody wants broadband”. This excuse was flipped when the new eircom said it was availablity not demand which was the problem. USI and IBEC. These kids are the future of our country? I’d hate to be poor when they take over.

Farmers Market supplier in the UK found to be ripoff merchants. Hope the came is not the case in Ireland, though I notice some organic veg sellers seem to add a 100% hippy tax on to their good. Organic foods should not be luxury items, right?

So, The Economist will give me a discount and I can get a yearly subscription for just €92 a year. Saving 63% on the cover price. Or, thanks to this UK crowd, I can get the magazine for €72 a year. Quite a saving. Now, do I have time to read The Economist?

Here comes more monetization in Second Life. You can now pay for your real name to be shown in Second Life. I quite like being Casio Tone in Second Life. I can see some issues though for those with the same names as famous people. God love David Hasselhoff of Leap, Co. Cork if he tries to use that name. (Person may not actually exist. Just like KITT.)

Nice timeline of Twitter and Jaiku.

Code breakers – Blogger code not too popular

Monday, April 9th, 2007

Now begins the usual back-tracking. “What I actually meant was…” “I think you got me wrong there, I wasn’t saying” “No, what I was saying is different.” Abort, Retry, Fail.

So who doesn’t like the code of conduct idea? Here are just a few from my own feed reader:

Pat Phelan:

I can personally promise that I will never subscribe to a site or will unsubscribe to one that has this crap displayed.
Whatever happened to freedom of speech. If I don’t like you I will let you know and I totally subscribe to Shel Israel’s living room policy rather than this police state bull.

Paul Watson:

I am on the side of anarchy in this. It comes down to the individual how they run their domain. So long as it is legal I don’t want interference from any party. It is the readership that decides what they read.


While we’re at it, how about an ombudsman, required ethics courses at J-school, and regulation by the FCC? Because that’s worked so well for America’s breathtakingly turgid daily newspapers, and bland network news

Hugh Macleod:

I suppose if it makes some people feel better about their lives, then that’s a good thing. Whatever.

Michael Arrington:

And whenever someone, no matter how much I respect them, tries to tell me what I can and cannot do by defining “civility� around their own ideals, I tense up. It feels like a big angry mob is arming itself to the teeth and looking for targets, and I need to choose whether I’m with them or against them.

Jeff Jarvis:

This effort misses the point of the internet, blogs, and even of civilized behavior. They treat the blogosphere as if it were a school library where someone — they’ll do us the favor — can maintain order and control.

Dave Winer:

If you want to reform the blogosphere, here’s where to start. Have a brigade of people whose job it is to put out fires when they start. To defend the people who no one wants to defend. That, imho, would be a very positive first step.

JP Rangaswami.:

When you take the lyrics of John Lennon, or for that matter even some of the early Bob Dylan, civility is not the word that comes to mind. They’re passionate to the point of being irascible.

Fred Wilson:

Blogs are the epitome of free speech. Let’s not take an iota of freedom away from them.

Jason Kottke:

There has to be a mechanism for anonymous comments, even if they need to be approved before being posted. As the EFF says, “anonymous communications have an important place in our political and social discourse”.

Twenty Major (In the comments on O’Reilly’s blog post):

A blogger’s code of conduct is the biggest load of simpering bollocks I’ve ever heard in my life.

Nobody is clear to the exact words from Ben Franklin but this is close enough to what he said:

Those who would sacrifice essential liberties for a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

I like this variation: Those who would sacrifice Internet freedoms for some pieces of silver deserve to be called money grabbing cunts.