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Worthy Links – 20th April 2007

Friday, April 20th, 2007

Following on from my post about looking for mobile phones, I was asked to mention a few charities in the almost daily fluffy links. If you want more mentioned, add them to the comments.

Markham (you have a blog anymore?) recommends Camara.

Camara has three main activities:
1. We take in second-hand computers that have been discarded by Irish organizations, refurbish them and send them to schools and colleges in Africa.
2. We send out groups of volunteers to train African teachers in basic computer literacy and more specialised technology areas.
3. We produce computer training materials, and educational multimedia content in areas such as HIV/AIDS.

Primal Sneeze points to the Jack and Jill foundation who help sick children and collect mobile phones and ship them to Africa.

Fuck the election, vote for LouderVoice and Pixenate

Friday, April 20th, 2007

Support the Irish at the NextWeb Awards. Vote for LouderVoice and for Pixenate. (They’re in different categories so you can vote for both.)

Fluffy Links – April 20th 2007

Friday, April 20th, 2007

BarCamp Dublin is on this Saturday, you going?

Speaking of which, don’t forget to register for ShareIT Dublin which is on Saturday April 28th. Free business training for startups!

Via Niall: An entire wedding party does the Thriller dance at their reception:

Nooo, they want to destroy Bloggorah by getting rid of lovely girls. Best Blogorrah headline in a while, cos there’s been some great ones: Lovely Girls Lubricate Dick. Why on earth are the PR company defending themselves, why are people not questioning the expense wasted on this?

Mobile phones wanted. Apply within.

Rufus Wainwright – Going To A Town

Why the shootings mean you must support my politics. a new version of the “Why the Bombings Mean That We Must Support My Politics“. Totally interchangeable with “Why the Kathy Sierra threats mean that you must support my code of conduct.”

Neil Gaiman – How to talk to girls at parties.

Web 2.0 Usability – Feedback?

Thursday, April 19th, 2007

Primal Sneeze is looking for some feedback on Web 2.0 Usability.

I’ve been lumped with doing a paper on the usability of Web 2.0 applications. In this context, Web 2.0 means Blogger, WordPress, Flikr, Feedburner etc.

Send your feedback!

Get thee to another BarCamp – BarCamp Dublin April 21st

Thursday, April 19th, 2007

Go sign up for BarCamp Dublin. I won’t be attending but were I going I’d be taking a seat at the following talks, which are but a few of many on offer on Saturday and all free and all set at the Digital Hub in Dublin:

  • Tom Raftery. CIX – Setting up an energy efficient/carbon neutral Data Centre.
  • Eoin O’Dell. Law of Blogs; Blogs of Law
  • Darren Barefoot, Social media marketing, or how I learned to love the mob.
  • Colin Whittaker, The realities of building an LLU network in Ireland.
  • Keith Bohanna & Tom Corcoran, Keith; GTD – my implementation of Getting Things Done – I’ve Practiced, now I’ll Preach, Tom; Spreading the Word – his experience of getting a team up to GTD speed
  • John Ward. Cengal – Selling Web 2.0 to Irish Financial Institutions.

Well done to the organisers of this event.

More free stuff for 3rd level students – Digiweb hosting

Thursday, April 19th, 2007

Lots of ads on offering a free domain and web hosting for a year to college students and others. Sign up here. (I changed the referer to from 🙂 )

Offer applies to 3rd level students, postgrads, teaching or research staff, and lecturers only.

The terms and conditions don’t mention whether you own the domain name or not. What’s the story with that Dan?

Yahoo! and the Beeb launch Hackday Europe

Thursday, April 19th, 2007

Via Tom Coates is news that Yahoo! and the BBC are having a hack day on June 16th and 17th! Yes, hackday is over two days. It’s free and you can register here. The HackDay site is haxorifically cute with all the oldstyle terminal green and text changing as you mouse over it.

More of the blurb:

We’ll have a whole bunch of speakers from Flickr, Yahoo! and the BBC to start us off. We’ll have food—mostly flat—to meet the specialised needs of our guests. There may be booze. I’m not telling. If you want, you can stay awake all night or crash out in a corner in a sleeping bag. The only requirement or restriction (except for the legal ones, which you should probably read) is that you come to the event and try and build something, ideally using some of the stuff that the organisations hosting the event have to offer.

Fluffy Links – April 19th 2007

Thursday, April 19th, 2007

Don’t forget to register for ShareIT Dublin which is on Saturday April 28th. Free business training for startups!

BarCamp Dublin is on this Saturday, you going? (I can’t go unfortunately.)

Come back Julianstown Blog, all is forgiven.

Via MetafilterListening to words allows you to find, listen to and discuss free lectures from around the web.

Here’s a nice new ranty Irish blog. Blog the Bog. Liking it.

Responses from candidates for the upcoming General Election 2007 in Ireland on gay marriage.

iQ Content did a nice piece on Political Party websites. Not much regard for any of them at all.

Spam scammers now using the Haughey dynasty name. 🙂 Greeting gentle brave sir kind, I am Abwallah Maureen Inshoota Haughey…

This here is the blog of Denise Heffernan, it isn’t my blog.

Will it blend is old school. How about Will it freeze? – Using your kid to make a point. Is it exploitation in itself to use a kid to campaign for child health care?

My name is Susie Flynn. I am running for President of the United States of America to help the nine million children who have no health insurance. This is a crisis. These children have been let down, yet the people accountable are doing too little to solve it.

Her announcement to run (Very slick production) – Viewed 2,606 times:

Her message to Congress:

Mobile phone project – Phones wanted

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

I’m hoping to do a project with mobile phones later in the Summer and will need a lot of mobile phones to do it. The criteria is they have to be working. Unlocked would be even better. They need to be able to send texts and make and receive calls. Age doesn’t matter too much.

No, you won’t get them back and no I’m not going to tell you just yet what the project is and to be completely honest, the phone would probably be put to better use if it was given to a third world charity that collects them. (If someone can provide a link to one, I’ll put up here.)

Irish Health system blogs

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

Found a few interesting blogs on the Irish Health system. First is The Bitter Pill – An insider’s view on the Irish Health Service. Blurb:

I’m a junior doctor working in the Irish Health Service, and I’m absoutely sick and tired of seeing nothing being done to address the various problems running unchecked that have nearly brought the service to its knees. I’ve decided that the only way things will ever change is if people who know what’s really going on inside the ranks and behind the close doors speak out. We need whistleblowers.

Then there’s the blog for the Irish Medical Times. Some good articles there so far and one very sad blog post on drug abuse which just uses quotes from parents:

“I went to my local doctor, I just wanted to know what to do. He just said to me, some kids turn out to be scum.”

“I started crying, I was in the bottom of a big black hole. I said what am I going to do now, I thought I’ll give him money for heroin and that will keep him going. We went off to Dublin to get the heroin.”

Another blog on the Irish health system which seems to be a college project.