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Surgically constructed vaginas and all that

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

With the nasty little year it’s been for me, I never got to sit my Summer exams, so had to do the repeats, which were on this week. 3 in total. Property Law on Monday. Yesterday Criminal Law had a question on rape and offered a scenario with a male to female transgendered person with a “Surgically constructed vagina”. The question asked whether she could have been raped. It had lots of other elements in it too like consensual S&M etc. Fun. Today was Tort or “How to sue the shit out of someone”. I seemed to really know the defamation law section of this. Funny that. Anyway, all done and I should get through to 3rd year law. Will I promise to be a good boy next term and study and not skip lectures and that? Come back in 12 months and see.

Now back to living life.

Fluffy Links – Wednesday August 22nd 2007

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

Simon wants to create a newspaper. You in?

Nice prank letter.

I was first thinking Robocop but then I was reminded of the bad guy in Last Action Hero. oh you kooky crazy Marines!

RTE News items plotted on a map. Nice one John Ward. Think a little more fiddling is needed. Donegal is not below burkina faso.

eBay does deal with An Post for their powersellers. About time An Post, now that letter post is all but dried up, they need to start looking at other revenue generators.

Twenty Major does not like the new look, what do you think?

Google backtracks over cutting off Google Pay Video but still lie through their teeth. Will now pay people in cash. The great search engine forgot the details of those that bought videos so they thought they’d send them vouchers instead. Yeah bloody right.

Ooooh. Schulze and Webb are designing a hardware radio for the Beeb that’s all socially and stuff. Webb, as I mentioned before gave a fantastic talk at Reboot.

Foals – Mathletics. We like.

Via You Ain’t No Picasso: Two Headed Boy – John Cameron Mitchell covers Neutral Milk Hotel. Out of synch but it don’t matter.

Jane Says

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

Jane’s Addiction – Jane says:

She pulls her dinner
From her pocket
Jane says
I never been in love
I don’t know what it is
She only knows if someone wants her
I want them if they want me
I only know they want me

Supplemental New Blogs – Tuesday 21st August 2007

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

While we have the New blogs on the block, they seem to be booked out for the next month or so, so here are some other new blogs:

Chewing Paper

Ecobabe – Eco style blog.

Monscooch, great pop culture blog.

Brian O’C’s blog.

fhwrdh so easy to pronounce.

Driving with flats.

Fluffy Links – Tuesday August 21st 2007

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

Want to do Google Ad campaigns and the like? Take this advice from RedFly.

Mmmm, I like this geeky pet rock.

Well they did it. Via a Bebo group, they brought back Wispa. but compare this to the guy who set up a Facebook group that said if he got a 100,000 people, his wife would allow him to name their second child “Spiderpig”. The second was a hoax but surely people can see the marketing potential for stunts like this.

Via Conor “Romance is not dead” O’Neill. Facebook profile for the Sex Pistols.

We need more parking signs like this.

I love that the Daily Show, a fake news programme is the one actually reporting from Iraq now. Reminds me of Jon Stewart ripping into CNN:

Suggesting that a “fake news” comedy program should not be held to the same standards as real journalists, Stewart said, “You’re on CNN! The show that leads into me is puppets making crank phone calls! What is wrong with you?”

Looking good for FaceBook. We can airbrush it for you wholesale.

Nice idea. Search the net to see what the first pic is that someone takes with their camera. Tried to do this via but the results very shabby.

Karl Rove’s father was not only gay but apparently someone big into piercing his genitalia back when it wasn’t a normal thing to do…

Shiny Toy Guns – Le Disko

Press Query: Got a job thanks to Facebook or LinkedIn? Contact this guy if so

Monday, August 20th, 2007

Was just chatting to a journalist who is doing an article on using Facebook/LinkedIn et all to get headhunted/promotions/work. Anyone know of Irish people who have been headhunted using these services or had recruiters contact them with job offers? I’ve gotten a few via LinkedIn alright offering me jobs in the States.

Anyway, if you know of someone are you ARE that someone then fire off an email to Colm Heatley on colmheat { at }

Of just leave a comment on this blog post.

Add me Add me Add meeeeee

Monday, August 20th, 2007

View Damien Mulley's profile on LinkedIn

Well, not everyone uses Facebook so I’ve started linking up to people from my address book who are on LinkedIn. I neglected this site for a while but more and more I am finding old college and school associates that have not yet found the way of the Facebook. It’s nice to reconnect. If you were one of the people that added me to LinkedIn in the past few days, thank you. Go here if you want to add me to LinkedIn and go here if you want to add me to Facebook.

Twenty Major Book Launch – PR Campaign for launch

Monday, August 20th, 2007

I volunteered (without being asked) to do the PR for Twenty’s Book Launch. Being all urban, and hip (Twenty, not me), we needed to also reflect that in the campaign. Now, I hear you say we should do viral and Gorilla but Twenty is far more than that and deserves the edgiest form of marketing and that’s Red Ass Monkey marketing.

Red Ass Monkey Marketing

1. Hire 400 people to go to the Phoenix Park and spell out the words CUNT as a plane flys overhead.
2. Dress up 100 kids as mini-Twentys and have them try and get served in all the Dublin pubs. Screaming obscenities and starting fights. Like the kids from this but with Twenty Masks.
3. “Leak” Voicemails celebrities have left Twenty. Think Twink but not as scary or shrill.
4. Hire a guy to walk on to the set of the Late Late and oh hang on, been done.
5. Stalk Charlie Bird, nothing like free coverage on every news bulletin.

Anyone else got suggestions?

Fluffy Links – Monday August 20th 2007

Monday, August 20th, 2007

Want to write about Rugby during the World Cup? Talk to Gerry.

Shite Drivers is now up and running. Visit and contribute. Niall, I am willing to do PR for the site for free. Just so I can see the word “shite” in print.

iQ Content are looking for a projector manager.

I’m still looking for a sponsor for “Best Blog Post of the Week”

David LaChapelle takes great photos.

Blogging not dead. Just smells that way.

BBC gets social bookmarking. Nice. Expect rise in Beeb stories on various sites. RTE, listening?

How did Skype go down and slowly and sluggishly recover? Lot to do with it being a parasitic network. A few DDOSs and you could wipe out this billion dollar subsidiary of eBay.

WTF. More on the gay “lifestyle choice”.

I want to see this on a bigger screen. Helvetica the film.

Via MeFi – This isn’t easy:

and THIS is just insane.

M.I.A – Bird Flu (she’ll be at Elec Pic)

Using social media to get a job – The not so great ways of doing it

Saturday, August 18th, 2007

I was interviewed this week about Facebook and LinkedIn and all the various social networking sites and whether they are a good way of business networking and ways of getting jobs. I answered in the positive and gave my reasoning and advice. Anyways, I should have reference how NOT to get yourself noticed with social media.

From the wiki entry of Aleksey Vayner:

In October 2006, Yale University student Aleksey Vayner applied for a job with UBS AG, the world’s largest wealth management company. Amused by Vayner’s apparent puffery, an unknown member of UBS staff emailed his application materials to other investment banks. They were soon posted on various blogs, then YouTube, from where they became an immense viral Internet phenomenon

Read the whole Wiki entry, the guy really was caught out a beaut and then his “charity” and “investment bank” and “book” were caught out too. Here’s a video, car crash TV –

Impossible is Nothing:

And a great spoof by Michael Cera – Impossible is the opposite to possible: