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Let’s bankrupt Blacknight – 25% off voucher for shared hosting

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Ok maybe not but from today January 7th to January 9th, if you take out a new shared hosting package with Blacknight and use the voucher/code: mulley then you’ll get 25% off. Why not reblog and reTweet this and Facebook it and all the rest. Not a bad aul deal now in fairness.

readier than ever for the imagination economy in 2009. happy new year, world! "4.7 years old. still in beta?" as the shirt says
Photo owned by wellohorld (cc)

Please note I get nothing out of this myself. Yes, I’m happy to do the same deal for other companies if I think it’s a worthwhile offer to the readers. If you want me to offer a discount to 1500 subscribers and another 1500 daily readers then it’s got to be worth the effort.

Fluffy Links – Wednesday January 7th 2009

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Google says that Irish tech/dev people aren’t good enough for them. As is pointed out, a HR process where 13 interviews over 6-9 months is almost the standard is inefficient and just plain stupid. Who in this economic climate can wait that long?

Fergal of the Tuppenceworth clan is on Turbridy on Thursday Talking Twitter. Suggestions or examples welcome.

How you can help TeenCamp.

Not seen this before. Blog from theunemployed.

Robert Byrne currently rowing across the
Atlantic in a world record attempt. That’s his blog about it.

David O’Keeffe’s blog. Talented bloke says the bio.

Liam, an Irish teen, blogs about religions.

Free “Silverlight Assault Course” in Cork on Sun 18th of Jan. Sign up!

Pixenate gets some updates! The Web2Ireland blog now using Facebook connect.

Miriam Lord’s Political Awards are hilarious.

I already have the t-shirt. No, really. I’m that bad. Objectified – the movie:

Ahh Father Jack. He’s apologising for all those nasty words I called

Layla – Clapton and Knopfler

Fluffy Links – Tuesday January 6th 2009

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

Final few days to donate those Jack and Jill phones before the draw. Still really really good odds to win some nice gear. Any old phone will do.

The next Open Coffee Cork is on Friday.

Alexia wrote a good post on Karlin Lillington’s 2009 “predictions”.

Interestingly Bernie also wrote a piece on it which was published a few hours after Alexia’s, though the timestamp on it says it was published 3 days ago.

Niall Harbison now has his own personal blog and has set himself a goal of 20k visitors a month. Nothing like putting pressure on yourself! G’luck Niall.

Beautiful. Claire has a super-cute business site now for taking pics of babies.

New blog, at least to me. Mark Coughlan.

And DJ has one that was new to me too.

Update. Nope, this is DJs.

Catholic Google. Ye what?

They’re needed. Micro-finances for apps.

Bye bye Donald Westlake. Parker rocked when it came to being badass.

Truth in advertising (Part II)

Revolting Cocks – Do ya think I’m sexy?

How you can help TeenCamp Ireland

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

TeenCamp Ireland is only around the corner (January 17th) and you can help out in a few ways. They’re looking to increase teens registering, they’re looking to have more teens do talks and they need sponsors for food, for the projector and AV and other bits and pieces.

So what can you do?
1. Spread the word. Maybe blog about it? Get them some press. Email some teenagers you think would like to go along. (You know those clever ones who will end up being your boss in about 9 years.) Anyone know those CTYI kids? Tell em. Add it as a note to Facebook. Send it out via your LinkedIn Network. You’re getting the idea now so I’ll stop.
2. Sponsor them or find them some sponsors.
3. Loan them a projector or AV somethings or others.

Let’s get the kids sharing with the kids and educating each other. Or else I’ll send you a special thank you card:

Fluffy Links – Monday January 5th 2009

Monday, January 5th, 2009

Where the hell were ye? I was blogging all over the holiday and you only call over now? Awwww.

Last week to donate those Jack and Jill phones, then the draw. Really good odds now to win this gear based on the number of comments and links!

The numbers for 2008 in Irish Publishing.

A totally uplifting comment from JP on his own blog.

Seen this? Championship manager still game for Irish school kids to learn about business.

Yeah I don’t know is it a good idea in this climate to list your clients who are moving Irish jobs to Poland

Via Paul Conroy: A Flickr group for Far Side re-enactments.

Great take-aways from Loic on how to start a business in 2009. Advice culled from the 2008 Le Web.

Shel provides a nice template on how to write a business book.

Oh dear. Google staff are very cynical about their products if they call their new Friend Connect too “Friend Sense”. Google helps you make money off your buddies.

Sheeeeet. Obama style. This is for you Jim Carroll!

Wikipedia over DNS. Nerdcoretastic.

The Beeb tackles the Daily Mail pratwittery about their staff blogging too much.

Pump up the bass (Not the fish Noel)

Fluffy links – Friday January 2nd 2009

Friday, January 2nd, 2009

New year, new blog from Gav Reilly. And resolutions!

New year, new blog from Liam Burke. Welcome back to blogdom Liam!

Killian from Sinn Féin has some 2009 predictions. A Yes to Lisbon eh?

Top visited blogs in Ireland? Alexa is always contrary when it comes to these things as a few dozen people with the toolbar and your blog as the homepage will boost you up. Kudos to Paul though on the hard work putting this together. Go super-sleuth!

Five things you should know about how to be a Media Whore.

Meanwhile Bargains Ireland tell you how to get around those Ryanair chargecard stings.

This is not a clever marketing idea at all. This is stupid. If people in your coffee shop ain’t buying coffee despite the aroma and look of your products, changing the network names to product names will hardly help. God almighty, THEY ARE IN YOUR STORE and you can’t get them to consume? Network names aren’t the issue people.

They say you use these to make sure you’re getting decaf. I’d use them to make sure the coffee has a proper kick. Guarantee they’ll be used to test your pee.

If you’re a nerd and have a girlfriend (it can happen) and you have no fashion sense (already a given) then you’ll think this Rubick’s cube bag would be a great present for your missus. She’ll probably say thanks too, she is afterall a very patient and understanding girl.

Gaslight Anthem – 59 Sound

This was 2004

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

And who do we have that can get the crowds going like that? Or is getting the elecorate energised below Irish political parties? When is the last time a YouTube video of a politician here got sent around from someone outside of the party?

More pressies

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

A phone and a big telly. Again from Santa Pat. Get entering the competition.

Ones to watch in 2009

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

Photo owned by timsepulveda (cc)

Ones to watch from 2008. 2007.

Pat Phelan
Third year in a row for Pat Phelan. The perennial one to watch, 2009 will not change that. Bigger and better year on year for man who is probably the hardest working man in Irish technology and the most generous with his time too. Some say he’s got a big head but his heart is much much bigger.

Niall Harbison
Chief spud peeler at, he was on the Dragon’s Den earlier this year and held his own. A thoroughly nice and modest chap too. Prolific videographer and blogger. He makes a mean steak and a fantastic cheese sandwich. I’ve seen Niall on Twitter, on his blog and in his videos and the amount of work and the positivity that he brings with it is admirable. His energy gives you energy. Second chef on this list, probably tells you something about the character of chefs as much as entrepreneurs. Fred Wilson and other VCs talk about the founders of a company will always have an influence on it and is going to be huge because of Niall and Seán alone. This is why VCs invest in people, not tech, not business plans.

John Peavoy
Networking god. Seeing John work a room is like watching an artist at work. Always the good word for people, always oozing positive encouragement to people and helping them make connections. Someone like that is always going to make an impact and John is just starting.

Paul Savage
Winner of the Geansai Gorm competition and asker of some very good questions at BarCamp Cork. We’ll ignore all the examples of good social media campaigns he named that nobody heard of though… Will he remain in Germany in 2009?

Sabrina Dent
Oi Dent, I want more than flowers for all these Blog and Web awards you’re winning. Sabrina is far from a designer or “just a designer”. She’ll get involved in what a company is doing or launching. She’ll ring her client up and bollock them out of it if they don’t blog enough or don’t convey their message properly. She’ll tell them using the words “honey” and “fucking” to sort their PR out or their business model. Sabrina Dent is an honest-to-goodness business makeover person and while she might not launch a product or specific service herself, her influence on dozens of businesses and startups means that her reach will go far in 2009.

Ciara Crossan
Ciara sprang up in 2008 at the various meetups in Cork and soon became a scene queen. Someone not at all afraid to get stuck in and approach anyone or everyone in a room. Ciara’s service is great but the real value in the whole thing is Ciara who a hell of a lot of people should get lessons from when it comes to promotions and engaging with those strangers who become your customers and friends.

Darragh Doyle
His blog was born just after the 2008 Blog Awards and he roared out of them. Darragh is going to make a bigger impact in 2009 than he did in 2008. What’s this about a book/writing deal? 🙂 Darragh has covered more news items and the personal journeys of more people than most people in the media would do and he’s done it in a very natural and open way. I don’t think it’ll just be a Blog Award trophy or two in 2009 that will define his success either.

Robin Blandford and David Doran
Robin and David were already mentioned in an earlier post and are working on Decisions for Heroes. Decision For Heroes is going to be much much bigger in 2009. The big time for these lads is around the corner.

Brendan Hughes
Brendan has been working away in FBD for a while now and working hard with the No Nonsense brand online. He also chairs the IIA Social Media Working Group and does U.N. style work from time to time as well. This is a good guest blog post from Brendan. Brendan’s work with and influence on his employer on top of the advice given out by the IIA Social Media Working Group means when it comes to Marketing and PR online in Ireland in 2009, he’ll be a hub of influence. And besides all of that, Brendan is a genuinely decent guy wanting to do good, that philosophy means a hell of a lot.

Patrick Collison
We started with a Patrick, we end with one and another One to Watch from last year. Patrick and John Collison have already been well documented on this blog and Tommy is popping up more and more too. In 2009 John will be kicking ass in the Leaving Cert and fending off advances from the best colleges in the world so I think he’ll be slowed down from changing the world. Tommy will be doing that whole school thing and drumming in a jazz trio in his spare time so I think it’ll be Patrick who’ll once more make an impact in 2009. Dunno how but I have no doubt it’ll be useful and clever.

Who are your ones to watch?

Dear 2008

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

Damien is Free

Thank you.

From the suckiest 2007 to the best year of my life. Some move! 2008 saw me finishing up in my day job and working for myself and being diagnosed with MS. No no, this was good. I got a tattoo with the word “Free” inked on my chest a few months ago just to remind myself of this year and what happened. MS was the best wake-up call ever. It made me realise life is short, most people are worth loving while a few aren’t worth your time at all. I’m caring more and I’m caring less. I’m working harder than ever and loving every single second of it. Work for me now is 7 days a week, 16 hours a day at times and it’s totally fun. Money and tangibles became even less important for me in 2008 than previously. I’m saying “ah well” more than ever before too because I’m taking risks and that’s a phrase you’ll say now and then after you take that risk.

I’ve lost some friends but I’ve gained tonnes more and am now not just surrounded but mobbed by amazing and inspiring people, many of them read and contribute to this blog. You all rock! I’ve got some plans for 2009 and 2010 and 2011 and 2012 as it happens but I don’t care too much if they work out or not. If they don’t: Ah well. The journey is the real fun and interesting bit.

I’ll enjoy being free next year too and whatever number of years after that. Thanks 2008. Thanks to everyone that took time out of their lives to read, to leave a comment (even if calling me an asshole) and to share their thoughts and opinions with me offline too. See you on the other side.