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Fluffy Links – Tuesday March 16th 2010

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Nice progressive idea from Enterprise Ireland, could do with less press releases though!

The Best Connected blog connects the community, Enterprise Ireland clients, Multinational companies with each other and with the Public Sector and 3rd Level education

Gig of the Summer in Cork, Villagers, Grizzly Bear, Midlake and Camera Obscura.

Love the fact that the White House press secretary is on Twitter.

Nice food offers from Milano.

This is beautiful and sad. Old couple uses free listings to meet people to stop being lonely.

Nice intro guide to link building.

Seinfeld takes no shit from Larry King

Bunreacht – Get the Irish Constitution on your iPhone

Monday, March 15th, 2010

August 2014 update. App re-released and available here.

Released by Nathan Shaughnessy is this handy app for law geeks, politicos and everyone else. Bunreacht. And it’s free!

Bunreacht iPhone app

Love this app, very handy. Perhaps urban legend but Mary Robinson apparently carried a copy of the the Bunreacht around with her all the time. For the budding Marys, now it’s an app. (May not guarantee you become president one day) One thing I’d like though is for it to be copy and pastable. Edit: I just had fat fingers, copy and paste works. Rocking!

Bunreacht iPhone app

Bunreacht iPhone app

Fluffy Links – Monday March 15th 2010

Monday, March 15th, 2010

I’ve been watching and dipping into Kilcullen Diary for years at this stage and it was great the other day to finally meet Brian who looks after it. To me it’s a pretty perfect example of what a local blog can do for a community.

I like this, guy in Court in Ireland suffers claustrophobia, Judge moves court outside.

Co-Working club Limerick is kicking off.

Cybercom are looking for a Communities Manager. Nice job that.

Loving it. See the visitors list to the White House.

Bing gets a truck load of traffic from … Google.

Fantastic piece on Gander, small town in Newfoundland that had 40+ planes land there on 9/11 when all planes got grounded. 6k people land in a town that holds 10k people. Lovely story of people looking after others.

Kid Cudi – Pursuit Of Happiness

How you like me now?

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

Fluffy Links – Friday March 12th 2010

Friday, March 12th, 2010

Tickets for Blog Awards 2010 are on sale now.

Alan on Seachtain Na Gaeilge

Philip Glass doing a solo show in Dublin on June 22nd.

New blog: Conor Culkin.

Foxes in Fiction, free album.

Love these bookmarks.

Facebook Pages, good for local businesses, see?

This is one of the best business blogs around. Showing off your product does NOT need to be like a brochure.

Good to see some people can tell Steve Jobs where he can shove it.

Social media campaigns to be regulated in the UK?

Can’t pay attention anymore? Reclaim it.

Jack Bauer Interrogates socky

Mumford and Sons – Cave

Fluffy Links – 10th March 2010

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

New foodie blog, Adventures in Veg.

A polytician is like polystyrene because….

New blog: Pick my brains.

Jeff Jarvis calls bullshit on TED.

Mediagazer is a news aggregator.

Social media: Vital in the newsroom.

Want to submit a project to the next exhibition in the Science Gallery? Biorhythm wants hackers.

Google Public data looks fantastic.

Jónsi – Go Do

Jónsi – Go Do from Jónsi on Vimeo.

Fluffy Links – Tuesday March 9th 2010

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Lá na Gaeilge is coming up. Are we ready?

Also, Ghost Estates as Gaeilge:

“Eastáit na Si” or “Fairy Estates” is, of course, open to misinterpretation in today’s sexually-oriented parlance, but is an elegant Gaelicisation of this modern landmark feature and can be linked to the longstanding regard in which the Irish have held the “little people” or those from an “domhan eile”.

How economics underlies every aspect of the Google business model, blog post from Geary.

Enterprise Boards could be going, via EI comment?

Played with this app on Saturday, use iPhone to survey a crowd. Crowdscanner.

The top ad music of 2009.

Check out what Penguin Books have planned for the iPad.

Using your network to get innovating.

Using Google Analytics to get better stats for your Facebook Page.


Oh hello

Friday, March 5th, 2010

I’m about, just more than a tad busy with upcoming events and that dayjob I signed myself up to. The useless drivel will return soon.

Fluffy Links – Monday March 1st 2010

Monday, March 1st, 2010

The Cork French Film Festival started yesterday. Some good films on the list this year.

Emily O’Reilly not exactly a fan of social networks and the fact that they can’t be trusted sources but it’s not all bad, a previous speech from her shows she does think they have some value and are a good utility for engaging with the populace and promoting the work of Ombudsmen.

And on the idea of trusted sources. Hoax call to a radio station and the press tell the world about Gordon Brown’s tangerine scream.

Excellent post by JP on sharing, privacy and changing cultures.

One step beyond, Google phones can autotranslate documents you point them at.

Nice video of Freelance Whales, live.

Via An Cathach, great ad for Nolan’s Cheddar.

Eddie Lenihan documentary on TG4

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

Eddie should be declared a national treasure. Jealous of Allan and his pics.