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Via Doc Searls: “I was dumpster diving and came accross the abundance of porn in your trash”

Wednesday, September 7th, 2005

Via Doc Searls is this fantastic Flickr photo of a note to a resident about their porn.

“Dear Residents of 2412 Fulton…, I was dumpster diving and came accross the abundance of porn in your trash. I have a friend who would love to have it.

Eddie Hobbs Vs His Detractors – Late Late Show

Monday, September 5th, 2005

Eddie goes head to head with the lobbyists or lobbyist backed FF politicos on the Late Late on Friday night. Should be very entertaining. Eddie has had exclusive interviews with all the papers. I love their definition of what exclusive is. We exclusively talked to him one on one for 10 seconds!

I noticed RGDATA have taken out big ads in the paper to say why the Competition Authority are wrong. Shame on them for doing a “won’t someone think of the children” propoganda style ad by asking us to think about the poor people and the charities who provide for them. Some charities have said killing the Groceries order will increase costs of goods for poor people. I wonder who convinced them of that?

Hobbs again today is all over the papers. Why is it every picture of him has him half scowling and his arms tightly folded? More commentary on Eddie: P45 Rant on Eddie Hobbs, thread on Eddie Hobbs, Bernie creates a list of what Eddie Hobbs wants.

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Sunday Night Bits

Sunday, September 4th, 2005

Via Donncha: This is what it’s like being poor. Nothing pisses me off more than people who try and think they were affected by poverty because they had to go without. Some people never had the with to know what going without was.

Parasites take over the body of a Grasshopper and control it. I sent this link to two people and they both thought it would make a great military application.


Annie Liebowitz – Designers – Alice in Wonderland theme. Result: Cool photos.

Localhost – Bittorrent Filesystem. Not sure of the applications for such a system yet.

Eddie Hobbs: Opinion Piece in the Sunday Business Post

Sunday, September 4th, 2005

Eddie Hobbs opinion piece in he Sunday Business Post.

If the criticism in Rip Off Republic and its presentation style has managed to focus minds on the complex solutions needed to address these problems, the programme has done its job.

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Who couldn’t give a Damn about New Orleans – America

Sunday, September 4th, 2005

Bush certainly doesn’t give a goddamn. His whole administration couldn’t. 2000 murdered in New York, they plunge America into massive debt by invading 2 countries to sort out some DurkaDurkak terrorists. 10,000 black people die in New Orleans and nothing. Jokes with a known racist about sitting on the porch of his rebuilt holiday home.

This BBC reporter’s quote says it all:

The truth was simple and apparent to all. If journalists were there with cameras beaming the suffering live across America, where were the officers and troops?

I’m glad to see the American people outraged about this, but you voted this administration in, twice! Have you finally realised that he only cares for you if you are obscenely rich and white? Only 3 more years of this blundering fool. God save you all.

I’m not a child. No, I am much younger than that.

Saturday, September 3rd, 2005

Bright Eyes – Don’t Know When But A Day Is Gonna Come – Lyrics

I thought one of the lines said “If only I could just speak up I think God would say that there is no truth. There is only you and what you make the truth.”

That is more interesting than what he does sing “If only I could just speak up I think I would say”

Is it true what I heard about the Son of God?
Did he come to save? Did he come at all?
And if I dried his feet,
with my dirty hair,
would he make me clean again?
They say they don’t know when but a day is gonna come,
when there won’t be a moon and there won’t be a sun.
It will just go black, It’ll all go back, to the way it was before.
I knew a lovely girl, with such pretty pride, and every man wanted her, yeah and so did I.
So did I.
But she up and died in a fit of vanity.
Now men with purple hearts, carry silver guns.
And they will kill a man for what his father has done.
But what my father did, you know it don’t mean shit. I’m not him.
So you think I need some discipline, well, I had my share.
I have been sent to my room. I’ve been sat in a chair.
And I held my tongue. I didn’t plug my ears.
No, I got a good talking to.

And now I don’t know why,
but I still try to smile when they talk at me like I’m just a child.
Well, I’m not a child.
No, I am much younger than that.
And now I have read some books and have grown quite brave.
If only I could just speak up I think I would say that there is no truth.
There is only you and what you make the truth.
So I will just sing my song and I’ll pass a hat.
Then I’ll leave your town and never look back.
No, I don’t look back because the road is clear and laid out ahead of me.
I’ll get home and meet my friends at our favorite bar.
We’ll get some lighter heads for our heavy hearts.
And we will share a drink.
Yeah we will share our fears and they will know how I love them.
They will know how I love.
They will know how I love them.
I am nothing without their love
I don’t know when but a day is gonna come
when there won’t be a moon and there won’t be a sun.
It will all go black.
It will all go back to the way it is supposed to be.
Is it true what I heard about the Son of God?
Did he die for us? Did he die at all?
And if I sold my soul for a bag of gold,
which one of us would be the foolish one?
Which one of us would be the fool?
Which one of us would be the foolish one?
Which one of us would be the fool?

Could you please start explaining?
You know, I need some understanding.
Could you please start explaining?
You know, I need some understanding.
Could you please start explaining?
You know, I need some understanding.
I could do good with some explaining.
You know. I want to understand.

Eddie Hobbs: Predict his Google Zeitgeist

Saturday, September 3rd, 2005

The August Google Zeitgeist for Ireland should be out soon. Anyone want to predict what place Eddie Hobbs will take on it?

The Eddie Hobbs post on Dave’s site is bringing a lot of visitors to Dave every day for the past few weeks. I’ve been getting a dozen or so visits a day to a post I had on Eddie Hobbs.

(Sidenote: Feederism is the most popular search phrase that brings people here. Odd, odd, odd.)

Hobbs mania has swept Ireland. He’s in every paper every day, sometimes there are multiple articles. Bloggers have been talking about him nonstop too. Have a look at the search results forEddie Hobbs on PlanetOfTheBlogs.

Who else is getting new visitors to their site as a result of Eddie?

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Friday fast Fix

Friday, September 2nd, 2005

Bits and pieces for Friday:

Firefox SEO extensions. Wel they say they’re for SEO stuff but I think theres some good general FF extensions here.

Using Thunderbird for Getting Things Done. GTS is such a fad but a good few of the tips work a treat. Now I just need to install Thunderbird. 🙂

How to tell how Gay your Gay son is. It’s humour people. Deal. With. It. Trouble is some right-wing biblebashing nut will use it as real advice.

Using VLC to download music videos from Yahoo. Quite handy this.

Like science? Then get thee to Dublin says Karlin.

Civilisation is ending – Gay people adopting in Ireland

Friday, September 2nd, 2005

United Irelander gives his views on Gay Adoption.

He states a few things that I felt I needed to comment about:

I am of the opinion that a child needs both a mother and a father. A maternal figure, and a paternal figure.

How can one morally justify denying a child the right to a mother or a father and placing it in a same-sex environment?

It has been the way of life for human beings for thousands of years for a child to grow up with a mother and a father.

same-sex parents are contrary to the laws of human nature.

Here’s what I posted on the comments.

This concept of the traditional family model is bullshit. The way of human beings for thousands of years has in fact been for a mother to raise the kids and the father to have sfa involvement. It is only recently and in Western cultures where we have seen fathers get more involved in the raising of their kids. If you want to talk about the way it has always been then a child should be raised by the mother and all the father should do is pay for the child’s upkeep.

The tradition too except for the blip in the 19th and 20th centuries is for children to be seen as commodities for the strenghtening of the “family” and its power within a community. Again only recently are kids seen as equals in a family and not an asset to keep the farm going and an extra hand for planting potatoes.

You say two men cannot offer a mothers love. Bullshit. Are you now saying that a man is inferior to a mother when it comes to raising a child? That’s what the constitution says right now and that is why an unmarried man has fuck all rights to his child unless he marries the mother. A woman may have a better ability to raise kids because she has a mother who can pass down advice to her. Oh wait, a man can do that? Is it all about natural instincts then? Seriously, is it?

As for samesex couples raising a child going against nature, that is – it is unnatural, well that’s bullshit too. Firstly, homosexuality is natural. People are born homosexual without any outside influence and in nature itself there are lots of animals who display homosexual traits and pair with animals of the same sex.

Secondly, in nature the male is rarely there post conception. It is generally the mother and other mothers in the community of animals who tend to the needs of the young and raise the offspring. Yup, two or more females (they’d be samesex groups then) raising the young.

The fact that a gay man or woman wants to have a child at all means that the child being born into this world is deliberate. There are no accidents, there is a very well thought out plan to bring a life into the world. If someone goes into that much detail to have an offspring then I would think they are going to make good parents. There have been studies running for the past 30 years to evaluate whether kids are damaged by having same-sex parents and all the results so far show that kids do not go without, that there is no loss for not having opposite sex parents and the kids are raised just as well as if they had opp sex parents or sometimes raised even better.

As for adoption, the checks here before someone gets a kid are very rigorous and the process goes on for about 18 months before you are allowed to adopt. I’d trust the authorities on this one. They won’t let some idiot have a kid as a fashion accessory.

Traditional Family Values: Bullshit
Women better than men at raising kids: Bullshit.
Against Nature: Bullshit

BTW that press flutter yesterday was nothing new. Individuals can adopt. Unmarried couples either heterosexual or homosexual cannot. Only married couples can adopt in Ireland. The Irish Catholic said they know of 3 gay couples adopting from overseas, the adoption board were on the Last Word on TodayFM last night and said it was bullshit. A gay rights group were on and also said the same.

Adam Beecher asked me to blog this

Friday, September 2nd, 2005

This gave Adam Beecher wood.