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Buying fans – How it’s done so simply

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

There’s been a rush of late for agencies and marketing people embedded in companies to get higher numbers on their Facebook Pages to justify their time/money spent being all amazing social media ninja-y for clients.

As long as systems are in place that reward people for numbers, gaming will happen. If you just look at numbers only as a company, you will get gamed by some agencies. It’s actually easy for a business or a model to get 100,000 fans on Facebook very quickly. Or 30,000 Twitter followers. Or even more traffic to your client’s website after you “worked” on it.

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk is a computer to human being interface. You write a mini-program and it gets executed by human beings for a few pennies a go. The example of the 10,000 sheep a few years ago is great. In World of Worldcraft and other games you can hire people in net cafes in the developing world to gold farm for you: Play the game for hundreds of hours to build up you points in the game so you don’t have to.

And so now we have the same for Facebook Fans, Twitter followers and so on. There are probably 1000s or 10s of 1000s of people in developing countries sitting in net cafes who are paid to create GMail acccounts, Facebook accounts and Twitter accounts and then are tasked to Fan or Follow accounts. Automated scripts can create traffic surges to sites or manual refreshes are done. All in the name of numbers. The same people who run dump and run spam campaigns are also hiring out their Fan services.

It makes sense (if you are morally compromised), sad sense that agencies in Ireland are boosting their own numbers in order to tell prospective clients that they will use their huge followings to get them traffic and fans too. The trouble is as Facebook does their purges, all those zombie accounts are killed off and off you go and start again.

How to spot bullshit:
Look at the Facebook Page without logging into Facebook. Is the Irish or UK company big in Malaysia and India? Look at the comments left on the Page, if any.
Look at the Twitter account. Same number of followers and following? 40,000 of both. Software is used to follow any account that auto-follows back. Zombie Twitter accounts. Check their type links. Generally they get about 14 clicks, bit lame for 30,000 “followers”

I’m not pointing out the services but there are a lot out there where you too can avail. But hurry, the gaming has already moved on to Quora.

Forget about numbers
No, really. Get real people. That should be the endgame. Find genuine fans, be genuine with them. That spreads faster than fakery.

Fluffy Links – Friday February 4th 2011

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Sunday Business Post have a politics blog. Oh yeah.

What’s the best social media tip you’d give to your political candidate/party?

Love this story of living life in such a great way from The Little Cheese Shop:

Now, several years later, they live together, with their three children and a dog, in a house on a little hill near the sea on the Dingle Peninsula. Maja has opened The Little Cheese Shop and Olivier runs On the Wild Side

Nice debate for the Sligo/North Leitrim Constituency. The Big Ticket.

Talk: The UK Open Data Initiative – Nigel Shadbolt UK Government Information Advisor. Tuesday, 15 February 2011 @ 12:45

Facebook Places Ireland launches. Quick take.

LinkedIn Skills a response to Quora by enabling people to show off expertise.

Want 15TB of storage for your GMail. You can get it.

Tom Vek – CC

Fluffy Links – January 31st 2011

Monday, January 31st, 2011 – a collection of minimal themes to quickly kickstart your company, business or blog online.

Eireball 2011 – Convoy of classic Volkswagens winds its way around the island of Ireland.

Don’t forget. #mulleybucks are still working for discounts. Let me know if you want some.

Measure It! is on on Wednesday in the Science Gallery. Do come along.

Irish primary schools using Twitter. One on hope and the future.

True Grit comic released to coincide with the movie remake.

Google censoring suggested searches. Oh dear.

Freelance Whales: “Generator 1st Floor” (Tiny SXSW Concert). These guys play Dublin on Tuesday. See them!

Informed Sources

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Years back when I did work with IrelandOffline I talked to a journalist about some telco gossip I heard. Something about the Govt not being happy with some new offering from eircom or something. I asked not to be attributed and to check with others about it. Watching Yes, Minister the other night reminded me of this. The next Sunday the story was printed gave me attribution as “sources close to the Government”. When I read some stories in papers nowadays when they have a “sources” anon quotation and then an on-record quote from someone else, I know that it’s the same person being quoted. I stress, for some. Anyway, enjoy this scene from Yes, Minister series 2 “The Death List”.

Here Jim Hacker leaks a story to the press in the usual way:

Jim Hacker: Where will they run it?

Journo: High up on the home news page.

Jim Hacker: – Not on page one?
Journo: Can I attribute it?

Journo: “Minister speaks out”?
Jim Hacker: – No, no, no.
Journo: Then, where did I get the story? I can’t say, “Officially announced.”
Jim Hacker: “Government spokesman”?

Journo: “Sources close to Minister”?
Jim Hacker: Hold on, I don’t want everybody to know I told you! Couldn’t you do, “Speculation is growing in Westminster”?

Journo: A bit weak.
Jim Hacker: “Unofficial spokesman”?
Journo: Used that twice this week already!
Jim Hacker: The Cabinet’s leaking like a sieve, isn’t it?
Journo: Couldn’t we attribute it to a leading member of the sieve… Cabinet?
Jim Hacker: No…
Journo: How would you like to be “an informed source”?

Jim Hacker: OK. “Informed source.”
Journo: Quite a joke, isn’t it, describing someone as “informed”when his Permanent Secretaryis Sir Humphrey Appleby?

Fluffy Links – Monday January 24th 2011

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Still finding myself type 2010 and not 2011.

Measure It! is on in the Science Gallery on Feb 2nd at 10am.

Via Tommy, James Eggers does a fantastic YoungSci project on emotion and sentiment on Twitter.

New politics/election site:

Dave Winer gives advice to Keith Olbermann. Going to the Internet, I dunno. Conan needed very traditional media to get nice leg up online which he then channeled back into traditional media too. I do like the idea of using all channels/platforms though. Mutually exclusive are both oldskool ways of doing things.

Wine bottle labels with 3D bits. Wonder if you leave your 3D glasses on when drinking, what happens.

Iron and Wine stream their album on the TeamCoCo website. Nice alignment of Conan and bands.

Brian Rossi emailed and asked to mention some of his songs.

Fluffy Links – Friday Jan 21st 2011

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Some great posts from Darragh on getting to know and getting used to his new guide dog.

Love this post about spaces and navigating even the ones you already know. allows you yo analyse the purchasing and operating costs within your business and generate a report outlining potential savings.

The Washington Post opens a Facebook Marketing agency.

Good post about Facebook ads and cost of acquisition.

Via Swiss Legacy. Visual accoustics docu.

Nine Inch Nails – Dead Souls

Social Media and Political Parties in Ireland

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

It’s going to be an Internet election in Ireland? Bollox it is.

There are two million people in Ireland on Facebook.

Fine Gael has 2776 fans on Facebook.
Fianna Fail has 1770 fans on Facebook.
Labour has 1421 fans on Facebook. It also has 1960 “Friends” on a personal profile which is against the Facebook terms and conditions and is still interacting with people as of today.

0.13% are fans of Fine Gael
0.0885% are fans of Fianna Fail
0.07105% are fans of Labour

17,000 Irish people are fans of Barcardi. Why like? That’s 0.85% of Irish Facebook users.

Spin SouthWest meanwhile has 58,000 fans. That’s 2.9% of Facebook, for a regional station?

If the excuse is Facebook has the wrong demographics then it shows the total ignorance involved in this. Every demographic are on Facebook and in very large numbers. The election in March is still going to be done the old way by the old faces with a few appointed kids fake tweeting and Facebooking for the parties. And they’ll pat themselves on the back for it afterwards too in their special advisor or quango roles.

More five second analysis of everything the parties are doing wrong will probably follow. Love Damien, who apparently consults for a political party.

Social Media Cushions

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Saw some of these on Etsy a while back. Found a local Irish maker of them: Heli Designs. Heli will happily make them for you too I should think. Yes, logos for Irish sites can be done/are on the way.
Social Media Icons/logos Cushions

Fluffy Links – Monday 17th January 2011

Monday, January 17th, 2011

MulleyComms bits:
Survey of Irish Teens and how they consume media and what they pay for.

As a follow on: How to get into the Irish Times for €500.

Cork course not taking any more bookings but Dublin Evening Social Media Course is still game for bookings.

Other bits:
UCC also offering a course in online media, have a look.

There are things to do in Dublin. Besides pubs! The Dublin Event Guide.

List of Irish video production companies.

Banter & Barry’s Tea: ‘Well Done Steak: Irish Food in 2011 & Beyond” 27 Jan @ TheTwisted Pepper

90 min lecture from the guy that did the titles for Spiderman, Iron Man and more.

Alex Ferguson talks Michael Collins and more to Colm Murray. Audio.

Irish Politicians app. More a dig at em than a polnerd app.

James Blake – Limit to your Love. I like this song. Rest of his album is far too much of autotune.

My favourite web thingymajig

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

John suggested I ask people this:

What is your one single favourite thing on the whole Internet? A person, a website, a piece of content like a photo, video or song or?

Rules (if you believe in such things):
Go off and have a think about this if you like and then come back.
You’re only allowed one and it must be your absolute favourite thing.
When leaving the comment, please include a short sentence as to why it is your fav
If you want to make this anonymous, please do.