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Link love – March 19th 2007

Monday, March 19th, 2007

A short while ago I asked who wanted to be added to my blogroll as I was definitely lacking some essential Irish blogs and I said I might do short summaries of your blogs too. I didn’t mention whether they’d make sense, if you recall.

First up is Matt Verso’s and his sisters and his cousins and that nice dog down the road’s blog and according to Matt from one of his posts:

“I’m not really The Man, but I do have his e-mail address”

Well what can you say after that apart from Life Without Toast is a reference to what happens to the Rocky Horror Show if someone thinks about the starving kids in Africa. Feedburner feed. Twitter profile. Delicious profile.

Now over to sligo for Strandhill Online. Being really shit with geography, I never knew that Strandhill was in Sligo, home of the lovely Aine Chambers. Nice to see more regional blogs starting up.

Now over Waterford way for Jonathan Brazil‘s Weblog. This ex-formula one racing star is now laying low in Waterford and working in technology research where he is working on a prototype to make a digital version of the tick you hear from analog Swiss watches. This ground-breaking work could one day win a Noble prize. Feedburner feed. Twitter profile. Flickr profile. Delicious profile.

Former cocker spaniel gymnastics trainer Elana Kehoe walked away from the soon-to-be Olympic sport after a plane crash in the Andes left herself and her team stranded and she had to turn her doggies into a nice fur coat to keep her warm while she awaited rescue. Elana is now a very famous mommy blogger though can still skin anything in less than 3 minutes. Be warned and be aware. Flickr profile. Twitter profile. – Another Rob Synnott creation

Monday, March 19th, 2007

Two days ago Rob signs up for Twitter, less than 24 hours ago he starts playing with their APIs and 9 hours ago he releases Rob, you’re a fecking genius.

It’d be great if the TinyUrl and urls got turned into the final urls so we can see what the sites are. Also, seems to me a Digg like service via Twitter could be made from this too.

Rob also built Irish Politics Aggregator Politics In Ireland and

The over-reliance on one website – Come back

Monday, March 19th, 2007

Apart from GMail, Meebo and Bloglines, the one site I visit the most daily is and now with it down all weekend there’s a gap in my web life. I guess I should log off and go out and try and catch pneumonia or something… Hey Roger. you should set up a tipjar so we can contribute to what is now an essential web service for some.

Fluffy Links – March 19th 2007

Monday, March 19th, 2007

These are fun bears. No Will, not that type.

Via Tim W

Ireland is a micro-state that steals other countries tax revenues. It is not capable of being compared to the UK. It can only survive under the shadow of the UK (and I say this as an Irish citizen).

Interesting perspective.

Via Where’s the Salt? Arthaven in Crosshaven are going to be showing Baraka on Friday March 23rd. Cool idea.

That Government VC fund seems to be gathering dust.

Bellamy doesn’t actually exist, claim scientists.

Tony and Lauren are not bothered:

Gervais is a God:

Borat isn’t as good as the above Gervais bit:

What’s that gobshite doing on the television?

Sunday, March 18th, 2007

So a few days after the blog awards it was my 30th birthday and I really was too tired to go out for it but got dragged out the following night by my friends. Even though I didn’t want to.

Then they gave me my present. Which was a red jumper. You can tell my gratitude with that overjoyed expression on my face.

Big Red Jumper

I was then made wear this jumper without any sleeves. Still not knowing what was up. Thought I was going to get slippers and a pipe next or something. So I start opening the next present.

More present opening

And then it clicks with me when I see the cutout of a TV:

A line from Father Ted where Jack is giving out about Dougal being on the telly: “What’s that gobshite doing on the television? ” which is what one of them said when I was on the news talking about blogs.

Gobshite on TV

So then with my red jumper on and the cut-out of a telly, they made me re-renact the scene from Fr. Ted. Which was helpfully printed out in neat type on the back of the telly. Not that I could read it without my glasses.

After that they gave me a cake and had me cut slices from it. It was then I discovered that…

Cake Jumper

They had baked me a cake jumper. A Father Ted reference that I actually failed to get.

Oh yeah, here’s the cringeworthy YouTube of it. Warning, excessive Cork accents:

Satisfied Mind

Saturday, March 17th, 2007

Covered by Jeff Buckley, Johnny Cash and a whole heap more. Buckley sang this at a tribute to his father in and around 1991 and his recorded version of this was the last song played at his own funeral just a few years later.

how many times have you heard someone say
if I had his money, I would do things my way
but little they know, that it’s so hard to find
one rich man in ten with a satisfied mind

money can’t buy back your youth when you’re old
friend when you’re lonely, oh peace to your soul
the wealthiest person is a pauper at times
compared to the man with a satisfied mind

my life is over and my time has run out
my friends and my loved ones, i’ll leave these no doubt
one things for certain, when it comes my time
i’ll leave this old world with a satisfied mind
i’ll leave this old world with a satisfied mind
my life is over and my time has run out

my friends and my loved ones, i’ll leave these no doubt
but one things for certain, when it comes my time
i’ll leave this old world with a satisfied mind
one things for certain, when it comes my time
i’ll leave this old world with a satisfied mind

200,871 spams since June 06

Saturday, March 17th, 2007

Installed Askimet in June 06 and from then til now it has stopped over 200k spams. God bless 🙂

Update: Nothing compared to Techcrunch though. 15,000 spams a day!

St Patrick wasn’t a Saint – Next we’ll hear God is make believe

Friday, March 16th, 2007

Via the Blakester.

Yeah I dunno why I called him that either…

I’m reminded of Dougal questioning his faith.

More Irish Election candidates on YouTube / gets an Election Forum

Friday, March 16th, 2007

The Western people reported on two Mayo Dáil candidates doing YouTube campaign videos. Fianna Fail’s Frank Chambers and Fine Gael’s John O’Mahony both have videos on YouTube but they’re quite different. Chambers’ video takes place in his kitchen whereas O’Mahony’s is a medley of photos and screens listing his promises and contains music from the Saw Doctors and some other Irish band.

This is Frank’s – “Be Frank, Vote Chambers”.

Not a bad video apart from the looking down too often.

Frank then has local people giving their video support but the trouble is it looks staged. Maybe it’s just nerves but it does feel like the guy is reading from a script.

All Frank’s videos can be accessed here.

This is John’s – Vote John O’Mahony

Slicker, more like the usual political TV spots. No video of the man himself talking to the people. I’d prefer the human touch of Frank’s.

Here’s an interesting fact. Frank’s video was uploaded around the same time as the Labour Party’s “But, are you happy?” video and the Labour video has been viewed 639 times. Frank’s has been viewed 891 times. O’Mahony’s was uploaded two weeks ago and has been viewed 486 times.

Meanwhile now has an 2007 Election forum.

Finally press released about the ShareIT day in Cork

Thursday, March 15th, 2007 press release about ShareIT finally out the gap. Let me know if you want to go along to it and please pass it along to people who you might think would be interested in going too. So far takeup has been fairly slack but I’ve not had time to promote it well, what with other things but I’m sure people will be sick of mention of it by next weekend.