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Fluffy Links – Monday July 2nd 2007

Monday, July 2nd, 2007

Back in Ireland and the Fluffy links are back.

Macdara is moving to wordpress. Good. Blog looks much better already.

Pink champagne Sorbet. 20 quid a tub though! Yeah I still will buy it methinks.

Via Clare Dillon is news that the NUI Maynooth team that won the Irish Imagine Cup showcased their entry on the Microsoft Island in Second Life. Nice boost to them. They’re off to Korea now in the world championships. The product they built was an 0ff-the-shelf product that uses webcams to teach people sign language. Very clever in my view. You can read more on their website:

Oh bollards!

I don’t have interesting neighbours, unlike some.

Flirty has moved to Update your bookmarks, if you are all old school and still use them.

I never realised video games and games consoles were banned in Greece. The EU are not liking it either.

7 Hours sitting on the tarmac before their plane set off. Delta are loving this video:

One dead iPhone:

Sufjan, Sylar and John Wayne Gacy Jr.:

Paddys already in the Valley, er, San Fran – The Collison brothers

Monday, July 2nd, 2007

John Collison added me to his Twitter this evening and with a lil clicking about, I found his blog and his brothers’ blog. Seems these two Irish lads are working at a startup in San Fran called Auctomatic along with a few other people. Auctomatic plugs into eBay and makes the life of a seller easier, I think. Auctomatic is funded by yCombinator and some Angel funding.

Auctomatic are: Harjeet Taggar, Kulveer Taggar, Patrick Collison and John Collison.

Patrick won the Young Scientist in 2005. He only reinvented LISP, dontchaknow. 😉 John is in transition year in school , is that right John?

Update: They have investors that include Paul Buchheit, he of building GMail fame and he of suggesting the “Don’t be evil” Google motto. Imagine having Paul as an investor. Nice.

If Paddy’s Valley happens, we should call in. In fact, maybe they should give us classes?

The Officeless Office

Sunday, July 1st, 2007

Forget paper, when I got my new computer, I consciously decided not to install any Microsoft Office software or OpenOffice. The past 6 months of writing for the Tribune and ENN, I’ve been using Google documents to do so and it has worked out really well. Lots of stuff needs to be fixed to make it a little more usable but for someone that doesn’t need anything complicated but a little bit of formatting, it’s fine. Well it is, until you get this error, which I’ve gotten a good few times in the past few months. When that happens, I fire up Notepad.

Stupid Google Docs

More Twits added

Sunday, July 1st, 2007

Not been paying attention to those who added me as a friend on Twitter. It seems there’s been a bit of growth of late of those people signing up to Twitter from Ireland. I’ve now added the following to my Twitter feeds in Google Reader:

Eamon Leonard.
Eoghan McCabe.
Maryrose Lyons.
Bill de hOra.
John Ward.
Niall Byrne aka Nialler9.
Paul Campbell.
Stewart Curry.
Triona Carey.
Paul O’Mahony.
Niall Larkin.
Aisling Coppinger.
Update again, a few more:
Manic Mammy.
Fiona O’Neill.
Marcas O’Duinn.

Hi everyone! Also, here’s my public Google reader feed of the Irish people I know that are on Twitter. Happy to send on my OPML file too. This is me on Twitter.

Regulatory Capture – Green Minister completely sells out

Sunday, July 1st, 2007

Being away all week I missed this, but Via Adrian Weckler is news that Eamonn Ryan is now being run by his civil servants who say everything is fine in broadband Ireland. It is a shame that a party I gave my vote to is now signing off on lies that they once called shenanigans on. Between this and kissing the ass of corrupt ComReg in the same week it really angers me. At least with Fianna Fail, you knew they’d carry on doing what they did which was nothing. That’s not hypocrisy. A Green Minister now copying and pasting from previous statements by Noel Dempsey after complaining so much

I’ve been told that Minister Ryan used to read my blog along with other Green TDs. Here’s the story to any of you folks who still do. Irelandoffline might be gone but I will happily monitor all press releases and statements and point out to my press list the utter hypocrisy of your new statements.

Best of luck to Michele Neylon at Miss Ireland

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

Representing Carlow I believe. Nice to see gender equality has reached the Miss Ireland show.

Eat, drink and be techie

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

Bit late to the game on this but on Monday evening Paul Walsh is hosting a very interesting and what looks to be a very impressive evening called Curry 2.0 where a bunch of folks will compete with each other over good food by pitching their idea, not to a suit, but to a waiter. Sounds fun. There’s a nice lineup too. It being a school night, I won’t be able to go up there but were I able to I’d be going to this networking event. I think a few journalists might go along and I’m emailing a few I know to see are they interested.

Now back to Cork and on the topic of booze. Tom Raftery is hosting an OpenDrinks event on Saturday July 14th at which Jennifer Pahlka, one of the organisers of the European Web 2.0 Expo, will be attending.

Then there’s all those OpenCoffee events in Cork, Limerick and Dublin. Great to see more and more good networking events happen.

To Mr. Taxi Driver who damaged the Volvo at the train station and carried on

Friday, June 29th, 2007

I got your reg number and I got your taxi licence number and so does Angelsea Street Garda station now. I cannot believe that you carried on going after you scraped the side of your cab off the parked car. Yes everyone, the troublemaker is back.

For those new to my blog

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

Hello and welcome etc, for those who have recently subscribed to this site and wonder is it always this quiet (in between DIGG submissions) then the answer is no. I’m away this week but generally this site is updated twice a day or more. Every weekday morning is a post known as the “Fluffy Links” which contains links to other sites of things that I find odd or interesting or interestingly odd. I can include embedded videos too. Around lunchtime then I tend to put up a post that uses a little more of my brainpower and engages the audience a bit more. Of late I have also been sticking up music videos later in the evening. So there you go, this is how it goes generally.

If you’re new to this blog, why not introduce yourself in the comments?

Meanwhile, if in Cork, go see this

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

They never froze Walt Disney.