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Fly me to the moon – Evangelion redone

Sunday, July 22nd, 2007

Via Elderly Gamer:

Rebuild of Evangelion is an announced Tetralogy of animated films in the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. The first three movies will be an alternate retelling of the TV series (including new scenes, settings, backgrounds, characters), and the fourth movie will be a completely new conclusion to the story.

Rebuild schedule thus far:
EVA:1.0 (2007)
EVA:2.0 (2008)
EVA:3.0&FINAL (no release date)

Hmmm. Not at all sure of this.

Sorry about the Lotto thing

Saturday, July 21st, 2007

No winner cos I forgot to do it. Won’t happen again.

Lemmings – Networking events and Twitter mean mass consumerism

Saturday, July 21st, 2007

Via Walter Higgin’s Twitter is the story of how Gordon Murray from eWrite brought along his Nokia 770 Internet Tablet to Open Coffee Cork. A quick showing around and with a pricetag of €100 ex VAT and Walter decided to buy two, Rory bought one and Diarmuid bought four apparently. Walter’s Twitter evangelising of it then got Conor, myself, Niall and Elly to buy one. So 24 hours later and 11 have been purchased, all as a result of one person at an event yesterday.

Nokia 770

Interesting to see the chain-reaction to something like this. I think were it not for Walter’s evangelising, I probably would not have purchased one. I’ve seen this bargain being discussed on for weeks now and was not tempted but the minute it got closer to home, the level of trust went up for me and I was easily persuaded to part with my money. It might also to do with the fact that I saw Walter’s delicious feed and saw him bookmarking all these resources for the device, showing me the abilities of the device as shown by people and not corporate tech specs. Also, I’m sure the fact that Walter for me can be a local point man (in a way) for the Nokia 770 helped. (Yes Walter, you’re my tech support for it.)

I wonder can sites like LouderVoice tap into that? A way of adding other reviewers as friends and having a filter so that reviews from this closer network gives them a higher ranking than any of the uber-reviewers that are out there? And stagger it down so friends of friends come up next etc.

I think if a company can figure out how to make your friend a salesperson then their sales rates would go through the roof. Of course your friend can’t see themselves as a salesperson or get monetary reward as then monetary motivation can skew their recommendations. If a company can provide free evangelising tools for their products, perhaps this is one way of increasing sales. Of course the first step in all of this is to make a great product.

VHI Robbing Bastards – Pay us more or we’ll let granny die

Friday, July 20th, 2007

For the second time today I heard €500k a year salary Vincent Sheridan from the VHI on the radio suggest that without yet another hike in VHI fees, people would die. Apparently charging 1.5M members an extra 8% means they won’t kill that puppy. This guy is obviously getting communication lessons from one of the ones that teaches the politicians to lie professionally. Prick. How dare you guilt trip people and try and say that without more money coming in, people will be denied treatment. Do we live in a country where people are denied the best cancer drugs because they are not on VHI? Because that’s what this guy is saying.

BT Ireland to offer 8Mb broadband via LLU

Friday, July 20th, 2007

This was in the Irish Times today:

BT has just upgraded its equipment in six Eircom exchanges to ADSL2+ which will provide speeds of up to 8MBit/sec, which Mr Maloney says is more than adequate to provide new TV-over-broadband services.

The service is available to new BT customers connecting to the Tallaght, Dún Laoghaire, Dolphins Barn, Terenure, Merrion and North Main (Upper O’Connell St) exchanges in Dublin.

Costing €42.50 per month, existing customers will be able to move to it from September.

September is when eircom allow hassle-free movement to LLU which will allow you to keep your number. Makes sense. Nice to see BT start doing something with LLU again. Should mean more competition for Magnet and Smart.

Fluffy Links – Friday July 20th 2007

Friday, July 20th, 2007

This is the most fantastically nerdy and clever thing I’ve seen in many a year when it comes to bargain hunting. Use http headers to check how long a car ad has online and with that info leverage your bargaining skills. Brilliant. DIGG it if you want.

Indo talk about eircom splitting up. Something I discussed on Monday. Yay for validation.

Una did some live blogging yesterday. Twenty did it before too. Perhaps Una should take it one step further and sign up to and do live TV from wherever she is. One mobile broadband card, one video camera or Nokia N95 and live 🙂

Just cos:

Irish Tech Vapourware – Making a list

Friday, July 20th, 2007

So what were the greatest pieces of Irish Tech Vapourware ever? I asked this on Twitter yesterday. Steorn, Digital Terrestial Television, Broadband via balloons (yes ComReg suggested that), the mobile web, Unison set top box…

For those not friendly with the term, Vapourware is a product that was much hyped and promised but never materialised but is on the way still, no, really, trust us.

Anyone else got suggestions?

Digiweb announce mobile broadband – For, uh, the Fingal Area

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

From their newsletter:

Back in May, we announced details on our Mobile Broadband plans after being awarded the 088 mobile number. If you are in the Fingal County area and would like to get your hands on the hottest technology around, contact our Business team on 1800 94 1000 for pricing and plans – you won’t be disappointed!

Well it is mobile, in a very localised way. If you are interested in signing up when the mobile broadband service moves outside the Fingal County area, then you can fill in this form.

EU to put stop to IRMA suing filesharers?

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

Via Torrentfreak (and other sources 😉 ) it seems that ISPs might only be legally allowed to hand over details of filresharers in criminal prosecutions.

Kokott, top legal adviser to the European Union’s highest Court said that while it is a requirement for ISP’s to divulge personal details in criminal cases, the law does not have the power to force them to disclose the same in a civil case. In Europe, the personal, non-commerical sharing of copyright works is a civil issue.

The statement was issued to help judges come to a decision in the case involving Promusicae – a Spanish music industry organisation – and Telefonica, Spain’s biggest ISP. Promusicae sued Telefonica after they refused to reveal the identities of some of its customers who were accused of swapping copyright music using the file-sharing software, KaZaA. If it had been successful, Promusicae would have used the information to take legal action against those it accuses of sharing music to which it holds the rights.

Begin intensive lobbying from record companies round about … now.

Makes me wonder about suing anon bloggers for defamation?

Aodhan Cullen – Businessweek Young European Entrepreneur

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

Congrats Aodhan. Very very well deserved. Been using Statcounter for years. Fantastic service.

From a press release:

Dublin; Thursday, 19th July, 2007: Dublin born Aodhan Cullen, founder of Irish headquartered StatCounter, has been named as the Businessweek Young European Entrepreneur of the Year. StatCounter, which provides free web site traffic statistics, has 1.4m members 40% of which are located in the US. 24 year old Aodhan Cullen started the business when he was 16.

“I would like to thank Businessweek and those who selected me,” commented Aodhan Cullen. “This is not really an award for me but recognises our members who have helped us to build one of the most popular web analytical services and web sites in the world.”

Cullen, a graduate in 2004 of DCU, was always interested in running a business. At the age of 12 he set up a business typing CVs. He then got into developing web sites. From here the idea for StatCounter was born. “Clients kept saying to me ‘the site is great Aodhan but is anyone actually visiting it?’” It was this experience that sowed the seeds of StatCounter.