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Sunday, October 5th, 2008

netVisionary Awards
The voting round for the IIA Net Visionary Awards are now open and will remain so until October 17th. I’m shocked at how many people I know are on that voting list. Bloody bloggers are everywhere. Every one of them deserves to be on it too. Nice to see new talent being recognised as well.

The public vote is hugely important for the Net Visionary Awards and you can win based on the number of people who vote for you (this is what I was told last year) so make sure to vote for those people you think should win and spread the word too.

Best of luck to everyone!

Fluffy Links – Friday 3rd October 2008

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

7 reasons why the recession could be a laugh.

Via Roger Nick Thinks

everyday i play a record for my dad and transcribe the conversation we have about it.

O2 Blog Post of the Month.

Woah, Kieran is running a military operation, not a food awards.

Neil Gaiman is on a book tour. Each night he reads a different chapter from the book. It’s videoed and out online. Oh yeah.

How do you make a gay pride t-shirt with rainbow and all even gayer? Here’s how.

Wicked use of Craigslist.

Kevin Mitnick carries a lot of tech with him. Shesus. Utility belt anyone?

Ecuador’s new constitution gives Nature some rights.

Fun Italian car dealer.

Halo 3: Instant Karma. Only saw this ad now. Fun.

Fluffy Links – Thursday October 2nd 2008

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

Barcamp Cork II – November 1st. Do come along, it should be fun. Sponsors sought too but do remember this is massively non-commercial. pays tribute to Twenty
on his retirement. I guess if Bertie can go, so can Twenty. Should we call him iar-blogger?

Emily Tully has a new documentary series on the Wives’ of GAA stars. It goes out on Today FM each Sunday for October.

Pat Phelan, not a pirate though he does allow consumers to relieve telcos of their fortunes.

Win two tickets to the Future of Web Apps event in London.

Leaning on a Shovel, the blog for

The Tuesday Push – in numbers.

Via Enda iPhone Coasters.

Never been to this place. Sounds interesting and so very old school. I like old-skool cafs, they have character and interesting characters.

Anyone remember this ad? Genius

Where’s me laptop?

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

Ruairí Quinn aka Quinn Kong* to those in the Labour inner circle has been asking all the Govt Departments what IT equipment they lost so far in 2008. Interesting reading.

Here’s the list:

Dept of Taoiseach:

No computer, desktops, laptops or other data devices, such as blackberries and memory keys, have been reported missing or stolen from my Department to date in 2008.

Dept of Enterprise, Trade and Employment

My Department’s records indicate that to date in 2008 one laptop has been reported stolen, one laptop reported missing and one BlackBerry device reported stolen. None has been recovered or found. There have been no other computers or data devices reported lost, missing or stolen during this period.

It is my Department’s policy to invoke the facility to remotely erase all data from a BlackBerry device as soon as it is reported missing, and immediately cancel the subscription with the service provider. In the case of the stolen BlackBerry it was not possible to do this locally and the device was disabled by the service provider at my Department’s request.

So if a Blackberry is stolen you wipe the data from it LOCALLY, as in if it is nicked but the robber is there with you, you wipe the data? No remote wiping then?

Dept of Finance

To date in 2008, one memory stick has been reported stolen and has not been recovered. I understand that no sensitive or private data was compromised with the loss of this device.

Dept of Health and Children

To date in 2008 there has been one item of ICT equipment reported lost, missing or stolen. This relates to a Blackberry which was stolen from a member of staff. It has not been recovered. I understand the device was password protected and that no sensitive or private data were compromised with the loss of this equipment.

Dept of Transport

There have been eight instances of laptop computers, data storage devices and memory sticks that have been reported lost, missing or stolen from my Department to date in 2008. These instances included five laptops and three Blackberries. Of these, four laptops and one Blackberry were subsequently recovered.

Dept of Justice, Equality and Law Reform

Dept of Foreign Affairs

In the period in question two Department owned laptops have been stolen and one Department issued USB memory stick was lost. None of these items have been recovered to date.

These devices did not contain any sensitive data and both laptops were encrypted.

Dept of Arts, Sport and Tourism

Dept of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs

I am informed that no such devices were reported lost, missing or stolen to date in 2008.

Dept of Social and Family Affairs

The following data devices, owned by the Department, were reported stolen or lost to date in 2008:-

Two Laptops – (1 house break-in, 1 office break-in)

Two Desktops – Buncrana SWLO

None of these devices have been recovered.

As all client data is held on central databases, no client data is held on the stolen computer desktops.

Laptops can be used to access centrally stored client information through a secure remote log-in. No client data is retained on the laptops after the remote session ceases. Similarly, the Department’s e-mail system retains its data in a central location although it can be accessed through a secure remote log-in.

Dept of Defence

Dept of Environment, Heritage and Local Government:

To date in 2008, three laptops and one external hard drive have been reported stolen and have not been recovered.

No sensitive or personal data was stored on any of these devices.

Dept of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources

There have been no reported losses of desktop PCs or memory keys in my Department to date in 2008. There have been two Blackberry devices lost, neither of which was recovered or found.

There have been no reports that any sensitive data has been compromised by these losses. The level of personal information relating to members of the public processed within my Department is very small.

Dept of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

5 Laptops reported stolen

Dept of Education and Science

In 2008 to date no desktop computers, laptops or blackberry devices were reported lost, stolen or missing. One USB memory key was reported lost but was subsequently found. No sensitive or private data was compromised.

*May in fact be a total lie.

Free screening of Blade Runner: Final Cut in Dublin tomorrow Oct 2nd

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

Via BoardsBlade Runner

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the release of Blade Runner – Microsoft’s ‘TechNet Ireland’ is running a special COMPLIMENTARY screening of, ‘Blade Runner: The Final Cut’. Spectacularly restored and re-mastered from original elements and scanned at 4K resolution, it contains never-before-seen added/extended scenes, added lines, new and improved special effects, and an all-new 5.1 Dolby® Digital audio track.

It would be great if you could join us in the Cineworld bar for a complimentary drink (or two) and some networking once the movie concludes

It’s a free 5k for your business

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Today is the deadline for the EI Innovation Vouchers though they are available again in November. They allow you to get a voucher to the value of €5000 and spend it with a University, Institute of Technology or a Research Group to do some R&D or work for you. Fair enough it might not be a lot and many of these knowledge providers scoff at the idea of doing something for that amount of money but you can pool your vouchers with other companies. Think about it. Look at all the other companies you are friendly with. Why not come up with an idea between all of you and run with it? Surveys, usability, testing out new food product ideas, creation of software or running stats on public data. Loads of possibilities. I’ve applied for one which I hope to spend with the NCI.

And on that note. Remember all that amazing data from the past 10 years of Why not use it and do a project using your EI Voucher? Don’t turn down five grand from the Government, you might never have the opportunity again especially in these hard times.

Broadband day on

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Meeting the EU today in ComReg HQ to tell them how shit ComReg are and how lame the Dept of Comms are. Then over to Dublin Castle for this shindig with Eamon Ryan ringleading it. The rockstars, the hasbeens and the neverwillbes of Irish telecoms will be there as well as general consumers and those representing as many demographics as possible. I’ll try to liveblog from it if I can. I hope it’s constructive. I already hear the IBEC lot are put up a united front.

It’s apt that this survey from the EU showing how bad Ireland is came out yesterday.

And also that we may get a super telecoms regulator for the EU.

ComReg are running a conference on the Digital Divide on Wednesday where EU Commissioner Viviane Reding will talk and probably talk more about this super-regulator. Naturally I didn’t get invited. It seems perverse that we have a Comms Minister who actually rings me and invites me to events despite not agreeing on a whole lot and the “independent” telecoms regulator does their best to pretend I don’t exist.

Fluffy Links – Tuesday September 30th 2008

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

There are so many double entendres in the Fluffy Links today. Apologies.

Suzy gets a facial.

Ciara and her runaway brides.

Michele kicks the IEDR in the nuts. They need to be nuked.

Niall has a video of his lamb kebabs. On the Times website no less!

Get your o2 gripes out here.

Why are the religious types obsessed with willys up the bum? Seriously like:

Does Mary I no longer teach against the sin of sodomy and the homosexual agenda?

Check out Bookkake.

Matt Jones from Dopplr did a great at Picnic talk called The emerging real-time social web. You can see it here.

Terrified of Facebook? Maybe you should be:

The day that Kim Bowen accidentally sent a video of a woman shitting in a hot tub to 200 of her co-workers was the day she knew her relationship with Facebook would never be the same.

Gilligan’s Island = hell. So the idea of Lost being hell or purgatory wasn’t new.

Heart attack in a can.

Of note is a mid-morning talk I’m giving on October 16th in Cork entitled: Media and Marketing in the Digital Age in assoication with Enterprise Ireland’s Webworks and it@cork. This one is free to it@cork members.

Goodnight sweet prince

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

So Twenty has retired, it’s no joke. I don’t think anyone will realise how important Twenty Major has been for Irish Blogging and Irish writing. Someone who never compromised. Someone who not only exercised his right to free speech but wrote countless wakeup calls about the state of this nation and this world. In a world of sychophants and ass-kissing yesmen, he said what he thought and did it in very eloquent ways. Those who have a cork up their asses about bad language were unable to get over the colour to see the depth to much of his work. Although not all of them write for the Sunday Times.

Look at the massive community built around this blog but even more watch how he interacts with these people leaving comments. He answers nearly every comment. That’s respect, something that many of us don’t do properly. I have so much respect for someone that obviously is thankful for every comment that he gets and lets the person know he’s read it. So while he’s putting the blog on hold he’s created a forum for all of these people to keep going and slagging each other and having a laugh with each other. Wow.

I’ve been awed by his work-ethic, inspired by his humility in person, got jealous watching the women melt with his charm (yeah I know but still) and have been lucky, really lucky to have met up with him outside of the Blog Awards chaos to have a chat.

The wild wild west of blogging has lost another maverick and hero. Pretty soon this place is going to be pretty tame and well-behaved. I’ll miss him more than he knows. Unless he reads this.

Goodbye iPhone, I love you <3 etc.

Monday, September 29th, 2008

Lost my temper. iPhone was nearest thing. Then it was the furthest thing from me.

The screen is cracked and broken and touchscreen is not working at all. It still synchs with my computer though.

Luckily I bought an N95 recently. I’ll miss you iPhone. Best phone I ever owned. Now I’ll need to buy flashier clothes to act like a jumped up shit.