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Fluffy Links – Wednesday October 15th 2008

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Want copies/replacements of your Web Award Trophies?

The Official Web Awards photos.

Suzy has a list of more of the cuts, more like stabbings.

XKCD’s idea of YouTube reading your comments back to you becomes a reality.

The Irish Times now has a Business Blog. And a Twitter account.

Nuntastic. Fantastic photo by Red Mum.

Piaras has a list of the Science Week lectures. Patrick C is giving one.

In defense of piracy. A great Lessig essay.

Irish Bloke’s blog.

Stephen Fowler’s recruitment blog.

Jimbo C said to check this out. So do.

Una Rocks was Una Right. This is a brilliant TV review from Patrick Freyne.

Want to write for traffic to your blog? TechCrunch shows how.

The Beeb start turning some of their newsroom over to the public. Jeff Jarvis will love this.

Want to watch Hulu TV but not stateside? This will work.

The Flaming Lips have a movie coming out.

Martin from Interactive Return interviewed me for their Online Marketing video show. They were aiming for 5 minutes, never going to happen with a Mulley being asked questions…

Fianna Fuck You

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

As translated from the gob of Brian Lenihan. Anyone who disagrees with him is unpatriotic too. and mySpace – Irish Artists can sell to 100M+ on mySpace

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Thanks to the latest widgety goodness from, artists that sell via can now offer their musical wares direct from their mySpace profiles. That’s certainly upping the game. Well done lads!

App School by Contrast builds your dreams

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

So the Backstreet Boys of Irish Web Dev have come up with a great idea in these recessiontastic times: For one week they build an app for you. You do the dreaming, they do the making. You do have to pay them €865 and they take 5% but do realise that you have an experienced team building you a web app. That’s amazing value for money.

You have til Thursday to submit an idea. Hurry!

Fluffy Links – Tuesday October 14th 2008

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

They’ve not gone away you know. The fluffy links that is.

Web Awards summary of summaries.

Post the Roast is up too.

Like David, this is my fav Web Awards picture.

David Behan has a good post about the Internet being good for recession times.

And it seems now *is* a good time to be building and working on the web.

So, what is effective blogging? If you’re a hired hand or blogging for business, can you have unrestrained passion which sets your blog apart?

Mick’s Garage have a blog, well done lads.

Alex also has a blog too!

Graphs lie.

Gary Vaynerchuk on ROI and online spend
and marketing in today’s world. Guy is a ledgebag.

Google give tips on how to generate more inbound links.

Via Enda: Antony and the Johnsons – Another World

Web Awards Intro:

lolcats at Web Awards

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008


Locats at Web Awards

So I knocked the power out during the videos and

Monday, October 13th, 2008

people assumed it was a Windows error. I get the thing going again and this is what happens:

Again, without any advanced prep, Rick, Brian and the guys from Spunout adlib. Listen to the enthusiasm from the crowd. Best Web Awards ever! But then this was Year Zero.

Almost back to normal round these parts

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

Fall in love with the Web Again

I’m going to have a week of thank yous as a result of an amazing night at the Irish Web Awards. Right now though I’m kind of brainfried so have a look at Tommy C’s post on the night and videos, at Peter D’s post here AND another here. (Greedy ain’t he?) And Keith’s post here too. Anyone else done posts?

Update: State, Alexia, Richard, Ken and me. David D. John Williams. Jennifer (Get well!).

Irish Times print coverage.

Photo above is from Keith’s Irish Web Awards photoset.

Web Awards a few hours away

Saturday, October 11th, 2008

The Web Awards are a few hours away and things will go wrong, I know that for certain after three Blog Awards but it won’t change a great night and a great event. So much is going to be happening and can’t be stopped that it’s going to be framazing. (This word made sense when I wrote it) Thanks to so many people that have been helping out in the background too who I’ll thank on the evening.

Minister Eamon Ryan’s Next Gen Broadband Forum – Constructive, depressive and with the odd spacer

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

To summarise the event in one sentence: We all want fibre-like broadband and we want it everywhere but we’re fucked infrastructure wise.

And now follows a longer summary:
I previously wrote about how Eamon Ryan put a half-day open forum together on Next Generation Broadband. He even went on to announce it. I got to go along, along with Damien Callan from and a few other folks including general consumers and people from The structure was a room with 14 tables and around each table were civil servants, telco people, people from the EU, consumers/campaigners and other interested parties. In other words, a very good mix, though it all depended on who was at your table. Some fantastic minds happened to be at mine.

Coober Pedy
Photo owned by jnpk1979 (cc)

It was almost table-quiz in structure as we were given table questions to consider and give answers to over a number of rounds. Each table had someone that would then communicate what the table had decided. Some were good and feedback from people after told me some had their agenda already set and gave that.

Mostly the topics dealt with state assets, future trends, the best way to get everyone broadband, the digital divide etc. Some of the questions were stupid though such as asking to decide on a max and minimum speed by 2010, 2015 and further. Really! Jesus. Targets once set have most energy around them dedicated to rigging them as I happily pointed out to the Dept of Comms rep at the table. (big fan of you by the way dude, love your memos that I got under FOI.) The rep’s Department have lied for years about broadband levels and every Minister with them. Whatever someone wants was my answer and our aim should not be a speed because every prediction has been beyong wrong, it should be whatever the person or business wants. 100Mb, no problem, a gig, no problem. I argued strongly for that.

Then came a typically backwards-thinking question and one that gets my brainblood boiling: What is the killer app for broadband? Dedicating time to figuring out a “killer app” for a medium is wasteful and isn’t addressing the issue. What’s the killer app for water? What’s the killer app for electricity? See, they’re utilities, they don’t need killer apps. (David Isenberg points to a Jupiter survey that shows people will stop going to the movies and paying for movie channels well before giving up their Net) “The killer app” for broadband (were it to exist) is broadband. A free and open pipe and have the world build things in, on and around it.

Photo owned by iwona_kellie (cc)

After the tablequizims, there were breakout sessions to discuss various things and then we all came back together to discuss the results of them. And then something odd happened, despite the whole general feeling of the day about needing of more speeds and better connections the Assistant Secretary General of the Department of Communications stood up and summarised the day and the state of Ireland and said that from the day we see people don’t need or use fast broadband connections and sure all they do is send emails anyway. Planet Nothere called and want their spacer back. Maybe he’s a nice guy, I hear he is but stating that nobody uses their 20mb connection for anything more than email is devoid of reality or just a plain fucking lie and it’s obvious that the Department can do that very well.

So was it just a talking shop? some of the people think so. I don’t. It made the Civil Service do something new: Meet reality and the people that exist there. Not the telco people either but real Joe and Joanna Soaps. Happily ignoring people from an Ivory Tower and only interacting via highly controlled paper consultations didn’t happen. Real people spoke and shared.

What needed to happen though was that everyone there agreed on a todo list for the Department and the Department had to go off and carry some of them out and report back in 3 months. Reality-based todos that can be done, so at least it’s better than nothing at all. Action points were needed. Let’s hope if there is a next time it will have them.