And now the board of Trinity commissions their own app

After the well received reaction to Trinity changing their logo. Oh right. It now seems that the Board of Trinity College, University of Dublin (get used to that) want an iPad app just for their board meetings. The Public Tenders site lists iPad App for Board meetings.

Informally asking and those who dabble in this area think it could cost anywhere from €15k to €25k based on how difficult the “cloud” backend will be.

From the Trinity College iPad app tender

Background & Project Overview

It is desirable for a number of reasons to move to an electronic system of organising and circulating documents for the College Board meetings and for meetings of the Executive Officer Group. Such benefits include environmental gains, financial gains and more efficient use of College resources and staff.

There are a number of ways that the organisation can securely circulate documents. Both commercial options and in-house options can result in savings versus the current processes. Best practice in other educational providers was explored and it was agreed by the Executive Officer Group (EOG) that the purchase of a hosted solution should be explored.

Reminds me of Dave Morin and the “bespoke app” he had made so he could communicate with his secretary.

I guess an app is needed because nobody has already made one. Oh. Hang. On.


Here’s one take on that new Trinity logo too from Conor Walsh.
New Trinity Logo

4 Responses to “And now the board of Trinity commissions their own app”

  1. Michele says:

    So emailing the documents to each other isn’t good enough?

    Is this being funded with taxpayer money?

  2. brianmc says:

    They could use Google Wav- oh.

  3. Deuian says:

    Do they not have students that could do it?

  4. Mick says:

    Alternatively, i’d like to remind Trinity that they already have MS Exchange ( which “provides a way to collect, organize, and share information with others in an organization”.

    Simple overview here –, and iPad integration details here –

    That should save them a few bob, apart from me consultancy fees!