Fluffy Links – Thursday February 21st 2013

Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop from Dena Walker on Feb 27th taking bookings for the afternoon version of it now. Selling out fast,

Samsung may be selling a tonne of phones and taking more market share but Apple dominates on profit share.

What Colm learned so far from his WhoIsMyTD web service.

Hilary Claire Woods‘ new album preview sounds lovely.

How Paul got 1000 likes on a page of his.

Iran captures a US drone. Reverse engineers it. Releases video the drone had recorded of the flight. Military propaganda comms from Iran now. Israel are amazing at this.

The history behind Siri. So much more to come from Siri it seems. Also, shocking that this appears to be original content on the Huffpost that isn’t a list.

Terry O’Neill exhibition in Wandesforde Quay ends this week. Go see it. Meanwhile the man himself has an iPad app called Goddesses.

Eirigi show you how to sabotage a water meter and get your neighbours in trouble. I think.

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