Fluffy Links – Sunday February 17th 2013

Karl says get rid of the 100s of Millions in R&D grants in order to fire up real innovation.

Fascinating comment. Netflix – “Become HBO Faster Than HBO Can Become Netflix

Opening up charity data. UK only right now. Be nice to have here given so many orgs say they’re charities when they are far from it and not even registered.

Bridget Megarry on preparing for her death:

Take out long-term serious illness cover. We didn’t. Having a terminal illness is expensive. We have been saving hard over the past few years for our retirement so I have no hope of a medical card.

One huge KMZ file for Google Earth of all electoral divisions in Ireland. (Pay to access)

The Moves app tracks the steps you take, distance traveled, locations etc. etc. Free. Soaks up battery though.

Via Dangerous Minds: Baby Metal. J-pop death metal.

Sweet Brown ain’t got no time for a toothache.

Never knew who she was, just liked the ad. This is how she became famous. Reminds me of reactive marketing like that now legendary Oreo in the dark tweet.

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