Fluffy Links – Sunday December 9th 2012

Beaumont Hospital Foundation has launched “Silver Bells”. People can buy a silver bell on their website, leave a message with it and the bell and the message are shipped to the address you designate.

The Improvised Panto in the Cork Opera House is fantastic. Jaw-achingly funny.

In Dublin? Why not go see the Pony Panto.

Open Source and constraints. Constraints are good.

Bubble wrap to ease the pain of waiting for buses. Distracting people so they don’t get frustrated as much.

After watching a few episodes of Mind of a Chef, have to say I found it particularly boring. Chang is a crazy, creative guy, this show seems to be him tasting food and doing product placements.

Voices from the Front Line is being streamed tonight on RTÉ Digital.

The Secret History of Secondhand books.

Radioactive Zombies and Gung Ho snowmen, yeah it’s Sufjan Stevens and a Christmas video:

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