Fluffy Links – Monday December 3rd 2012

I Hate My Voice. Radio documentary from Rosaleen McDonagh. It’s worth spending the 15 minutes to take this in.

TG Lurgan app “has selection of contemporary Irish language music videos alongside tutorial videos on learning Gaeilge”

How Obama raked in $250M in donations.

Seven Courses of Pig. Yes yes yes. This would also be a great band name.

Hill she or won’t she? Hillary 2016 or doing a last lap of her supporters? She’s here on Thursday!

Nobody is stealing the Pepper Pots. Theft shows you people like your stuff?

Robotic overlords. Now in mini spy-drone sizes.


DARK SIDE OF THE LENS from Astray Films on Vimeo.

3 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Monday December 3rd 2012”

  1. Paul C says:

    Damien, great fluffy links – thanks for introducing me to David Hieatt’s blog. Lovely stuff.

  2. Was at a workshop of his on Friday. Mind blowing.

  3. David Quaid says:

    We should ask Mr Obama to take over fund raising for Ireland Inc. Seriously !