Aer Lingus bringing in WiFi on flights?

Aer Lingus are currently running focus groups around Ireland and are asking people would they go for WiFi on flights.

€20 for a transatlantic/longhaul flight.
€10 for a UK/Europe flight.

They’re also looking at a method of reserving a price on tickets for 24 hours for €5 per person per flight. (Thanks Ralph) Wonder can you do this before a Heineken Cup match?

Indo coverage and mention of WiFi on flights.

10 Responses to “Aer Lingus bringing in WiFi on flights?”

  1. Michele says:


    Aer Lingus’ website is horrendous compared to most airlines’ websites.

    They still have issues determining which country users are in, as they try to use the browser language instead of their IP . ..

    As for the “hold a ticket” option – Air France / KLM has been doing that for the last couple of years. It’s very handy. But whether Aer Lingus are capable technically of doing it at the moment is another matter . ..

    Yes I am cynical


  2. Ralph says:

    5 euro reservation for 24 hours is already in place.

  3. You! Cynical! I don’t believe it… 🙂

  4. Oooh, never saw that before, thanks Ralph

  5. Ralph says:

    Given my 60 odd flights with them in the last 18 months I know a little more than necessary about their offerings!

  6. […] Aer Lingus is exploring offering wifi on both European and Transatlantic flights reports Damien Mulley. […]

  7. Justin Mason says:

    That is far too expensive, IMO.

  8. David Quaid says:

    WiFi sounds like a great idea – I wonder what the speed/performance will be like. It’ll obviously suit business travellers. I’d happily pay €20 to have e-mail on a long haul flight – epic to help in-cabin boredom 🙂

  9. Lisamareedom says:

    How will congestion work when everyone tries to watch YouTube at the same time?

  10. Noel Rock says:

    It’s a brilliant idea.

    Was stunned, but not surprised as his organisation struggle for relevance (see: ), to see Dermot Jewell calling on consumers to boycott this service until it’s free.

    What an absurd statement. The equipment costs money. People are willing to pay. It’s WiFi at 30,000 freakin’ feet.