Fluffy Links – Saturday June 16th 2012

Brian Honan talks about how blogging has helped his company. Good for SEO, great as a form of PR.

Training courses. June 25th and 26th in Cork. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Or via Chambers, doing them in August in Cork.

Sometimes you don’t need VCs for your business. Sometimes you do.

Mobile Monday folks are coming to Cork on July 9th for a lunch time event.

This lunchtime showcase event will showcase a sample of Cork-based businesses (Yougetitback and TransAct Carbon) that deal in the mobile space. We’ll also hear from Barry O’Neill (mobile games) about future trends in mobile and Muirne Laffan about the RTE mobile strategy.

Cork based. Recession Busting Moms are a really fun Facebook Page. Very cute ideas on it. Should be Mams not Moms of course. Bring back Mams!

Having an ATM in your gaff? Love it.

Freezing your jeans? Ok.

Best pitch video I’ve seen:

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