Fluffy Links – Saturday June 9th 2012

More great work from Annie Atkins. We Love You Oakland. See it in Dublin.

Tuneyards, Questlove and more do a single.

This amazes me. How news is coming to us. News via Facebook for this lady. She heard about the floods after a call that told her look at Facebook.

From the famous one of the woman who had cancer but didn’t to more local versions on Twitter in Ireland of building people up on Twitter before the big reveal, the Internet and Twitter in particular seems to have a small number of people that seem to have Munchausen by Internet.

Internet Freedom conference in Dublin. Cory Doctorow will be present. June 18th and 19th.

ITU Young Innovators competition. Open to 18-25. Got an idea that can change the world? Submit it.

Visited RTÉ Digital the other day. Very promising stuff being done by them. The whole org very much getting a digital layer.

Flame Challenge. Explaining science to kids, love this idea.


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