Fluffy Links – Wednesday May 9th 2012

IRISSCERT are running a campaign aimed at teenagers and young adults in getting them to use secure passwords when online. They’re giving away 20,000 free toothbrushes with the message “treat your password like you would your toothbrush – Use it often, change it regularly and never share it with anyone”. See the campaign page on Facebook.

If it can be measured, measure it, but use it well. Restaurants copping on to big data. And medium data.

Twitter gives away Obama’s location! Hand wringing about security. Think terrorists in Afghanistan rely on Twitter to give them local info?

Another day, another Apple post but it also shows the depth to the company. More insights for any business about how to inch into a market before taking over a lot of it.

Trust in advertising, thanks Pat.

Zynga making ther money back quickly with Draw Something, even if usage is plummeting.

Via New Aesthetic (RIP) is the Descriptive Camera. You take a picture and it is turned into a textual description thanks to Amazon Turk.

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