Fluffy Links – Wednesday August 10th 2011

Get 20% off a Beckett play (All That Fall) from Panpan by paying with a tweet. August 22nd to 2nd September.

Aoife did a masterclass in chocolate making. Nyom nyom nyom.

Really interesting data on apps and how more money is being made from “free” apps than premium apps. Applies to services too, I should think.

MCD Digital Marketing role. Interesting.

Dermot Casey did a fundraiser for staying off social media. Probably needed an evangelist there still though to get attention!

iGap is back, year three of mentoring for web companies. Seems to be a lot of focus on gaming now because that’s the next big thing. Yeah. Least it’s not middleware.

Free employee sponsored by Vodafone for your charitable org, apply here.

Toddla T – Watch me dance

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