Blogging ideas – Matt Cutts suggests what is good content

Matt Cutts from Google did a presentation in Paris a while back and during it made some suggestions about what can make good content for a blog, content that might get you some quality traffic:

  • Provide a useful service – Blog about legal issues for example
  • Do original analysis/reporting
  • Provide great information/tutorials
  • Blog from a creative niche
  • Write code and open source it
  • Live Blog
  • Make lists
  • Create controversy
  • Network via your blog
  • Start an event/conference

Here’s his 107min presentation:

6 Responses to “Blogging ideas – Matt Cutts suggests what is good content”

  1. I thought the trip was to write hyperbolic headlines like “9 Awesome Tips From Google that will Get you a MILLION hits GUARANTEED”

  2. […] claim to have a particularly good one myself. So (via leading blogger Damien Mulley),  here are some tips from Matt Cutts of Google. Share This […]

  3. Working on my next post about traffic and numbers not being all that.

  4. Emmet Ryan says:

    Definitely concur with:
    Do original analysis/reporting
    Live Blog
    And most of the rest.

    The one thing I’d say about creating controversy is not to do it just for the sake of controversy, as that is a tad lame.

  5. Oh well, that’s me shagged then! I’m a bit of a doofus when it comes to blogging 🙂

  6. Keith Malone says:

    I actually watched the full 107 mins of that, felt it could all be said in 107 seconds. Good points though, especially about finding a niche. I’ve recently taken the blogging plunge myself (on your own advice) by writing about the Irish wedding industry.