Fluffy Links – Wednesday May 19th 2010

The Contemporary Music Centre is running a conference called The Future of Music in the Digital World on Friday, 11 June 2010 in Dublin Castle. Given the lineup there’s sure to be a few fights between dinosaurs and iPad users or something like that.

NDRC have launched the next version of Launchpad. What is it? A three month accelerator programme targeted at emerging start-up promoters with strong academic links.

Declutter is a handy bookmarklet from Paul Conroy to get rid of crap off a webpage including Foursquare updates on Twitter.

Bacon explosion. Things you can’t do if a veggie.

Web trusted more than TV? But Liveline trusted more?

Embedded Anthropology, talk by Dr. Simon Roberts about working in research with Intel on Digital Health amongst other things.

Via, Owen Pallett’s odd video for Lewis takes off his shirt

Via Metafilter

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