Fluffy Links – Monday April 26th 2010

Eolai goes deep on how he sells paintings online. Take note everyone, not just fellow creators.

Great list of hotels in Dublin with free Wifi in meeting spaces.

Bizcamp Limerick is May 8th. Sign up?

Free office, power, net for a startup.

Google employees publicly shut their accounts on Facebook. The latest Facebook announcements are turning FB into the juggernaut and Google into an entity to get out of the way. Pram toys, meet floor.

Meanwhile Google Streetview also scans your WiFi network.

Is innovation nature or nurture?

Using the startup process to change disaster relief.

ITV shows a Facebook commentor calling David Cameron a first class cunt. Ooops.

“Origin Of Love” by John Cameron Mitchell, live

One Response to “Fluffy Links – Monday April 26th 2010”

  1. TUG says:

    Ah, a free office…

    In Finglas?

    I’ll work from home methinks…