Heyday – On April 24th, call for a general election by making noise

Use of the song approved of my Mic Christopher’s family too:

Facebook Page calling for a General Election. If you support the idea why not blog it, Tweet it and share it with friends on Facebook?

5 Responses to “Heyday – On April 24th, call for a general election by making noise”

  1. I’m reverberating already! Only way to get things done is this life is to make some noise 🙂

  2. Gerard Hanratty says:

    I don’t know. It’s the first time FF had had to clean up there own mess so I’m inclined to let them at it.
    Also, where were we when this situation was unravelling. Why did you vote them into government for a third successive time anyway (some of you must have!).
    I agree they have no mandate and it’s unfortunate that there is so long left until another election is needed but I don’t think it would be beneficial for all the policy makers in the country to down tools and start fighting an election.

  3. TUG says:

    Sure what’s another 10 billion into Anglo there, eh Gerard!

  4. kildare says:

    To Rely to the coments let FF clean up their mess. You must understand it is our mess now, the voters, they are supposed to work for us, we pay their wages, we are the tax payers, for our children we cannot let this corruption continue. FF thinks they live in Russia They are the upper class and the rest of us as taxpayers are pesants. All of FF have a lovely pension and beautiful house and private healthcare for all of their lives. FF have put their fingers up to all of us.

    Went to Dublin today for the protest was a bit late 12;30 but have 2 kids to bring along. There was no one there. I admire what your doing and I’m sure there are thousands that would have come today if they was more of a fuss kicked up only found out on Friday. The other protest in Anglo was very small but very effective. Thank you and keep up the good work