Fluffy Links – Wednesday April 7th 2010

Love this post from Phil about movie spoilers.

New blog, nice concept. Couch Surfing in Dublin. Great database of gaffs to rob too.

Good post from Frankie P about using multiple feeds for Facebook Notes.

New blog: Alternative Tunings. A blog about the Irish alternative music scene.

What is The Board? “The Board is a support group for your business, provided in the form of structured monthly board meetings”

Via Eoin. Some great presos on recycling campaign ideas.

Via Anrooooooo, TED talk on simplifying legal jargon.

Via the Award giving and winning Jim Carroll -> Mountain Men – Animal Tracks

10 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Wednesday April 7th 2010”

  1. Emma says:

    Great to see The Board is one of today’s fluffy links! It’s been launched by Webstrong who are one of 14 start-ups here in NCI’s Business Incubation Centre. It looks like a really exciting development for Iarfhlaith and the team.

  2. TUG says:

    When your business needs a support group you may be in trouble already…

    Couchsurfing, eh? Also known as staywithapsycho / inviteaserialkiller…

  3. I missed you too TUG!

    Couchsurfing needs a horror movie to advertise it properly

  4. Shibby says:

    Couchsurfing aint so bad.
    It’s about picking and choosing the right people and having a little faith.

    Thanks for the mention!

  5. Thanks Damien. Great Ted talk too. I must dig out my copy of Simplicity by De Bono and see if it’s as good as I remember.

  6. TUG says:

    Ha, you’re CSing with friends mate! That’s a whole different thang!

  7. Shibby says:

    I absolutely agree. mate. It’s a lot easier because I’m doing it with friends and because I’m not on holidays and actually trying to live a regular lifestyle, I certainly couldn’t do it with randomers.

    However, as regards my comment above, I was referring to CouchSurfing in general for anyone who might be thinking of doing it.

  8. TUG says:

    I’ve a mate who was a couchsurfing “host”, he ended up with this American girl coming back to Ireland quitting her job in the States and hanging around for 3 months.

    He’s never hosted since!

  9. Shibby says:

    Now THAT’S rough. I’ve hosted plenty of international people myself in the past who were on holidays in Ireland and I didn’t have any problems.

    In fact, most of them I’m still in touch with as friends.

  10. TUG says:

    Ah but he brought it on himself! 😉