Fluffy Links – Wednesday March 31st 2010

New blog, at least to me. Mary Egan.

TEDx Liffey is April 15th. Limited tickets. Very cheap. Speakers: Mick Wallace, The Happy Pear, ARK Change Your World, Dylan Haskins.

Grannymar once again proves to be an inspiration. I ought to have more fun.

Peig and tellys, Ireland 2010.

So this is where Jonathan is.

Uh oh, don’t tell Fran Hollywood about a foam Mario getting knifed.

Nice ideas. Nokia and World Bank fund mobile apps for/in Africa.

Amazing story of a genius thief.

Love Panti’s vid from the Blog Awards:

4 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Wednesday March 31st 2010”

  1. Grannymar says:

    Thank you kind Sir for the link. A pleasure as always to meet you.

    Remember it is never too late to have a second childhood….. and second time around YOU make the rules!

  2. manuel says:

    I read the story if yer man Bouchard in the magazine itself on Friday afternoon. It read like a film…down to the angry cops…brilliant story

  3. Fran says:

    Jaysus, the Blog Awards have just finished and your already looking for a new polystyrene prop supplier, even going to Iceland to hunt them down…… *whatdidwedowrong* *Iwantmyairguitarsback*

  4. Emma H says:

    Panti’s video is great. I was delighted she won – her post was excellent.