Miriam O’Callaghan intros report on Death of Blogging

Totally awesome video I must say. Update: Yes, Charlie Brooker’s newswipe was the inspiration for this.

And Miriam is on Twitter now.

Best Blog Awards photo so far.

9 Responses to “Miriam O’Callaghan intros report on Death of Blogging”

  1. Ron says:

    Charlie Brooker will have to be given a writing credit surely, seeing as his Screenwipe news report video was ripped off scene for scene.

  2. That was the point Ron 🙂

  3. The Beer Nut says:

    But it works differently in a hall full of knowing bloggers. Posting it raw to the web should really include an acknowledgment to Charlie Brooker and a link to the original version. Manners, innit.

  4. “Love a bit of Mulley in the morning” har har!

    (Agreed on a link/credit to Charlie Brooker. Manners all we got left in these dark days boys!)

  5. Ian says:

    Classic – absolutely love it

  6. Anthony McG says:

    It’s a homage to Brooker’s piece and we wrote it that way. Will link to the original from the Youtube description.

  7. Ha ha…that was brilliant!!! Traditional Jolurnalism can never takeover blogging….POWER TO THE PEOPLE I SAY!!!!!

  8. W says:

    So if it wasn’t for the dubious “update” where there is a hat-tip to Charlie Brooker, you wouldn’t have referenced it in the piece?

    Come on – one person’s inspiration is another persons blatant plagiarism.

    As entertaining as your homage/stealing is, surely it is in breach of copyright?

    There should be at least a credit to the genuinely hilarious and ground breaking Charlie Brooker or a link to his Newswipe segment as it is pretty much his sketch verbatim.

    If people didn’t know any better (and hey, most people don’t) they will think that this mock news piece is the fruit of your creative and comic minds and not Charlie Brookers.

    Not cool.

  9. Anthony Mc G says:

    @W: The intention was always to reference Brooker’s piece somewhere. I didn’t upload the video to Youtube myself so the link to Brooker’s piece wasn’t in the video description. That was rectified since.

    Charlie was taking off a style of news reporting that we replicated. Are news reports that use that same style in future reports infringing on Brooker’s copyright?

    The strength of Brooker’s piece is far beyond anything I could hope to write and I admire the man immensely. I don’t think he’d have a problem with what we did but then again, you’d have to ask the man himself.