Fluffy Links – Wednesday March 24th 2010

RTE’s greatest Irish figures. Please. Production company guy on radio the other day made it sound like it was designed to wind people up. Get a scientist on the list.

Meanwhile for the next six weeks RTÉ is asking the public to put forward their ideas and suggestions for how it might improve its services and meet the needs of its audience better. Make your voice heard. Do a Liveline on Liveline!

Hearing good things about the book Beating the Recession. Pat has a review up.

Eason launches an e-book store. Er, pricey.

Via Ebby. Funny and offensive. Eating off the People’s Princess.

The kids have been using the anti-kids buzz/alarm sounds for years in class. Still, clever enough of Fanta to help kids rebel.

Tories launch anti-Labour site, get mauled online within minutes. Fantastic timeline.

Lady Gaga Telephone Makeup “Tutorial”. I love the fact that a whole market can spring up of people using YouTube to try and be more like their idols. Take note.

One Response to “Fluffy Links – Wednesday March 24th 2010”

  1. Siobh says:

    Three women on that RTÉ list. Wow.