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Fluffy Links – Monday December 7th 2009

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Jonathan has a new blog: Awesome Geek.

Eoin is doing a series of recommended book purchases for Christmas.

Who wants a certification in social media? Pre-Christmas special from Mulley Comms.

The real whizbang full-blown Google Zeitgeist stats for Ireland 2009.

So the top 10 hotels in Ireland are…

I expect to get this t-shirt for Christmas.

Male pole dancing. The legwarmers are chuckleworthy.

New iPhone app from Mercedes.

Virtual crime is now real crime. Very interesting.

Interesting iPhone app. Knocking. Share your screen with another iPhone around the world. Use it to stream video, share photo galleries etc.

Lovely idea. Weeknotes. Each week a company gives a raw and transparent summary of what they did that week. Good way to share with the rest of the world and increase transparency.

Via I Guess I’m Floating: Radiohead behind the scenes at the Grammys

Raising Cork Table Quiz – Dec 7th

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

For those interested in helping those who are suffering from the recent floods in Cork, got this via email:

We’re holding the Raising Cork Quiz in SilverSprings Moran Hotel on Monday December 7th in aid of the Cork Flood Victims – with all proceeds going to the SVP Cork Flood Victims Fund. We are aiming to have 200 teams of 4, and raise in excess of €20,000 for this worthy cause.

George Hook has kindly offered to be the Quizmaster Go to – all the information you need can be found there, and it will be updated regularly over the next week.

We have set up a twitter account so if you tweet, you can follow us on

Fluffy Links – Friday December 4th 2009

Friday, December 4th, 2009

Recession wine. Another great design of wine bottle labels.

Interesting Facebook application from An Post. A bit like an addressbook.

The lads from got on to me a while back for some feedback on getting attention for what they do. One of the reasons I signed up with working with them is they use technology in some very clever ways, one of which is this: The Car Index – It’s a nice tool to show you some amazing stats about cars in Ireland. You can do checks of car models, county, whether they are new or imports etc. 88 BMWs were imported in January in Cork compared to 39 new. Only 7 new BMWs were purchased in April. Go play with it.

Nice hyperlocal website. Everything you ever wanted to know about Baldoyle

Google jacks roll. Not officially sanctioned. This is though.

And the cheapest Michelin Star restaurant in the world is…

Paddy Anglican’s response to the Murphy Report.

Can you define beauty? Well…

Using the web to bounce around the world. 80 days.

Maybe I should switch off the working world at 5.30pm?

Seems Google is now forcing their ads into every service including Google Earth. Disappointing in a way. Give something to the web without sticking craps on it please.

Editors – Lullaby

Foursquare Dublin advertising in action

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Logged into Foursquare today and noticed I got a local ad/special offer:


When you click through:


People were wondering how Foursquare would make money and how businesses could use Foursquare for business. So you pay Foursquare for you to reward repeat customers or potentially new customers. See other post on Foursquare. I look forward to Irish Foursquare apps too.

Additional note: Expect to see more stuff like this photo of Cafés saying they’re on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare. Kanum on Mespill Road already mention in their pamphlets that they’re on Facebook.