Google Realtime search – powered by Twitter

Imagine they had something better than Twitter at one point and killed it? Here’s Google Realtime Search, powered by Twitter. Remember the days when Yahoo! search was powered by Google? I’m sure Twitter realises that Google will do their best to build something so they don’t have to use Twitter one day…

2 Responses to “Google Realtime search – powered by Twitter”

  1. MJ says:

    Looks cool & set to lovely music…where’ve I heard that before…or have I…?

  2. David Quaid says:

    And it probably wouldn’t be that hard to replicate twitter seeing as they’ve taken on Microsoft Windows, Office, Hotmail, Yahoo (search, mail), Live, Bing, Chat, WordPress….

    What happened to search engines just being search engines.

    Not sure I’d like a Google twitter (gooter?)

    Speaking of which – when are you returning to twitter?