Fluffy Links – Monday November 30th 2009

In the middle of the strike comes this protest placard.

Flooded Café in Cork take out their anger on the council.

Good coverage by Puddleducks on using Facebook to advertise your brand page to the friends of people who are already fans. 8 fans for five dollars?

You remember the head of Amnesty International Ireland resending Susan Boyle mental health jokes on Twitter? Sure it was all innocent, resending them really was nothing more than a commentary on people being cruel. A silent commentary of course. Some people just can’t get those silent and invisible nuances.

Santacon is on. People dressing as Santa and just drinking and such. Saturday Dec 12th.

Interesting design for ketchup sachets to start discussions on landlines.

Most of these did the rounds everywhere last week but for the few that didn’t see them:

Design a logo, with graphs. Hilarious email exchange.

A history of food in movies. Feast.

Jimmy Fallon channeling Neil Young covering the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song.

Le Galaxie – You Feel the Fire

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  1. Eoin says:

    Thanks for the logo / charts exchange link. Needed that this morning.