After an awful week in Ireland filled with nasty news…

Comes a Facebook Group to appreciate a fun kid that was on the Late Late Toy Show. I must say it was nice to be entertained for a few hours tonight without having dark humour, violence or explosions being there to do it. With floods and all the horrible stuff about Church and State collusions, the Late Late Toy show was a welcome break for a stressed nation. Ryan Tubridy did very well. His team too.

2400+ people have joined the I want Johnjoe from the Late Late Toy Show to fix my clocks Group on Facebook already in the past two and a bit hours and the vast majority are pouring out positivity to the kid. We’ve had a long long week of bile and outrage, nice to see we can push out friendliness too. Love this comment:

Whatta sweetie pie!! I want him from santa!! You just feel like picking him up and placing him on you knee and asking him what NAMA is!!

Update on 28 Nov, here’s the video piece:

7 Responses to “After an awful week in Ireland filled with nasty news…”

  1. markofu says:

    Totally agree Damien – nice post. It was a great showand John-Joe was a legend! Great to be reminded that there is a lot of good in Ireland 🙂


  2. kDamo says:

    I thought Tubridy was awful. He was rushed the whole time and was a bit rude to some of the kids, trying too hard to get sarcastic comments in that went over their heads. Himself and the stage crew messed up a few cues real bad too.

    The show was saved by the fact that quite a few of the kids were great entertainment. John Joe stole it though, he was infectiously fun!

  3. Paul Hunter says:

    That kid John-joe was amazing – I can honestly say, I have never, ever heard a kid of his age saying that he wanted to be a horologist. And you know, hearing him speak, I have no doubt but that he will make an excellent horologist. What a realy nice kid!

  4. Aidan says:

    Nice post, I thought Tubridy was really great and a real breath of fresh air, unlike the shows previous presenter. He came down to their level and spoke to them not at them. John Joe was great and did his family proud.

  5. Louise says:

    i swear to you when he said that he wanted to be a horologist i hadnt a clue what he was on about!!! loved it 😀