Fluffy Links – Thursday November 26th 2009

Late with it but congrats to Daft Media for coming 8th in the deloitte fast 500 companies EMEA 2009 in London. Only one Irish company ever got as high a rank.

Fancy joining the beta of dbtwang, a social network for guitar lovers? G’wan.

New blog: Clive Nunn, furniture designer.

Nice use of Ning. Social network for Cork Businesses.

10% off at thebookdepository.co.uk

Horse Feathers finally coming to Ireland. Hooray. Love their music.

The manga guide to calculus.

Two for one video offering from Why?

Feck Dexter, this is a proper Miami show and with damned good music:

and this:

6 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Thursday November 26th 2009”

  1. WHAT DID YOU JUST SAAAAY? Fuck Dexter is it?

    That’s it! I’m never coming back here again. Dexter Morgan is a saint.

    What is this place? Crazy land?

  2. Hah, you didn’t spell krazy with a kapital K. Now who’s krazy?

  3. Barry Hand says:

    Be careful when buying books from TBD, there are huge differences between .co.uk/.com and where you are accessing it from. Cheapest prices always seem to appear when using a UK IP.

    Ordered 13 books myself last week

  4. Adrian says:

    As great as Jan Hammer’s theme music is, I can’t let such an attack on Dexter go unchallenged. Superb show. Great music. More a show about alienation than anything else.
    As for the music, try this: http://url.ie/2zbk

  5. TJ says:

    After watching that video I feel an overwhelming urge to buy a Ferrari and a white linen jacket.