Fluffy Links – Wednesday October 14th 2009

Caption competition for this Web Awards pic. This is hilarious.

Diamond in your mind and now on a blog.

No, I did not link to this list cos I’m on it. Marketing blogs in Ireland.

Fantastic idea. A blog dedicated to stupid YouTube Comments.

Get a load of Donal’s legs and win some.

Wel done First Direct. Aggregating good and bad things said about them online.

Via Neville’s Twitter Tool to allow you to turn a Powerpoint slide into an aggregator of questions from the Twitter audience.

Radiohead “All I Need”

3 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Wednesday October 14th 2009”

  1. Joe Scanlon says:

    Thanks a mill for the fluffy Damien!

  2. Manuel says:

    that advert is/was horrendous….you should have see the full sized version….eek

  3. lisadom says:

    Dang! the twitter tool was my idea, I just didnt have the technical nouse, contacts, or ability to actually produce it.