Fluffy Links – Monday October 5th 2009

A new blog for secondary students. Irish Student Blogs.

And Aimee has one too, only noticed it now.

Beaut.ie are having their book launch. Hooray.

Love this collection of Dublin doors and graffiti by Eolai.

DownloadMusic.ie now allows you to let Twitter know when you’ve added songs to sell or when a consumer downloads, they can let their friends know.

The Irish Hospice Foundation have a launch of their Zest Cookbook tomorrow. Bloggers are invited. Book website.

Excellent, missed this. Google gives you access to their OCR servers. Slightly buggy/laggy but still brilliant. Makes sense for Google to offer this too.

Liking the Pantone iPhone app. Pricier than most.

Hack 2 Work – hacks for design professionals on running their agency/company.

Autamata – Need You Sunshine

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    thanks mister!